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Last week I got in the mood to reorganize a few cabinets.  I have found that things like that go best when I really want to do it, so I rearranged my schedule and jumped into the task. As a result, I’m sharing a few cabinet organization tips to help you be more productive in the kitchen.  I’m also sharing before and after photos of two of my cabinets.

Cabinet Organization Tips


Put items in cabinets closest to where they will be used.  I talked about this idea when I shared my baking center.

It’s not always possible to do that with everything in your kitchen, but it’s especially good to do it with cooking and baking related items, so you’re not wasting time going all around your kitchen to get the items you need.


Put lesser used items on top shelves, and the most used items where they are easy to reach. That might mean moving a shelf position, or putting something into a different sized container, but you’ll be happy to have easy access to the things you use most.


Group similar items together.  Sometimes things end up scattered around the kitchen or even in different areas of a cabinet.  When you organize, take time to think about other similar items and whether they should be grouped together.  An exception would be if you purposely have items in different areas, such as salt in your baking center and cooking center.


Use organizational inserts for small items or particularly large shelves.  You can stack spices and other small ingredients or even plates and cups.  I use a number of different cabinet organizers and love them.


Store items in containers, rather than the bag they came in.  I don’t do this for everything, but I find it particularly helpful for flour.  It keeps the cabinet more organized and is easier when measuring.


Label containers to make it easy to find what you want. I have a label maker and love it, but masking tape and a Sharpie works too.


Periodically reorganize.  The items you use and the way you use them can change over time.  When you reorganize, don’t just clean out the cabinet and put everything back where it was.  Think about whether it is still the best place to keep things.

Here are before and after shots of two of the cabinets I reorganized last week. The pictures don’t do justice to the amount of difference there is.  You’ll have to take my word for it.  First was my main baking cabinet.  I forgot to get a picture before I had already begun reorganizing.

I cleaned out items that weren’t being used, but mostly I moved things around.  I grouped my sweeteners together.  Before, some of them had been on the top shelf and some on the bottom.  Others were in a different cabinet entirely.I have actually made a few changes since I took this picture, and I’m very happy with the new layout of things.

This next cabinet is right next to the one above.  It is smaller and used for keeping small items.


This cabinet had a number of things that I just don’t use any more, such as boxes of pudding.    The top shelf contained random, seldom used baking ingredients and really needed to be cleaned out.

You can see two of my favorite inserts.  The upper one drops down so I moved it to the top shelf and put items in it that I don’t use often.

I also cleaned out a third cabinet, but didn’t get pictures of it.   It’s surprising how good it feels to open a cabinet and see it well organized.  For me, a cluttered cabinet (or any other area) can subtly make me feel disorganized and out of control as a person.

Have you done any kitchen organization recently?

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  1. Laura says

    The last time I really reorganized cabinets was when I remodeled my kitchen, so I needed to paln where everything went. I’m fairly happy with how it’s currently organized, but now that I’ve gone gluten-free, my primary pantry cabinet is a lot emptier than it used to be. That will enable me to move some things around from my fuller cabinets. And my baking drawer, convenient though it is, certainly needs some organizing now that I’ve added all of these gluten-free flour varieties to the drawer. Thanks for the inspiration, Linda!

    • says

      Remodeling or moving to a new home is a great time to think through kitchen organization. I did that too and have been mostly happy with it. Things change over time, though. Going gluten free certainly does change things. I’m glad I could inspire you. I’m sure you’ll be happy modifying your arrangement for your current needs.

  2. JillW says

    Thanks for the inspiration, Linda! This has always been such a challenge for me. I wish my cabinets looked as good as your BEFORE shots! lol

    I love looking into an organized space as well, but within a few weeks of organizing my cabinets, everything is pretty much out of place again. Guess that tells me I need to reorganize every few weeks, huh? 😉

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