Paleo Biscuits


When you’re on a paleo or grain-free diet and you miss bread, these paleo biscuits can come to the rescue. They’re easy to make and hold together well for a small biscuit sandwich or an accompaniment to soup or salad. I like to put egg salad or chicken salad on mine. I also like to […]


Corn Bread

This gluten-free cornbread is simply delicious, and it’s easy to make dairy free. Gluten-free and gluten eaters alike will enjoy this with a bowl of chili on a cold fall evening. Since I first posted this recipe in 2008, I thought it was time to bring it back to the forefront.   I think corn […]

Lemon Rosemary Muffins (Paleo)


These lemon rosemary muffins are gluten free, grain free, and paleo. They are a savory muffin, not a sweet muffin, and can be used in place of bread or rolls to accompany a meal. They are made with almond flour and don’t require any xanthan gum. One thing I especially like about using almond flour […]

Sun Dried Tomato and Olive Bread (Grain Free)


This grain-free sun dried tomato and olive bread recipe is from my friend Danielle who is on the specific carbohydrate diet. The tomatoes and olives make this a savory bread, not a sweet bread. It is soft and moist and doesn’t require multiple flours or xanthan gum. I’m really not fond of olives, but I […]

Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake


This gluten-free cinnamon pecan coffee cake is moist, flavorful, and lightly sweet. It happens to be grain free, but you don’t have to be grain free to enjoy it, just like you don’t have to be gluten free to enjoy gluten-free food. It’s a tradition in our family to have a nice breakfast Christmas morning, […]

Paleo Bread Recipe

Paleo Cooking from Elanas Pantry

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new cookbook: Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes (affiliate link), by Elana Amsterdam and published by Ten Speed Press.  (The book will be released tomorrow but is available for pre-order today.)  I also have a giveaway of the cookbook and a paleo bread recipe from […]

Almond Flour Scones

Almond Flour Scones

Mother’s Day is almost here.  My oldest child was born four days before Mother’s Day.  That was a special day for me (it also means we have a birthday coming up).  With Mother’s Day in mind, I came up with this almond flour scone recipe, and it was taste tested and approved by that same […]

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