Clean Kitchen Update: Upper Cabinets

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

This month’s task is to clean the inside of your upper cabinets.  There is no doubt that my baking cabinet was the one in most need of this cleaning.  Not only did it need to be cleaned, it needed to be cleaned out and reorganized. There were a number of containers in the cabinet that […]

Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Inside of Upper Cabinets

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

In March we cleaned the outside of our cabinets.  In July and August, we’re going to clean the inside.  I have broken it down into two months because cleaning out the inside is more work.  This month we’ll focus on the upper cabinets, and next month we’ll do the lower ones. If you have a […]

Clean Kitchen Update: Small Appliances

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Did you forget about this month’s cleaning task?  I almost did.  I have made some progress, though. My new KitchenAid Mixer didn’t need any cleaning, but I cleaned the old one thoroughly before taking it to my parents’ house.  I was surprised at how dirty it was when I pulled it out from its corner […]

Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Small Appliances

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Last month’s task was to clean your refrigerator and freezer.  In my update I showed you how I cleaned and organized my chest freezer.  Since then, someone opened a can of frozen juice then put it back in the refrigerator freezer where it leaked all over.  So that freezer got cleaned well. The refrigerator was […]

Clean Kitchen Update: Refrigerator & Freezer

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

May’s Keeping a Clean Kitchen task is to clean out your refrigerator and freezer.  I haven’t done much with my refrigerator yet, but I have cleaned out my chest freezer. It was an unplanned event, but one day I was looking for sweet rice flour that I needed for a recipe.  I often store extra […]

Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Refrigerator & Freezer

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

I hope you were able to get a few of your drawers cleaned out last month.  I didn’t get all of mine done, but I did make some progress. I thought May would be a good month to clean the refrigerator and freezer really well, before the weather get too hot and you don’t want […]

Clean Kitchen – Drawer Update

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

This month was much busier than I anticipated.  I was actually looking forward to cleaning out my kitchen drawers because they need it, but I have made very little progress. The problem is that I have been out of town.  I have spent six days, divided, at my parents’ home, and three days at the […]

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