Gluten-Free Lunch Box Ideas


For ten years I was the only person in my family who had to eat gluten free.  While I do prepare gluten-free dinners that the whole family eats, I don’t always prepare gluten-free breakfasts or lunches.  I always thought it would be difficult to pack a lunch for a child who has to eat gluten […]

Do I Need to Buy Gluten-Free Skin Care Products?


If you have celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis*, or gluten sensitivity, do you need to buy gluten-free personal care products and make up?  I don’t believe there is a pat answer for everyone.  Here are some things to consider. 1.  Gluten is not absorbed through the skin. It is true that many things are absorbed through […]

Reading Labels Part 3


In part 1, Is It Gluten Free?  Reading Labels, I talked about what to look for on a label.  In part 2, I discussed “contains” statements and the process of reading a label. Today I would like to address the issue of cross contamination and how that might show up on a label in the […]

Reading Labels Part 2


Last week’s post on reading labels gives you good basic information, but I want to carry the discussion a bit farther.  This week and next I want to talk about two aspects of label reading in the United States a little more in depth. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) As a result […]

Reading Labels Part 1

grocery shopping

You are in the store trying to buy a seasoning mix, salad dressing, pasta sauce, or marinade, and you don’t know if it’s gluten free.  How do you figure it out?  This is a topic that needs to be addressed repeatedly for people who are new to the gluten-free diet.  Figuring out what is gluten-free […]

Still Getting Gluten Part 3 – Eating Outside Your Home


This series is aimed at helping people who are on a gluten-free diet but suspect that they are consuming gluten unintentionally.  It is also great for anyone who is just starting out on the diet. Please read Part 1 –  Gluten-Free Food and Part 2 – Eating In Your Home. After reading part 2 about […]

Frugal Lunch and Dinner Ideas


I apologize for not have a giveaway for you all today.  I have several in the line up, but either haven’t finished sampling them or have not heard back from the company with final giveaway details. Instead, I’m giving you a list of frugal lunch and dinner ideas that come from some of you.  A […]

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