Bob’s Red Mill Review & Giveaway


I was happy to see Bob’s Red Mill at Blog Her Food ‘11 and enjoyed talking to the representative.  We discussed their gluten-free products and testing.  Bob’s Red Mill is not a strictly gluten-free company.  They do process gluten-containing grains, but their gluten-free products are produced in a gluten-free facility.  The products are batch tested to ensure they contain less than 20 parts per million.

Bob’s Red Mill carries a variety of gluten-free products including individual baking ingredients such as flours and xanthan gum, baking mixes, oats, whole grains such as millet and quinoa, and more.

Some of their gluten-free baking mixes use bean flours which I am not a fan of, so I sampled mixes without them.  If you don’t like bean flours (or if you do) keep that in mind when purchasing their products.

I was very impressed with their baking mixes.  They all gave very good results, and my family liked them.

The brownies were dense and moist.  They were very good, but my family said they like my brownies better.  Smile  Baking from scratch takes time, though, and this mix is a good back up to have on hand.

Bob's Red Mill Brownie

Actually, my family pretty much feels that way about any mix.  Even the best ones are never quite as good as my homemade versions, but they will do when mom is short on time.  The pancake and pizza crust mixes both produced very nice results.

Bob's Red Mill PancakesBob's Red Mill Pizza






The shortbread cookies were easy to work with and held their shape very nicely.  They were light and delicate, but a bit on the dry side.  My husband thought they were too dry and needed some chocolate on them, but gluten-free son and I liked them the way they were.

Bob's Red Mill Shortbread Cookies

I think they yellow cake was my favorite.  I used it to make my pecan praline cake, and it turned out great.  The cake had a nice texture and was not too fragile or crumbly.  It tasted good too!

Bob's Red Mill Yellow Cake

In addition to the mixes, I have have had good success using Bob’s Red Mills baking ingredients.

Bob’s Red Mill is also one of the few companies who makes gluten-free oats.  They sell gluten-free rolled oats, quick oats, and steel cut oats.

giveaway button

The Giveaway:  Bob’s Red Mill is giving away the items below pictured assortment of products to one winner.  The assortment includes pancake mix, quick oats, pizza crust mix, cornmeal, vanilla cake mix, brownie mix, and shortbread cookie mix.  The giveaway is open to people in the US and Canada.

Bob's Red Mill products
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The giveaway will end on Friday September 16th at 11:00 pm eastern time.  The winner be randomly chosen and will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted by email.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above pictured products free of charge. The opinions in this post are my own.

Update:  Congratulations to Megan who won this giveaway!

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  1. says

    I love Bob’s coconut flour. It’s my main GF/low-carb baking ingredient. (Though I also have their almond meal, xanthan gum, and tapioca starch.)

  2. Kristen says

    I would love to try these products. I would probably try the pizza first.

  3. April Rutherford says

    I just tried Bob’s GF bread mix for the first time. We are fairly new to the gf diet and so far their’s is the best I’ve tried.

  4. Chelsie says

    I would love a chance to win this. I have tried several of Bob’s Mill mixes. One of my favorites is the Chocolate Cake mix. Mmmmmm.

  5. Jessie C. says

    I have not tried any Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free products, I didn’t notice they offer gluten-free options till now.

  6. Michelle says

    Most of the gluten free flours I buy are by BRM, but I have never tried one of their mixes…yet!!

  7. Kim Ledford-Burley says

    I have tried Bobs brownie mix and the GF oats and enjoyed both of them!

  8. Katie says

    I agree – the all-purpose BRM mix is not my favorite, but now I am itching to try some of the others! I use several of their basic flours and have had great success!

  9. Kristine says

    I only recently discovered that I have a gluten intolerance, so I haven’t tried any of Bob’s gluten free products yet. I’d love to try them though!

  10. says

    Bob’s Red Mill has changed my life and made it so much easier & better, especially since I can now find it in more and more stores. So many recipes I missed since becoming gluten free & that were just too complicated to make worth making are now so much more accessible. Thank you Bob’s Red Mill for providing a great product!!!

  11. monisha says

    Would love to try all the Bob’s red mill products -am still fairly new to the Gluten free lifestyle and am discovering new products

  12. Anne Marie says

    I’m a big fan of Bob’s products, but avoid the bean flours too. I would love to try the Vanilla cake mix.

