Surfing Saturday 1/1/11

Happy new year dear readers!  Thanks for reading, commenting, linking, and all you have done for The Gluten-Free Homemaker in 2010.  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Gluten-Free/CeliacFruity Pebbles & Cocoa Pebbles Now Gluten Free Teen Supplies Those in Need with Gluten-Free Food Cooking/Recipes (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)Smoked Salmon Dip Garlicky Lemon […]

Merry Christmas & Surfing Saturday

I know it’s only Friday, but since tomorrow is Christmas Day, I thought I would post these links a day early.  I hope all my readers who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful day enjoying delicious gluten-free food and time with loved ones.  Merry Christmas! Gluten-Free/CeliacGluten-free buckwheat crackers pass test Disney World Ads Branch of Babycakes […]

Surfing Saturday 12/18/10

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  Only one week until Christmas! Gluten-Free/Celiac InformationStudy Backs Gluten-Free Diet in Potential Celiac PatientsHow to Avoid Gluten & Casein When Traveling Gluten-Free Food: 6 Affordable Options Cooking/Recipes (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)Jammin Jambalaya Slow Cooker Chipotle Beef Chili Frozen Banana Bites Home/FamilyCheapest Way to Mail […]

Surfing Saturday 12/11/10

 Image from Have a great weekend, my dear readers.  Here are this week’s picks: Gluten-Free/Celiac Information Alek’s Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease Celiac Disease Ranks High in Searches Better Education for Celiac and Gluten Sensitive Patients Food (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational) Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix Asian Ketchup Falafel Encyclopedia of […]

Surfing Satruday 12/4/10

Image via Fotolia  Are you busy with holiday shopping these days?  I know I am.  If you still have time to kick back and do a little Internet surfing, you might enjoy these links.  Gluten-Free/Celiac InformationCeliac Disease Timetable:  A Glutinous History Celiac Disease & Women’s Health Food (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)Free Holiday […]

Surfing Saturday 11/27/10

Image from Gluten-Free/Celiac InformationOverview of Celiac Disease Symptoms of Celiac Disease Producing Gluten-Free Products in a Non-Dedicated Kitchen (intended for commercial kitchens, but could be useful at home) Food (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock Eat Healthy America: 52 Superfoods Home/FamilyHomemade Cleaner:  Make Cleaning Natural Cool Inventions (though […]

Surfing Saturday 11/20/20

Image from Fotolia  Gluten-Free/Celiac Information Interview with Shelley Case, RD: Celiac and Gluten-Free Diet Leaky Gut May Occur from Gluten Even in Absence of Celiac Disease Food (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational) How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken Creamy Dairy-Free Ice Cream with One IngredientDinner Tool (meal planning and recipes, including gluten free)Going […]

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