Cashew Caramel Dip


Caramel is something I have missed since going dairy free and low sugar. While this cashew caramel dip isn’t exactly caramel, it’s similar in taste and has just enough sweetness to make it a great fruit dip. Back in August, I learned from my friend Valerie of City | Life | Eats that cashews can […]


Granola Bars (Paleo)


Having healthy, satisfying snacks to munch on when I’m on the go has always been important to me. Most of the time I simply rely on nuts, but I really enjoy having a granola bar to munch on. Since I’m eating grain free, and therefore mostly paleo, I decided to come up with a paleo […]


Honey Mustard Chicken Wings


The Super Bowl is coming up, and many of you will be looking for gluten-free football food. Chicken wings are typical fare, but premade versions often contain gluten. These honey mustard chicken wings are delicious and easy to make. Plus, making your own chicken wings will save you money. You can find more Super Bowl […]


Pigs in a Blanket British Style


When it comes to New Year’s Eve parties, I’m usually thinking about an appetizer I can take, and these days, I’m thinking about low-carb appetizers. Traditional pigs in a blanket are wrapped in breading. (Here’s my gluten-free version.) The British typically use cocktail sausages rather than hot dogs, and instead of wrapping them in a […]


Paleo Sausage Balls


Since I eliminated grains from my diet, I try to find ways to adapt recipes that aren’t primarily grain based. These paleo sausage balls are an example. While they use a fair amount of flour, sausage is the main ingredient. Sausage balls are great for breakfast, snacking, appetizers, or served as part of dinner, and […]


Kale Chips

Kale Chips

I don’t like kale. I will eat it, but I don’t like it. It’s a funny thing, though. When I make kale chips, I end up eating a serious amount of kale. You know how you can eat potato chip after potato chip non stop? That’s how I am with these kale chips. I suppose […]


Chocolate Covered Almonds


Before Christmas I saw Tessa’s recipe for paleo dark chocolate nut and fruit clusters.  I adapted the recipe a little and made them for a couple of family gatherings.  These chocolate covered almonds and cherries were a real hit. This recipe is super easy.  With just a few ingredients you can put together a great […]


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