  13. Lucinda says

    We use several of Bob’s products. I love the pancake mix, cornbread mix, chocolate cake, plus their flours.

  14. Shannon J. says

    I use BRM’s all-purpose GF flour weekly. I have a BRM pizza crust but have yet to make it.

  15. sharon says

    I am new to gluten free with my husband being diagnosed this year (although his mother &I have suspected for years). I’m a fairly accomplished baker but find gluten free very frustrating. I’m figuring out most baked goods but bread still spouses me. Bob’s red mill all purpose was so great when I was new to gluten free but now I find myself liking other combinations like Brown rice, tapioca. or almond clouds.

  16. sharon says

    Give red mil’s option if gluten free oats has saved me in converting some of my husbands favorites. meatloaf & of course oatmeal raisin cookies would not be the same w/o oats!

  17. Neva says

    We have Bobs Red Mill products (Gluten Free), but none of his mixes in our stores. Will have to watch for them. I do use the basic flours processed by Bobs.

  18. Jessica Budd says

    I eat the gluten free oats every morning for breakfast and use the gluten free flour mix for baking. Love them both!!!

  19. Pagan O. says

    Out of the few gf products I have tried of Bob’s Red Mill I’ve been pleased. I have successfully use their gf pancake mix, gf rolled oats, and gf quick oats, all very tasty! I currently have a bag of gf pizza dough and gf biscuit mix but I have not tried them yet, been a little busy as of late. I have been dying to try more of their gf mixes but am scared to because of how expensive they are and then not liking them. If I do find I like them the cost is definitely worth it because of my current living situation and being unable to purchase and store lots of individual gf flours. I would love to win this in order to have a chance at trying more of their gf products!

  20. Beka says

    We enjoy Bobs gf cornbread and cinnamon raisin bread…the pizza crust is good too, would love to try some others!

  21. Chris Cooley says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. My favorite thing is experimenting with recipes that use Bob’s Red Mill products, like sugar cookies from their pancake mix. Quick and easy and very good.

  22. Stacy Luther says

    I use the Bob’s Almond Flour for making homemade gluten-free pancakes.

  23. says

    I already liked your FB and just did the same at Bob’s Red Mill. I do like what I have tried of Bob’s GF products. I’ve tried the cornbread mix, almond flour, teff, mighty tasty hot cereal, oats… not to mention the guar gum. And yes, I’ve tried the baking mixes, some of them. The corn bread was great!

    I am thankful to know the corn meal is safe. I keep corn bread on hand and make it from scratch. Lately, the tum has been unhappy a lot of the time. When I went shopping Saturday, I found out why: there was a disclaimer on the package from that company that the meal was processed in a plant which also processes wheat. Oops. So I grabbed the Bob’s Red Mill package instead!!!

  24. Amy Jackiewicz says

    I have always liked Bob’s Red Mill, and feel safe eating their foods. :)

  25. PAT says

    I agree that from scratch is often better, but only having myself to cook for, it is easier and quicker to use something ready to prepare. I have used Bob’s Red Mill products and have enjoyed them.

  26. Deborah J Austin says

    I Subscribe to this blog via email and I love Bob’s products.. :)

  27. Ashley says

    I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill!! My favorite produce is the brown rice flour – I use it for everything! It has a wonderful texture and is never gritty. I highly recommend it for all baking and cooking needs. I usually just substitute it 1:1 in recipes : )

    I like Bob’s Red Mill on Facebook
    I follow your blog too! : ) love it!

  28. LM says

    I use Bob’s almond flour for making pancakes and desserts and am trying to start using more of Bob’s gf collection.

  29. LM says

    PPPS. I already subscribe to your blog. Oh and I shared the giveaway on my fb page.

  30. Taylor says

    I just started eating GF and I love Bob’s! We made the shortbread cookies and loved them!! A little dry but delicious!

  31. Cathy N says

    We love Bob’s Red Mill! Their GF Corn Bread mix is my son’s favorite!

  32. Amy West says

    We have tried Bob’s Red Mill GF pizza crust mix.
    Found it to be “okay,” better as a thin crust than a thick. Make sure it isn’t underdone.
    Also made good thin breadsticks.
    And used it to make crusts so my GF son could make his own “Lunchables” pizzas.

  33. dawn p says

    I have tried many different Bob’s Red Mill products, their gf all purpose flour is a staple of mine.

