ALDI Summer Deals and $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

I’ve shared with you before that I like shopping at ALDI and saving money on my groceries. Now ALDI summer deals can help you save on summer eats and fun. You can view their summer catalog online at They have more than 130 seasonal items  including a wide selection of Fresh USDA Choice meats, award-winning wines,  and incredible outdoor entertaining items.

Last week I purchased a grill pan from ALDI. It’s perfect for grilling vegetables and other small items. The other night I grilled zucchini slices using this pan, and my family loved it!

ALDI Summer Deals (Grill Pan) and $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway | The Gluten-Free Homemaker

You’ll also find summer recipes on the ALDI site (be sure to read the ingredients, not all recipes are gluten free).

In addition, ALDI recently started carrying a wide variety of specialty gluten-free products including baking mixes such as cookies, brownies, and pizza crust, frozen foods such as pizza, ravioli, and lasagna, plus pasta, tortillas, and more.

ALDI Gluten-Free Products and $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway | The Gluten-Free Homemaker

I have purchased some of these items for my family (being grain free, I don’t eat them), and the reports have all been positive. These are convenience items that can be nice to have on hand, and ALDI prices are better than most!

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

ALDI is offering two $50 ALDI gift certificates (one certificate each to two winners). If you are unsure whether there is an ALDI near you, use their store locator.

  • This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents 18 and older.
  • One entry per person. Please be sure their is an ALDI store near you.
  • Enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me if you shop at ALDI and what you like buying there.
  • The giveaway begins June 19, 2014 and ends on June 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm eastern time .

No purchase is necessary.  Odds of winning are based on the number of entries.  The winners will be randomly chosen and will be contacted by email.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond.  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly chosen.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with an ALDI gift certificate in exchange for writing this post, but the opinions in this post are my own.

About Linda Etherton

Linda has been gluten free since 2000 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease which propelled me into the world of gluten-free cooking and baking. I am convinced that gluten-free food can and should be delicious, and I never apologize for serving it.
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  1. Carli Petretti says:

    Very excited to check out aldi!!!! Always looking for ways to make my GF lifestyle easier!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Davies says:

      My wife and i shop Aldi’s all the time. We love that they now carry gluten free products. We use to have to shop all over town for our groceries and now we can get the bulk of it at Aldi’s.

    • I like shopping at Aldi’s my grandson like all gluten free food I was so happy to learn u were going to carry it he very young and he tells when he’s dose not like it he tell the prelzels are out of this world they are so fresh pizza is so good he like shopping with me hope you keep getting the Gluten Free food would make my day I shop two to four a week.
      thank you kathy

    • robert e shafer says:

      i love the stor and galesburg ill the stor moved to a new place .love the new place. the people i love very mush.if i need help ther right there to help me .i eating more gluten free thangs becouse i trying to lose weight. i was 528 i am now 390lbs sow i need gluten free thangs. the gluten free thangs you have i love . love the mac and cheese. cake mix.and more i love .your stor is a good place to shop at. i was you have a gluten free ale all the time now it will be nice to have all the time you sale it . i live and galesburg il 19 e tompkins apt 311 galesburg il 61401

    • love Aldi’s because of their best buy maple syrup; also the GF & organic produce:)

    • Love shopping for fresh produce at ALDI.

  2. Nicol Hudson says:

    We used to shop at Aldi’s fairly infrequently. But since my son’s celiac diagnosis in January I have been on a never ending hunt to find food he actually likes but is also reasonably priced. Aldi’s has delivered. They make so many items he used to love to eat before he was diagnosed. Now we are regular customers and he loves to go down the isle and see the GF foods. Thanks.

    • Stephanie Hutsell says:

      Love shopping at Aldis. So glad they are now offering gluten free products now. Makes me love them even more.

  3. I shop at Aldi all the time. I just stopped at 2 different stores to see if they had any GF products left. I get my produce there.

  4. Amy Trulson says:

    I love the new gluten free food please dont stop carrying it. It just makes me love aldi even more also how about g-free bread. That would be amazing

  5. Gabriela Sanchez says:

    Yes I do! Their products are cheaper and really great!

