Tax Deductions for Gluten-Free Food


It’s that time of year when people are doing their taxes.  I know some of you are on the ball and already have your tax returns sent in, but others of you will be heading to the post office on April 15th. One question that often comes up at this time is whether the expense […]


A Big Gluten Mistake

I ate gluten.  For the first time in over ten years I actually ate gluten.  Not just a crumb or a bit of cross contamination.  I ate it.  But it was an accident.  It was an accident that was completely my own fault and could have (should have) been avoided.  I hope you will enjoy […]


Go Dairy Free – Review & Giveaway

 I thought this book review and giveaway would be a great wrap up to my mini series on eating dairy free.  If you missed the previous posts, you can read them here: How to Go Dairy Free How to Go Dairy Free Part 2:  Substitutes How to Go Dairy Free Part 3:  Adapting Recipes What […]


How to Go Dairy Free Part 3: Adapting Recipes

  In this final post of my recent dairy free series I would like to tell you about recipes I have converted to being dairy free.  I hope it will inspire you to try dairy free versions of your favorite recipes.  You can read the first two posts in this series here: How to Go […]


How to Go Dairy Free Part 2: Substitutes

If you missed part 1, you may want to read that first:  How to Go Dairy Free.  In this post I would like to talk about specific dairy substitutes I have used.  I have not been dairy free for long, and so I have not tried many of the options out there.  I am hoping, […]


How to Go Dairy Free

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I cut out dairy for a while because of lactose intolerance.  I hoped the intolerance would go away, but it didn’t, and I simply began using lactose free milk and Lactaid pills.  At times over the years, though, I have wondered if I would benefit from going dairy […]


The High Cost of Gluten-Free Products

One topic that was brought up several times at the General Mills Gluten-Free Summit was the high cost of gluten-free products.  Why should a gluten-free cake mix cost twice as much as a gluten cake mix and only make half as much cake?  I’m not trying to pick on General Mills here.  This is a […]


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