Homemade Gifts


Christmas is less than two months away, and I like to plan ahead.  This year I want to make a number of the gifts I give, and I’m looking for ideas from you. This summer I shared with you my review of MadeOn Lotion.  The more I have used it, the more I love it.  […]


Gluten-Free Halloween Resources


October is almost over which means that Halloween is almost here.  For those of you with gluten-free kids, it can be a bit stressful.  You want them to participate and have fun, but you don’t want them eating treats that will make them sick. Each week in my Surfing Saturday post I include several links […]


Gluten in Some Robitussin Cold Medicines


Robitussin recently come out with new packaging and with it came a change in ingredients making some of their products no longer gluten free. I called Pfizer myself to confirm and clarify this information. I found the conversation confusing for several reasons.  One is that the source of gluten is not clear.  Another reason is […]


Types of Wheat


If you are looking for information about the gluten-free diet,  How to Be Gluten Free (affiliate link) is a very practical guide to getting started. It covers 10 steps to help you become happily gluten free. Learn more about How to Be Gluten Free Out of the three gluten containing grains, wheat, rye, and barley, […]


Can Gluten in the Air Harm You?


When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease almost 11 years ago, not only did I avoid eating gluten, I avoided the smell of it.  When I walked past the baker in the grocery store, I got a headache.  I also got a headache from the smell of the bread that my family used. I […]


FDA’s Proposed Gluten-Free Labeling Law

I have put off writing this post for over a month because my thoughts and opinions on the matter have not been clear.  I have concluded that there is no easy answer, but I believe that you all need to be aware of what is going on with labeling, so I will attempt to present […]


What to Eat During a Power Outage


I’m thankful that a three day power outage is all we had to deal with from Hurricane Irene.  It could have been worse, and it was worse for many other people.  But power outages are never easy.  We are dependent electricity for many things, but especially for cooling and cooking food. So, I thought I […]


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