Ham and Cheese Lunch Skewers


It’s back to school time, and if your child is gluten free, then packing safe and healthy lunches is probably on your mind. I’ve shared some of my gluten-free lunch box ideas before. And here are ideas from other bloggers. Making lunch skewers (think kebabs but with cold food) can add fun to your lunch […]

When Your Gluten-Free Kid is Invited to a Party

Gluten-Free Kids

by contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal Does your heart sink every time your gluten-free kid brings home a party invitation? Kayla gets so excited every time she is invited to a sleepover or a birthday party, but I know that I now have to make contact with the parent and glean information. What will […]

Gluten-Free Snacks On the Go

Gluten Free Snacks

by contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal Spring is here, and summer feels like it’s just around the corner! With the change in seasons comes ample opportunity to pack up your gluten-free kids for some outdoor fun! Whether it’s the pool, hiking, hanging out at the park, or play dates, most likely you’re going to […]

When Your Gluten-Free Kids Cheat


by contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal If you have gluten-free kids above kindergarten age, you can be guaranteed that at some point, they will “cheat,” or consume foods that contain gluten. Kayla has historically been very good about not doing this. She typically gets so sick from eating anything containing gluten, that she almost […]

Moving with Our Gluten-Free Kids

Gluten-Free Kids

by contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal Our family’s adventure over the last few months has been a long distance move across the state with both of our gluten-free kids! This has been exciting (and kind of crazy!) for us, with several long road trips to go house searching, starting a new job for my […]

Gluten-Free Kids and Friendships

2012-0713 (6)

by contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal. Friendships are so vitally important to every child. Friends are the people we giggle with, share our secrets with, and cry with.  For our gluten-free kids, those relationships can sometimes be a bit different but equally special, and sometimes even more important! My daughter Kayla is an outgoing, […]

Gratitude: A New Perspective

2013-0126 (2)

The following post is from contributing writer Janelle of Gluten Freely Frugal. Our family had an adventure this past week. After a long day of continuous pain and vomiting, my daughter Kayla was diagnosed with appendicitis and had an emergency appendectomy. The entire ordeal was difficult and of course stressful, but through the long, chaotic […]

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