Beef Onion Mix Over Rice

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Today I’m going to give you a glimpse into an area of food ignorance for me. Peppers. That’s right. I don’t like them and therefore don’t know much about them. When I grew up, the only peppers I remember being in the house were green bell peppers, which my mom liked, but I hated. We never ate Mexican food.

Having never liked spicy hot food, it’s not surprising that my family doesn’t like it either. We like Mexican food, but we always go for mild sauces. Generally, I don’t cook with peppers, but I have learned to occasionally eat and cook with red bell peppers. They are definitely better than the green ones! Now here comes the ignorance part.


I had some thin steaks that needed to be used so I cut them into strips and made a fajita type mix. I added sautéed onions, a can of diced tomatoes, chili powder, garlic powder, and cumin. I thought red bell pepper would go well with this, but I didn’t have any. I did have a bottle of crushed red pepper though! Without looking at the picture on the bottle or the directions, I dumped at least a tablespoon into the beef mixture.

Some of you are laughing now! It was too hot for our tastes, but since that was the only food fixed for dinner, we ate it. I didn’t have any tortillas, so I served it over rice. There were leftovers that night (I can’t imagine why) that no one wanted to eat the next day. Being one to not waste food, I ate the leftovers for lunch and had some tortilla chips with it to help get the spice out of my mouth.

If we were able to eat this dinner, then I’m sure it was just right for many of you. After dinner I took another look at the crushed red pepper bottle and realized the pepper on the picture was not a bell pepper! The bottle also said “Use a dash to 1/8 tsp. in most recipes for 4 servings unless very hot food is desired.”

Aside from the pepper mistake, it was a good meal and would have been great without all the spice. Next time, I’ll buy a red bell pepper.

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  1. Kathryn says

    My mother also used to cook with green bell peppers a lot. I hated them. But the taste has grown on me, some. I usually choose the yellow or orange bell peppers. Prefer to eat them raw.

    Funny, about the crushed red pepper. I too, have often over seasoned certain dishes because the amount i used “didn’t look like enough”! My husband often teases me about my flexibility at measuring. :)

  2. glutenfree4goofs says

    My husband would love the spicy version he thinks he has to add jalapeno to everything to even taste it!

  3. thewholegang says

    Well I guess you now know the difference between crushed red pepper and sweet red peppers. Just to warn you there are different heat levels of crushed red peppers.

    Just in case you want to try to cook with peppers again, the sweet red, orange and yellow bell peppers have a much different taste from green bell peppers. Many folks who don’t like green enjoy the other colors. Now the purple bell peppers are not as sweet but not as strong as the green. I hope you will have some fun trying different peppers. I love peppers of almost any kind.

  4. Gina says

    Oh, no! I’m sorry you don’t like peppers, but that’s actually a really common dislike. Just get a mild kind if you try it again! I love fajitas. I think they can actually be made without peppers, too.

  5. Brian says

    Wow, I bet that was a shock to the system. I hate taking a bite of food thinking it’s mild only to be blown away by spice and heat. The recipe looks great in spite of the pepper mix up. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for hosting What’s for dinner? it’s great to see what everyone else is making. Take care.

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