FDA’s Proposed Gluten-Free Labeling Law

I have put off writing this post for over a month because my thoughts and opinions on the matter have not been clear.  I have concluded that there is no easy answer, but I believe that you all need to be aware of what is going on with labeling, so I will attempt to present […]


What to Eat During a Power Outage


I’m thankful that a three day power outage is all we had to deal with from Hurricane Irene.  It could have been worse, and it was worse for many other people.  But power outages are never easy.  We are dependent electricity for many things, but especially for cooling and cooking food. So, I thought I […]


Gluten-Free Lunch Box Ideas


For ten years I was the only person in my family who had to eat gluten free.  While I do prepare gluten-free dinners that the whole family eats, I don’t always prepare gluten-free breakfasts or lunches.  I always thought it would be difficult to pack a lunch for a child who has to eat gluten […]


Free Ebook & a Health Conference

I have two opportunities to share with you today.  I thought about listing them in my Surfing Saturday post, but I was afraid that some of you might miss them that way. 1. Free Back to School Ebook by Jules Shepard. I plan on doing a brief back to school post next week, but Jules’ […]


Dermatitis Herpetiformis–What is It?


In this week’s giveaway post I mentioned how much I hate mosquitos.  Who likes itching bumps on their body?   It’s annoying. That’s why I don’t envy people with dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).  They have to deal with very itchy, watery blisters. DH is associated with celiac disease, and the blisters appear when a person with DH […]


Do I Need to Buy Gluten-Free Skin Care Products?


If you have celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis*, or gluten sensitivity, do you need to buy gluten-free personal care products and make up?  I don’t believe there is a pat answer for everyone.  Here are some things to consider. 1.  Gluten is not absorbed through the skin. It is true that many things are absorbed through […]


Reading Labels Part 3


In part 1, Is It Gluten Free?  Reading Labels, I talked about what to look for on a label.  In part 2, I discussed “contains” statements and the process of reading a label. Today I would like to address the issue of cross contamination and how that might show up on a label in the […]


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