Sorghum Bread – Again

Sorghum Bread Loaf Sliced

My previously posted sorghum bread recipe is very good, but I’m still experimenting.  I’d like to find a recipe that rises a little more and stays soft longer. I actually tried this recipe last month but I used too much water.  I think too much liquid is the most frequent reason that gluten-free bread sinks […]

Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks

Bread sticks make a nice accompaniment to soup or stew. And since gluten-free loaf bread can be a bit tricky, dealing with something smaller such as bread sticks can make your baking experience less frustrating. Because gluten-free dough is more wet and sticky than wheat dough, you can’t roll this dough into a bread stick […]

Sorghum Bread Recipe

Sorghum Bread

I’m working on coming up with a bread recipe that I can make from scratch, that looks good, tastes good, is healthy, and stays soft. This comes pretty close. It is not a very tall loaf and wasn’t very rounded on top. It’s more of a hearty type bread. I saved a piece to in […]

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