Sue’s Gluten-Free Story

Although no one in Sue’s family has celiac disease or is gluten free, she was told many years ago that she had a wheat sensitivity.  She tried to eat wheat free but it was difficult, and she gave up.Fast forwarding to this year, Sue was only eating a small amount of gluten per day, usually […]

Iris’s Gluten-Free Story

In April, Iris started on a gluten-free diet in hopes of alleviating digestive problems, and unexpectedly found that it cured her of depression.  The day after she stopped eating gluten she woke up feeling happy.  It only got better from there.  Iris said, “Over the next 2.5 months, I felt better and better every day. […]

Mary’s Gluten-Free Story

Mary lived with celiac disease for years without a diagnosis.  Interestingly, she always disliked pasta, was not a big fan of bread, and tended to eat rice and corn based cereals. However, the disease still took its toll on her body. “Aside from always being quite petite and having trouble gaining weight, my major symptoms […]

Mikki’s Story

Mikki, a wife, mother, and high school teacher formed a weight loss group with some friends. She did everything right. She ate well and exercised, but instead of losing weight she gained it. She also became very tired and sluggish. She says, “I was SO tired. The tired-ness started affecting my work habits, my dress, […]

Owen’s Story

Owen started having health issues when his mother Melanie put him on solid foods. He would react with rashes, diarrhea, passing undigested food, spitting up, screaming, and waking up at night, among other things. Owen’s family lived in Germany and saw  doctors there who tested for a number of things, but a test for celiac […]

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