  6. Sharon Welsh says:

    We shop at ALDI alot for gluten free groceries for my Granddaughter. A gift certificate would help alot.

  7. Alexas J says:

    I buy 95% of our groceries there! My oldest daughter has a gluten intolerance, and now that they’re carrying some gluten free items, our shopping is even easier!

  8. Cynthia Blanchard says:

    I love shopping at Aldi stores. They have a great selection, price is right and very good quality. Now since they have gluten free products……….well, it just couldn’t get any better

  9. i buy all natural products when i shop the, im always looking for g/f foods with great flavors and crunch,,..

  10. I love Aldi and shop there every week! I’m so excited they have gluten free stuff now.

  11. Dawn Lloyd says:

    I have not been shopping at Aldi’s but will have to check out the GF products soon!

  12. Lacey Russell says:

    I’m brand new to Aldi, and I can’t believe I’ve never been in one until recently! I was a faithful Dillons and Commissary shopper until I found Aldi. I love the super low prices, especially canned goods and produce. I also love that frozen pizzas are significantly cheaper than other stores. Love love love that place!

  13. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Thanks for carrying gluten free products that do not cost an arm and a leg~

  14. Donna K says:

    I shop at ALDI and just love it! I get reasonable produce there as well as FANTASTIC trail mix.

  15. Mandi Hamilton says:

    I only recently realized ALDIs carries gf products. I have found their products to be tasty and reasonably priced, especially the frozen pizza. As a new mom, I’m loving the quick meals!

  16. Ashley says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s. My favorite item is avocados. I use them for everything!

  17. Ashley howarth says:

    I love the gluten free products offered at Aldis, especially their sandwich wraps! I love the cookie mixes hot pockets and all the extra products offered weekly!

  18. debbie barrow says:

    I love aldi in Europe I have tried here in the us veg is good milk but need to up their game

  19. aldis is awesome,their produce is great and sometimes they have this forzen french onion soup that is yummy!!

  20. I don’t shop Aldi, but I’d like to check it out, I am gluten intolerant and it’s nice to have some of those convenience things on hand.

  21. I shop at Aldi and like a lot of their products. I bu their Simply Nature bacon, almost all my produce, and a lot of other goodies. I must admit that I love their French onion dip!

  22. Renata Lavach-Savy says:

    I recently found an Aldi near my job & made my first trip. While I didn’t like that there was not much variety, the prices were great!

  23. phyllis mueller says:

    I have never shopped at Aldi. Recently an Aldi store has opened near my home. After reading your post, I would like to go there to check it out! I definitely want to try their gluten free products!

  24. Selena smith-bowman says:

    I love Aldi’s gluten free stuff. Personally I think their cake mix is better than Betty crocker’s cake mix.

  25. Newer to gluten free do always looking for helpful fun ways to enjoy good healthy food

  26. Lori Ann Parkinson says:


  27. I like shopping at Aldi’s for produce

  28. I love the organic produce and Simply Nature line.

  29. Mary Beth C says:

    I don’t shop at Aldi frequently but when I do I buy snack foods for the kids, milk and eggs, and sometimes frozen “convenience” foods, like frozen pizzas and burritos. Thanks for entering me!

  30. Shannon D says:

    My husband and I are Aldi regulars! He has Celiac Disease, and as you mentioned in your post, it’s so convenient that they carry so many (labeled) gluten free items! We are more than happy to give up bagging and random grocery carts in the parking lots for cheaper prices and lots of options!

  31. Cassandra Thomas says:

    Yes I shop ALDI and we have looooved these items for my son. Making cupcakes right now with the yellow cake mix!

  32. There is an Aldi not too far from me that I have been meaning to try out. A gift card would certainly sweeten the deal :)

  33. Natalie waggoner says:

    We recently got an Aldi in town. I’ve always heard how great it is but it took me awhile before trying it. I’m hooked! I do as much of my shopping as possible there, much to homeland’s dismay! I’m saving $200/ month shopping there! It’s easy to find what I need and the people are super nice. I love it!

