Recent Kitchen Blunders 7-19-12


I haven’t had any recipe related blunders recently, but this blunder certainly took place in the kitchen. We have two miniature Australian shepherd dogs and they eat in the kitchen.  I feed them a dry dog food, but I add Nupro Dog Supplement and water to  the food. My female dog loves food and wolfs […]

Recent Kitchen Blunders 7-12-12


Yesterday I had one of those “I can’t believe I did that” moments.  First, a little background. About a week or two ago the propane tank on my grill became empty.  My husband keeps an extra on hand so he swapped it for a full tank. Then on Monday I cooked bacon on the grill.  […]

Recent Kitchen Blunders 4-26-12


I have two blunders to share this week and one is only kitchen related. Bread Fail I was making a loaf of bread the other evening using a Maninis bread mix.  I put the loaf in a warm oven to rise, then removed it while I preheated the oven.  I then forgot about it for […]

Recent Kitchen Blunders


I really can be clumsy, forgetful and distracted which  makes for quite a few blunders in my kitchen.  Here are a few recent ones. Overcooked Ham – I left the Easter ham in the crock pot while we went to church.  I started it out on high and meant to turn it to low before […]

Recent Kitchen Blunders


Here are a few blunders I’ve made recently.  The last one is definitely the best. Overcooking the asparagus.  Yuck. Overcooking the broccoli.  Yuck. Not cooking at high enough heat and therefore not reducing enough the garlic sauce for the chicken scampi.  It didn’t ruin the meal, but it wasn’t as good. Putting dinner leftovers into […]

Recent Kitchen Mistakes


I have made a number of blunders in my kitchen recently, and I thought you might like hearing about my culinary imperfections.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of them, but I’m sure you can use your imagination. photo credit 1.  Spur of the Moment Flour Substitutes While making our favorite hamburger bun recipe for my […]

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