Bread Balls (Dairy Free)


My family has enjoyed this type of bread balls for years.  I discovered them early on in my gluten-free baking.  While I knew they didn’t contain much nutrition with the main ingredient being tapioca starch, they were a quick and easy way to add a special touch to a meal. The problem is that they […]

Coconut Flour Biscuits

Coconut Flour Biscuits

There are two flours that many people turn to when baking grain free or low carbohydrate: almond flour and coconut flour.  I have experimented a little with both of them and like the results. These coconut flour biscuits are one such experiment that turned out lovely.   They are very easy to make and help satisfy […]

Sweet Potato Corn Bread


The following is a guest post from SnoWhite at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.  SnoWhite is not gluten-free, but she does have a nut allergy and fully understands the risks of cross contamination.  The recipe she is sharing with us today uses corn flour.  See her note if you don’t have any on hand. Sweet […]

Cinnamon Rolls–Gluten & Dairy Free


What recipe means both “home” and “the holidays” to me?  That’s easy.  Cinnamon rolls! We like to enjoy a nice breakfast together on Christmas morning.  It usually includes eggs, sausage, fruit salad, and always, cinnamon rolls.  Well, not always.  The year I was diagnosed with celiac disease I didn’t have time to come up with […]

Banana Oatmeal Bread


It’s not too often that I end up with overripe bananas, but it does happen.  In the summer those bananas would go into the freezer for smoothies.  Now that fall is here we’re not making as many smoothies, and so when I had several bananas that need to be used in a hurry, I decided […]


biscuit on plate

There is something about cut-out biscuits that I prefer to drop biscuits.  I guess it’s the fact that they are more uniform.  I like a neat round disk better than a lump or mound, and for that reason I’ve longed for a gluten-free cut-out biscuit.  I finally made one that I like. Over the years, […]

Butternut Squash Bread

I will admit that I have had squash in the past and more recently that I didn’t like.  I don’t know if it was the particular squash or just the way it was prepared.  However, since I started cooking squash in the past couple of years, most of what I’ve made has been very tasty […]

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