BlogHer Food 2011 Highlights

I'm Going!

Last week I attended the BlogHer Food conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  I admit I was a bit disappointed  that more gluten-free bloggers were not attending.  However, I’m thrilled that I did get to meet a few of them, as well as some non gluten free bloggers.  I also had fun, ate gluten-free food, learned a few things, and won a new KitchenAid mixer!

The New Mixer

KitchenAid mixer Thursday evening Susan of hosted a party at the Hard Rock Cafe.  There were lots of terrific sponsors and great giveaways.  That’s where I won my new pink mixer!

I have a KitchenAid mixer that used to be my mom’s.  It is decades old, but still works fine.  However, it is the kind where you raise and lower the bowl rather than tilting the head back.  I find it difficult to scrape the bowl and have been wanting a new tilt head mixer for some time.  I could never bring myself to buy one though.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to win one!  The old mixer will be going back to my mom’s so I can more easily do gluten-free baking when I’m there.

Gluten-Free Food

It doesn’t take much to overwhelm me, and I was so engrossed in the whole traveling/conference experience that I forgot to take out my camera for the entire first day.  Unfortunately, that’s when they had a whole table of gluten-free food for breakfast and lunch.

The breakfast included things like eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and fruit.  Lunch, which I was late for included fruit, chicken, barbecue, and rolls.  Gluten-filled rolls.  That’s right.  I missed the excitement, but apparently the hotel put the regular rolls out on the gluten-free table.  Lauren of Celiac Teen and a few others questioned it and an announcement was finally made.  I didn’t hear of anyone getting sick.

Those two meals were the only ones served.  The rest of the time there were double_chocolate_granola_mdappetizers or snacks, some of which were labeled as gluten free.

Of course, I packed plenty of food in my suitcase including things like carrots, fruit cups, and nuts.  I also packed a bag of Enjoy Life’s new double chocolate crunch granola which they were kind enough to send me recently.

It’s very good, especially if you like chocolate.

Blueberry Muffins

I was also thrilled that Udi’s sent me a care package with a loaf of their new millet chia bread.  It’s wonderful, and I made peanut butter sandwiches with it.

Udi’s also sent delicious blueberry muffins which any one, gluten-free or not would enjoy, and some samples of their granola.



My roommate for the conference was Lynn of Lynn’s Recipe Adventures.  We have met a couple of times before and often chat on Skype.  Lynn is gluten-free and we had a good time together.

My friend and blogging mentor, Toni, The Happy Housewife, was there which was a real treat since she moved away in November.  I got to hang out with her and her roommates, Kelly of Faithful Provisions and Crystal of The Thrifty Mama.

I can’t cover all the people I met at the conference, but I certainly want to tell you about meeting other gluten-free bloggers.

Sonia, Me and RajTwo bloggers I really enjoyed meeting were Raj and Sonia of Flip Cookbook.  We had a lot to talk about, including a new web site they have started.  It’s pretty cool and I will be telling you more about it soon.

Lauren, of Celiac Teen was on the panel of speakers for one of the sessions, I believe it was called Next Generation.  I didn’t get much time with Lauren and that was on Friday when I forgot to use my camera, so no picture.  She is just as sweet as I imagined, though.

With Lauren, I also met Hallie of Daily Bites.  I was interested in learning that she was home schooled, since I home school my children.

Susan, Linda and Maria Two people I didn’t know would be attending were Maria and Susan of Live2BGlutenFree.  I really enjoyed talking with them too.

Sarena and Alisa Finally, I was very pleased to meet Sarena of The Non-Dairy Queen and Alisa of Go Dairy Free.  They are both lovely ladies.

The Sessions

If you are a blogger and are interested in the sessions, you can read the liveblog notes.  I particularly enjoyed the SEO, photography, and copyright sessions.

Photography is something I really want to improve on, but it takes time to learn.  Hopefully, you will see some improvements in that area in the future.

Blogging conferences and similar events are both fun and educational and great opportunities for networking.  I wish I could attend more.  Money and time, of course, are the limiting factors.  I hope in the future to meet more gluten-free bloggers.

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  1. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House says

    One of these days we have to meet, Linda. In the meantime, you did get to meet some of my favorites like Hallie, Lauren and Alisa who have all crossed paths with me at various conferences. Sweethearts every one. Congrats on the mixer. I saw that on Twitter when I was at Eat Write Retreat and had to smile.

  2. says

    It was great getting to spend some time with you and meeting all the great gluten free bloggers. And thank you for sharing your Udi’s and Enjoy Life treats. It was all very good. And I agree the Udi’s bread was so good. I hope to find some in the stores near me. I hope you enjoy your mixer. It looks like a really nice one.

  3. says

    Woohoo on your new mixer! Mine is the kind that raises and lowers the bowl too. Sometimes can be annoying.
    I heard about the roll incident! That would be enough to make me SO anxious that they weren’t nearly as careful in the kitchen as one would hope. I am glad that you and no one else you talked to got sick though. Scary!
    And that new Udi’s bread? I want to try it! Sounds delicious!
    Great round-up and sounds like you got to meet some great bloggers.

    • says

      Since they only served two meals and the roll incident happened at the second one, it was a little too late to be worried. I didn’t eat everything that was offered anyway because I was concerned that some of it contained dairy.

      Would love to meet you some time!

  4. says

    Just realized that I never commented on this post, Linda. I loved hearing your perspective and seeing your photos. :-) I can’t believe that Sarena is taller than Alisa. 😉 I loved seeing Raj and Sonia and it’s great to see the faces behind Live2BGlutenFree as well. 😉

    Oh, and BIG congrats on that beautiful KitchenAid mixer! Enjoy it, dear! :-)


  5. says

    It was so awesome to meet you in person Linda, I only wish we had more time to chat! I had heard the rumors of how sweet you were, and they were even more true than I expected :)

  6. says

    I missed this somehow!!! :) It was so much meeting you Linda! Guess what… I bought the book and I’ve been Gluten free since I got back from ATL… I’m so glad we met… I just wish we had more time together :) remote hugs to you!! :)

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