  34. Trixie B. says

    I’ve tried the pizza crust and one of the bread mixes that has fava bean and chickpea flour. I thought they were pretty good, all things considered, and the bread had a great rise. I might try a different kind next time – wasn’t sure how much I cared for the beany flavor. But it was a far cry from the Food for Life bread.

  35. Ali Bagwell says

    I too love Bob’s Red Mill products they were a life saver for me when I first found out I had Celiacs and Dermatitis Herpetaformis. I especially like thier Brownie Mix and the variety of GF flours. I have made some wonderful desserts and breads. Thanks Bob’s Red Mill for making my life easier while I heal.

  36. Tdputman says

    I love the gf homemaker. I love that you share your recipes and experience so that us newer to the gf cooking can’t find our way a little easier. I have tried the Red Mill Pizza crust and really liked it. I brushed my crust with a mixture of olive oil, italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. It makes great bread sticks that way.

  37. Vicki O'Connor says

    My husband is gluten intolerant. We suspect that our 1 1/2 yr. old granddaughter is also. They both enjoy bread made from Bob’s Red Mill bread mix. I liked Bob’s Red Mill facebook page.

  38. Jennifer says

    I eat their GF quick oats almost every morning for breakfast. Love them!

  39. Vicki O'Connor says

    I subscribed to Gluten Free Homemaker via e-mail for the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway.

  40. says

    We love Bob’s Red Mill! We order it from 8 hours south of us since nobody in town sells it . Our family of 6 are all gluten and dairy free since 2 of our children are on the autism spectrum and it’s just easier to have us all eat the same. Bobs red mill has given us the best results by far and it’s great to not have to make returning from scratch when you are a busy homeschooling family. Out favorites are the hot and tasty cereal , the pizza crust , the brownie mix and the home made wonderful read mix :)

  41. Vicki O'Connor says

    I liked Gluten Free Homemaker on facebook a long time ago. This is for the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway.

  42. Jennifer says

    I love all Bob’s Red Mill products. Their oats are wonderful and I uses all of their starches, xanthum gum, corn meal, flours, etc., for my gluten free baking.

  43. caroline winship says

    2nd post –
    I have liked both groups, subscribed to this blog and will now post this giveaway on my facebook. Thank you for this opportunity – as mentioned in my previous comment, our family uses a LOT of Bobs Red Mill!

  44. Nicole says

    Yes, I have tried many of the Bob’s Red Mill flours, mixes & oats! They are almost all very yummy. I did not care for some very whole grain tasting pancakes my dad made for me while I was visiting my parents although I think there is another mix that is for pancake and waffles that is delicious. I also did not care for the cornbread mix. It tasted nothing like cornbread. The brownies are delicious and very fudgy. The all-purpose flour mix is perfect for most recipes. so yummy! I already like the gluten-free homemaker on Facebook.

  45. Angela says

    I have not tried any of these products yet, but have looked them over at my local supermarket.

  46. Devorie Raitport says

    I use Bob’s Red Mill garbanzo bean and brown rice flours all the time. Their oatmeal is great in apple crisp. I’d love to try their other flours and mixes.

  47. Jill says

    I like using Bob’s grains..oats, millet, buckwheat etc. We also really like the creamy buckwheat hot cereal!

  48. Cindy Winther says

    I have tried the pancake mix, gf oats, and gf all purpose flour and was happy with all of them.

  49. Terri says

    I use the Bob’s Red Mill All-purpose baking mix (with bean flour, which I like), and it makes great cakes and baked goods. I would like to try more of their products.

  50. Suzanne says

    I’ve used Bob’s Redmill gluten free all purpose baking flour, teff flour, millet flour, garbanzo/fava flour, and tapioca flour. I love that a lot of them can even be found in our grocery stores (Publix).

  51. Tracy says

    I really enjoy the cornbread mix! But I especially enjoy the encouragment I get from this site! Thank you!

  52. says

    I was diagnosed with celiac just a month ago so I am still “exploring” products. I have tried their GF all purpose baking mix and love it!

  53. Angie says

    I love Bob Red Mills GF all purpose flour. Everything always turns out great.

