Brown Rice Syrup Toffee: Gluten-Free Christmas Desserts

This brown rice syrup toffee is a guest post from Alea of Gluten-Free Flavor Full. I haven’t made it myself, but years ago I helped my mom make toffee at Christmas time. I think it’s the one time I didn’t mind nuts in my dessert (that and peanut brittle). It’s a yummy treat that can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

This is another gluten-free candy that makes a nice homemade Christmas gift that anyone will enjoy.

Brown Rice Syrup Toffee (click for the recipe)

Brown Rice Syrup Toffee: Gluten-Free Christmas Desserts

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    1. Crystal says

      Sorry if I have already asked you this, but where do you buy nuts from? Most nuts I’ve seen are from shared equipment with gluten containing products. I’ve gotten some from but that can get expensive.

      • says

        I don’t think you’ve asked. This may not be much help, but I buy BJs brand. The large bags in the baking isle are a good price. I haven’t contacted them, but the bag says it may contain peanuts or other tree nuts–nothing about wheat. My son and I are pretty sensitive and have had no problems. We have had problems with their canned nuts, however, which are made on shared equipment. For canned nuts I go with Planters.

    2. parizad says

      Lookin forward to making these brown rice syrup Toffees…but is it possible to sub Coconut Oil for half ofthe butter??
      Thanx so much!
      P in arizona

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