Cinnamons Roll Double Recipe

The batch of cinnamon rolls I made the other day was just a teaser for us. Son #3 practically begged me to make some more today. After I did, he said I spoil them too much! This time I made a double batch with the sorghum flour just like last time, except I remembered to […]

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

I have added an update to this post, and I have posted a more whole grain version of the recipe. For years our family has had the tradition of eating a nice Christmas breakfast together, including cinnamon rolls. They were always one of the highlights for the kids (well, for everyone). The year I was […]

Basic Muffin Recipe

Basic Muffins

I’m not sure why I haven’t made muffins in a while. They’re good for breakfast and snacks. I usually make a double batch because one batch just doesn’t last very long. If I want to have them for breakfast, I save time in the morning by either mixing the dry ingredients together the night before […]

Drop Biscuits

Drop Biscuits

These gluten-free drop biscuits are easy to make, taste delicious, and the texture is heavenly. They are soft like a roll but don’t use yeast, so they’re quick to make. They’re great to serve with soup on a cold winter evening! You can take a little more time to make these look nice by smoothing […]

Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks

Here is a modified version of Carol Fenster’s recipe from Gluten-Free Quick & Easy. The first time I tried the recipe I made it as is. The bread sticks turned out great and were gone in a jiffy (the recipe didn’t make enough for our family). This recipe doubles the ingredients, and while the original […]

Brazilian Bread Balls

This recipe is pretty well known, and I’ve seen slightly different versions of it. But it’s worth posting for anyone who hasn’t come across it because it is one of my family’s favorites. We have given these bread balls our own name based on a word one of my kids invented when he was two. […]

Sorghum Bread Recipe

Sorghum Bread

I’m working on coming up with a bread recipe that I can make from scratch, that looks good, tastes good, is healthy, and stays soft. This comes pretty close. It is not a very tall loaf and wasn’t very rounded on top. It’s more of a hearty type bread. I saved a piece to in […]

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