  34. Carrie Anderson says:

    I shop and Aldi’s because I have a family of 6. My husband and I have 4 teenagers in the home. Buying groceries from week to week can be very costly. We find going to Aldi’s we can budget and our money goes further. We love shopping the fresh fruits and vegetables so that we know our kids’ are eating healthy.

  35. I could really use this $50 Aldi giveaway!

  36. I have shopped at ALDI in the past and was very happy with the low prices. My daughter became gluten intolerant, so I ended up shopping at ShopRite more with coupons but all of the new ads advertising the gluten free products at ALDI has made me want to go back. I would love a gift card to try out their new healthy products!

  37. I love shopping at Aldi, and now that they have a gluten free line that is even better. I have bought a few items, but have not used them yet. I also like that they have labeled their items if they are gluten free.

  38. I use to but I really will now with all the gf items! Hopefully dairy free will be next!

  39. Krystal says:

    I shop at Aldi all of the time and I’m so happy with most of the Gluten Free Products! The pasta was DELICIOUS and I’m excited to try out the pizza crust and brownies soon! I just heard recently they also have Chicken Nuggets which I didn’t notice so I’m excited to look for those this weekend. I do probably 90% of my shopping at Aldi and their prices are fantastic!

  40. Haven’t shopped there yet but I’m dying to try their gluten free stuff. Thanks for the contest.

  41. ann weaver says:

    I do shop at Aldi. They have a good selection of produce and they have a number of organic items that I buy regularly. I love their organic frozen blueberries! Can’t beat the price.

  42. Jennifer Palmer says:

    I shop at Aldi ‘s in Bradenton, FL. I love that they label their items that are Gluten Free & Lactose Free. I also purchase their organic products.

  43. Susan C. says:

    We’ve just recently had a few Aldi’s open up near me. I’d probably buy product if I were to go shopping there, especially with a $50 GC :)

  44. Barbara Smith says:

    I do have an ALDI near me. I will check out their gluten free selection!

  45. I LOVE Aldi! I can feed my family and my gluten-free daughter healthy, fresh foods for a fraction of the big store prices!

  46. Stephanie Biersdorfer says:

    We love Aldis. Im currently unemployed. Single mom of 3 with my youngest recently being diagnosed with autism. We have switched ti all gluten free which is expensive. Aldis has provided a more affordable selection. Thank you so much!!!

  47. sandy beier says:

    We bought the live g free products and love them!!

  48. Kathleen Blodgett says:

    Love the Aldi Gluten Free products! At first I was told they’d be temporary, but they recently merchandised them into the store so I’m guessing the launch was a success! (gluten free pasta is with the regular pasta & chewy bars with the fruit/grain bars). The little pizza’s were better than I expected! The prices are just right too!

  49. Nicole Bell says:

    Shopping at Aldi a bit more frequently now due to them carrying a lot more naturally gluten free as well as their LiveGFree line (when they have it in).

  50. Charles Beauregard says:

    I like buying lots of things at Aldi’s. Milk, cheeses, honey, canned vegetables and fresh vegetable and fruits. Also frozen chicken thighs, pirogi’s, etc., etc.

  51. kevin kenobe says:

    Love that they started carrying more gluten free products they’re actually much better than a lot of other ones I’ve tried and at about half the price. They have some great products that you can’t find else where and over all is kept much cleaner then other markets.

  52. Jessica Nelson says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the new Aldi near my house in a Rosenberg, Texas! I especially love the gluten free line as I have Celiac Disease. Thank you for coming to our neighborhood!

  53. kevin kenobe says:

    Love the new gluten free line up. Hope it stays permanently to their line up

  54. We do a LOT of our shopping at Aldi! We love their FF greek yogurt!!!

    I love love LOVE that they have expanded their organic line and are now offering GF!

  55. My hubby was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February of this year. After doing much research, and trying to find the best deals on gf food, I heard about Aldis. I was so surprised at the amount of gf items they have there! I am always so excited when I leave there…and so is my hubby! Thanks Aldis! And thanks to this site. You are always my go to for gf info and recipes. Even my husband checks this site if he has any questions! :) Thank you!