  54. Victoria Pearse says

    I have tried some of Bob’s products but would love to try some of the others as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Meghan says

    Bob’s Red Mill is awesome. I’m a fan of all their line including the bean flour

  56. jamie says

    I have been wanting to try the products, but havent got the chance yet…but i will very soon

  57. Natalie says

    I have tried the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Mix, Gluten Free Rolled Oats, and Gluten Free Cornbread Mix.

  58. says

    I just tried the gluten free bread mix this week and it was very good! The texture reminded me of real bread (which I miss). My family liked it too.

  59. Sandy says

    I was recently diagnosed with celiacs; so I am just learning about all this. I have tried some of Bob’s Red Mill products…and so far have loved them. I am also glad I am able to find them! I would love to be able to try more products.

  60. Dannette Brown says

    I have used their gluten-free flour to make banana nut bread which my daughter loves.

  61. Dannette Brown says

    Have already previously “liked” The Gluten-Free Homemaker on Facebook.

  62. says

    Bob’s has some really nice GF products. Thanks for the review! I am always nervous about spending money on pre-packaged mixes, especially cakes.

  63. julie says

    I’ve tried the pancake and bread mix and find them very good. I also use many of the gf flours by Red Mill.

  64. Karen says

    I used all of the gluten free flours and love them! I have also tried the corn bread mix and it was good, just a little on the dry side.

  65. Patty says

    I tried the pancake mix and added blueberries to enhance the flavor. I found I needed to add much more milk as I don’t like thick pancakes.

  66. Barb Urban says

    I have tried Bob’s Shortbread Cookie mix and the GF flour. I am just starting my gluten free journey so would love to try other mixes.

  67. Barb Urban says

    I subscribe by email already and love your informational tidbits!

  68. Kim says

    So far we’ve liked everything that we’ve tried from Bob’s Red Mill. Like you, I normally do things from scratch, and I like Bob’s Red Mill ingredients for those items. But occasionally life interferes and that’s when I use purchased mixes. In fact I tend to keep a stock of them on the pantry shelf for last minute emergencies. Like the teacher calling late one night to tell you that the class is making a cake tomorrow!

  69. Paula Sadler says

    I have tried a few of the Bob’s Red Mill products and loved them. I look forward to trying more of them!

  70. Kimberly says

    I used to use Bob’s packages but now I mostly mix my own. It would be great to have some packages in hand. It is hard to make everything GF from scratch with 3 kids and a full time job. We love all the links you have- we have never been disappointed with your recepies- thank you so much!

  71. Pat says

    I like their Mighty Tasty cereal and I have tried some of their flours and have been very happy with them.

  72. Sherrie says

    I am particularly fond of Bob’s GF Oatmeal… both steel cut & rolled. I also like his cornmeal! Would love to try a few other products.

  73. Heather Cansler says

    We have tried BRM GF Oats and all-purpose flour, plus I have the pizza dough mix and shortbread cookie mix in my freezer to try soon.

  74. Lindsay says

    I also feel the same way about the bean flours! I love love LOVE the GF rolled oats! I’m so glad Bob’s has produced so many GF options for us!

  75. says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! I lived in Scotland for a time and this company is the only one who gets Scottish-style oats just right for when I get nostalgic!

  76. says

    I love the pancake mix, gf rolled oats and I’ve tried the sandwich bread, but it’s been a long time and I can’t remember what it tastes like. I know I liked it though.

  77. Denise Fedor says

    I subscribe to your blog thru email. I have not used Bob’s Red Mill products before since I cannot afford them. I would love to try them! Thanks for the chance. Dee

  78. nina says

    my favorite BRM is the all-purpose GF flour. I also love the chocolate cake mix.

  79. Jessica M. says

    I have tried Bob’s Red Mill products and love most of them. I appreciate their variety of flours!

  80. Shari says

    I’ve had good luck with the Bob’s Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking mix, substituting it 1:1 for the wheat flour in my old recipes (plus Xantham Gum, of course, also from Bob’s Red Mill). Haven’t tried the brownie or cake mixes yet, but might have to try them – your brownies look wonderful!

  81. Shari Hegland says

    I already “like” the Gluten-Free Homemaker on FB – that’s how I get all my updates! Thanks for a great site and blog!

  82. Terri Jenkins says

    I’ve tried the Bob’s pizza crust mix and love it. My husband (who is NOT GF) loved it too :) I subscribe to your blog via email.

  83. Kelli says

    I have used several of the Bob’s Red mill products so far and they are wonderful.. I Love them!

