Special Diet Grief


Most people have to go through a grieving process when they lose something–even food. Sometimes it helps to simply recognize the grief for what it is.  Allowing yourself to grieve helps you let go and move on. photo credit I grieved when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease.  In 2000, gluten-free was not a […]

Gluten-Free Menu 3-18-12


Here are some meal ideas for you from what we had last week. You can always stop by my Facebook page in the evenings to see what we’re eating for dinner. Chicken Cacciatore – I brine the chicken breasts before putting them in the slow cooker.  The chicken turns out so nice an moist. Chicken […]

Gluten-Free Menu 3-11-12


If you are looking for gluten-free menu ideas for this week, here are a few you might like. While my week was busy, I did have time to play around with recipes which I have missed doing recently.   Breakfast Casserole is something I don’t make often because I don’t usually have extra gluten-free bread […]

Gluten-Free Information Roundup

While I’m playing a little catch up on my blogging I thought I would highlight a few of my more recent informational posts. Types of Wheat – A list of some of the names for wheat that you might be less familiar with. Is Natural Flavoring Gluten Free? – Find out why this is a […]

Gluten-Free Menu 3-4-12


Corn Dog Muffins are an idea I found on Pinterest.  I’ll be sharing my gluten-free version with you soon. Baked Macaroni and Cheese is a meal my kids absolutely love.  They are happy to eat it once a week and would probably like it more than that! Rotisserie chicken & salad was an easy no-cook […]

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis


Most people take eating for granted.  They do it with very little thought. They decide what they want, buy it, prepare it, and eat it.  It’s not complicated. For people with food intolerances and diseases, such as celiac disease, it is complicated.  Those of us who have to avoid even traces of gluten know that […]

Gluten-Free Menu 2-26-12


I took dessert when we had dinner with friends last week.  I didn’t get proper pictures taken so I will have to make it again before I can share it with you.  I will say it was delicious and everybody liked it.  One friend said it was too good. Here are a few of the […]

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