Coconut Clove Balls (Dairy Free)


For years I made these coconut clove balls at Christmas time. My sister-in-law in particular loved them and would ask me to make them. I don’t eat those balls now for two reasons. First, they contain milk, and consuming even small amounts of dairy makes me itch.  Second, they contain lots of sugar, and while […]

Easy, Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (or Other Nut Butter)


I tend to think of fudge as a treat for the holidays, but this easy chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe from Danielle is much healthier than my holiday fudge recipes and can be indulged in any time. I made the recipe using almond butter so my husband could enjoy it. It turned out perfectly, and […]

Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Candy


With the long cold winter we’ve had, I’m glad that Easter is late this year. Hopefully by April 20th it will actually feel like spring. Since I am more than ready for spring to get here, I’ve been enjoying pictures of Easter and spring time recipes and decor on Pinterest. They reminded me that a […]

Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Clusters

Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Clusters 2 | The Gluten-Free Homemaker

Chocolate covered fruit and nut clusters have become my favorite quick and easy dessert that is well received. If you need something to take to a party, a support group meeting, or any gathering of friends, you can throw this together in minutes and have a sweet treat that is not too indulgent and that […]

Crispy Rice Pumpkins

Crispy Rice Pumpkins 2

With Halloween this week, you might be looking for gluten-free treats to replace unsafe candy that your kids bring home. These crispy rice pumpkins aren’t candy, but they are sweet and delicious. They could also be sent to school for your child to share with classmates or as a lunchbox dessert. Be sure you are […]

Chocolate Truffles (Dairy Free)


Chocolate truffles make a perfect Valentine’s Day treat, and this dairy-free version is no exception.  Smooth, creamy, and delicious, these chocolate truffles are made with coconut milk. (I originally used MimicCreme but the company has quit making it.)  The recipe also uses nut butter, so I apologize to those of you who are nut free. Two […]

Chocolate Covered Almonds


Before Christmas I saw Tessa’s recipe for paleo dark chocolate nut and fruit clusters.  I adapted the recipe a little and made them for a couple of family gatherings.  These chocolate covered almonds and cherries were a real hit. This recipe is super easy.  With just a few ingredients you can put together a great […]

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