  56. Jenny Harrelson says:

    I have to shop at Aldi just due to the fact that I’m a single mom on a small budget, and an ever growing 11 year old son! Need to get more for my money!

  57. Beatriz says:

    I love to shop fruits, veggies and the gluten free items they carry!

  58. Karla B says:

    I like shopping at Aldi’s because I can get reasonably priced GF convenience items. I don’t eat a lot of convenience food but sometimes you just need that package of GF ravioli for a quick safe lunch at work!

  59. Julie Stodghill says:

    Love the gluten free stuff

  60. I shop Aldi’s because of the low prices. I wish they would carry GF items all yr around. I buy my fruits and vegs, milk and eggs at Aldi’s

  61. Tiffany Seoane says:

    Hello Linda,

    I go to Aldi all the time. It is so much cheaper than other stores and things taste pretty much the same. I saw that they had gluten free products and purchased a ton. They are really good and way cheaper! The LiveGFree brand is really good, I hope the store here keeps carrying it.


  62. Donna Arrowsmith says:

    I loved Aldi before I found out I have Celiac Disease and I REALLY love them now that they have a great line of gluten free foods!

  63. Stephanie Rallion says:

    I love Aldi’s gluten free Line!! They aid in my new gluten free life. They arrivals reasonable priced with other things and they are my Store of choice.

  64. jessica says:

    I like to shop there especially the gluten free stuff. :)

  65. I love the new GF stuff- the Pepperoni Pizza hot-pocket thingies are the best! (Southwest ones are good too!!!)

  66. Amy Bakehouse says:

    Love Aldis for the fresh fruit & veggies.

  67. Julie Rakowski says:

    Hi, this is Julie Rakowski,
    I do shop at Aldi, I am on a small budget and they have the best prices as well as the GF products that I can’t find elsewhere. Everything is fresh and delish.

  68. Rachel Perry says:

    My family shops at ALDI for the majority of our groceries. There is very little there that we don’t like. Most recently, being newly gluten-free, the thing I like the best is the labeling they do on their products. They make it very easy to be sure of what you’re getting. Love, love ALDI!

  69. Claudia says:

    I shop at Aldi at least once a week and am so excited to see them carry gluten free items. Their SimplyNature pasta sauce is gluten free, lactose free and tastes great! We have been buying it for a while now!! Love to shop at Aldi and save money! The Lake St Louis store is the best!!

  70. Melissa Heiss says:

    Love it!

  71. Tabitha says:

    I like buying fresh fruits and vegetables at great prices. I also love the weekly deals. I bought a swimming pool for the kida last year:)

  72. I love shopping at Aldi ~ what do I buy?? GF pizza, waffles, blueberry pancakes, snack bars, chocolate cookies & snickerdoodles. I also have found GF tortilla chips, frozen fruit bars also buy mustard, mayo, vanilla wafers, dark chocolate peanut butter protein bars for our daughters. Applesauce cups are great, love the Mozzarella balls, dill Havarti cheese, herb & garlic marinated turkey breast…. You get the picture, everything!!!! Awesome prices on sugar, baking chips, bottled water and breads.
    Thank you Linda!

  73. Mary Gerken says:

    Found an ALDI store 45 minutes north of my home. Drove up there just to try their new line of gluten free products. I am very satisfied with all the items I’ve tried and plan on buying more. ALDI stores have proven to me that gluten free does not have to cost top dollar to taste good, and that in the future other stores can bring in gluten free lines that don’t break the bank for those who must eat gluten free. Thank you ALDI, for stepping out and making a bold move to bring better priced gluten free products to the masses!

  74. Todd Ollis says:

    Love there produce, always fresh!

  75. Angela Crabtree says:

    Love Aldis and was thrilled about their gf line of products. I’ve been gluten free 9 years and these are the best I’ve had. I hope the products come back into stores. I was told they are doing test markets in Midwest.

  76. Nicole says:

    I love Aldis selection of G Free foods! It’s made the transition easier and more affordable!

