Angel Food Cake: Gluten-Free Christmas Desserts

Angel food cake is truly heavenly, and you (as well as your family or guests) will love this gluten-free version.

I tend to think of angel food cake as a summertime dessert, but really it’s great year round. You could serve it with Kim’s Allergy Friendly Chocolate Fondue. I’ve tried it, and it’s amazing.

My recipe calls for 1/4 cup millet flour with the option of using rice flour instead. However, some people have had trouble with the cake falling out of the pan while it is cooling. This might be due to using rice flour which is heavier. If you don’t have millet flour, make sure the rice flour is very fine, and you might need to use a little less than called for. I recommend using millet flour, but if not, you might give the cake a trial run.


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