  84. says

    OH, oh pick me! I would love to share the prize with my friend Violet who is the one who helped me realize gluten was my problem! I am already a subscriber and will take care of the rest of the steps as soon as I hit post comment..

  85. Kimberly says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products, and would love to win the giveaway assortment!

  86. April says

    I haven’t tried any of Bob Red Mill’s Gluten Free Products yet, I didn’t realize they had so many choices. Wonderful giveaway!

  87. says

    I use quite a bit of Bob’s Red Mill GF products…sorghum flour, almond meal, tapioca starch, rolled oats, steel cut oats…I think I could go on and on!

  88. Brenda says

    We’ve tried most of their GF flours/mixes. Don’t know what we would do without them!

  89. Janis S. says

    I’ve used Bob’s biscuit mix and thought the biscuit were really good.

  90. Amy Floyd says

    I have tried several Bob’s Red Mill, but my kids really liked the brownie mix!

  91. says

    I’ve tried several of the gf products from Bob’s Red Mill, and we use the oats in gf beer that we make!

  92. Ann says

    So far three new celiac diagnoses at my house. Would love to try these. Thanks for all of the great information.

  93. Mrsfoots says

    I think half of my flours are from Bob’s Red Mill and the oats are for all the fruit crisps I make. I still have a hard time finding the Gluten free Cornmeal from Bob’s.
    Luv Bob’s

  94. Christie Jensen says

    We love Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancake mix and add coconut milk to get fluffy pancakes and dairy free chocolate chips. We serve this to friends all the time and never mention that it is gluten free and they love it. We also use the cornbread mix to make corndog muffins.

  95. Karesha says

    I have experimented quite a bit with bob’s red mill gf flours. They have worked well for me. I have also tried the steel cut oats, pancake mix and chocolate chip cookies. All good!!!

  96. Stephanie Tsouloufis says

    Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix is the best for mini deep dish pizzas at home! We love it!

  97. Kathy S says

    I have tried several of Bob’s Red Mill products, including the pancake mix and the all-purpose flour and have enjoyed them.

  98. Joan Funk says

    I would love to give some of these products a try, I have worked with some of them in the past, and love them.

  99. Jeanne Leder says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years! It’s quite an experience, shopping there. The new store is so much bigger and nicer (and busier!) than the old one! I would love to win!

  100. Jeanne Leder says

    I could certainly use the sample products! Those are some I haven’t tried. I usually just buy the different flours and bake from scratch. Bob’s Red Mill is the BEST!

  101. Jeanne Leder says

    Bob’s has such a great variety of gluten free “goodies” – it’s amazing. So nice to have the store so close to (only a mile or so) our son’s house!

  102. Jeanne Leder says

    Love your blog, Linda, and look forward to reading it every day! Keep up the good work!

  103. Cara Goedecke says

    I have tried their cream of rice products and those where very yummy! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  104. says

    I’ve tried a lot of the Bob’s Flour Mill’s mixes, and the chocolate cake is one of my favorites. I, too, make most of my mixes from scratch, but the pre-mixed stuff is great for when I’m in a time crunch. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  105. Jessica says

    I am a newly diagnosed Celiac. I had no idea where to start when I was told I couldn’t have all the things I was used to. My cousin works at a supermarket and told me about Bob’s Red Mill. I ordered a a few mixes to get me started and everything I tried I loved! Thanks Bob’s Red Mill for making my life a little less stressful!

  106. Teresa says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill. I love the fact that it is all natural, even before I was GF!

  107. Autumn Coxe says

    I just started my gluten free lifestyle change last week and would LOVE to win FREE products to eat. Being out in the country the gluten free selection is quite scarce.

  108. Berneda says

    Just yesterday I commented on Bob’s Red Mill facebook page on how delicious his Zesty Quinoa Salad recipe is that I found on his website. His response was “Awww shucks. You know how to make us feel loved!” I would love to try more of his products. Hope I win!

  109. says

    I love Bob’s line of GF products, especially their bean and pea flours and the guar gum. The high fibre cereal makes great bread too.

  110. John says

    Bob’s Red Mill products have been a staple in my life. In an effort to try to be as healthy as possible and having a newly diagnosed gluten allergy…Bob’s Red Mill provides me with variety, nutrition, and continued health.

  111. Amy says

    I have made homemade pizza twice with the pizza dough! would love to try more products.


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