  77. I drive 25 mi to shop at Auldi’s for produce, dairy products, canned foods, meat- GF items- plus non food items-we need an Aldi’s in Montour Falls Ny or Watkins Glen Ny- 90% of my grocery shopping is done at Aldi’s

  78. Cheryl Walker says:

    YES. AlDI carries gluten free. Shopped there before I became GF. I was so happy they opened a store not too far away

  79. Vicki Marsh says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of having an Aldi close by, but one is under construction near me and I’m hoping to shop there soon!

  80. I love to buy my snacks at Aldi’s, especially in the summer when the kids are home.

  81. Lisa McVaugh says:

    I love the fresh produce and yogurt and even their fresh meats!!

  82. Kristy Bachnivsky says:

    I enjoy shopping at ALDI for their new gluten free items, and the brownies are great! I also enjoy getting random toys for my son there, such as his water table that he loves this summer!

  83. I shop at Aldi’s. I like the getting my fresh produce, eggs and dairy there. Also spices. I have gotten some of their new gluten free products and am excited to try them.

  84. Monica Bumgarner says:

    I love shopping at aldis! Their gluten free items are really good and they r great at labeling ALL items gluten free!

  85. Lisa Lewis says:

    Hi there, I have not shopped at Aldi’s before; however several of my friends do and we have a shopping trip to Aldi’s planned in the next week or so to educate me! This would be a great help for the shopping expedition. Thank you!

  86. Amanda Helms says:

    I shop at Aldi for just about everything and am SO excited that our local store in Monroe, NC has started carrying the Gluten Free items!!!

  87. Janet LePak says:

    There gluten free things are great

  88. Heidi R says:

    I’ve been a fan of shopping at ALDI since I moved out on my own. It is a great way to save some money and get the exact same items at much cheaper prices when you’re cooking for one! I love the fresh produce section at ALDI, especially their weekly deals. I also enjoy their gluten free granola bars that are almond and coconut, they are very similar to KIND bars but at a fraction of the price! I enjoy getting the basics at a great price and checking out the seasonal items as you never know what surprises you may find at ALDI!

  89. Amy Simon says:

    We love shopping at Aldi’s. We hope the GF line of products grows and then we won’t have to go any where else!!!

  90. Nicole Jakubowski says:

    Yep!! I shop Aldi ALL the time! I like their produce, cheeses, chips, and many other items!!!

  91. Shannon Solis says:

    I usually but Aldi’s produce and have tried the live g free products. They are really good and reasonably priced.

  92. Diane Spencer says:

    I have shopped at Aldi a coupe of times before I started eating gluten-free. Now that I know they have gluten-free items, I will try shopping there again!

  93. I love shopping at Aldi’s and was very excited about the tasty gluten free line, but it has all been sold and I was told that it was temporary…. :-(
    I sure hope they bring it back!

  94. Charlene Wilhelm says:

    I have Celiac Disease and it’s a must to eat gluten free there for I do shop at Aldi which has many different gluten free foods…it just takes time to check the labels. When they had the live G free products oh my I was so blessed…I bought all that I could at that time…and wasn’t disappointed with anything, all taste great, now it’s all gone. Wishing they would bring it back. I was told that it was just a special purchase product. So wish they would bring the live G products back!

  95. dana Goldinger says:

    We love Aldi! The produce is the best! Price and quality can not be beat! The gluten free line is wonderful also! I have tried a lot of the items, but the wraps ae my favorite!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  96. Faith Personett says:

    I love Aldi! I shop there for 75% of my grocery needs. My family loves the extensive selection of cheeses. I like the low prices & consistently stocked shelves. I am thrilled with the new organic & gluten free product lines.

  97. Since we got a new Aldi by my house we go there a lot! Love everything we get there, produce, eggs, cheese, meats, canned goods! Great store!!

  98. Maria Kear says:

    I have also tried aldis gluten free items and love shopping there!

  99. Lindsey s says:

    Thanks so much… love Aldi!

  100. Linda Nicholson says:

    I shop at Aldi every week….loved their week of Glutin free specials !

  101. Andrea says:

    I LOVE ALDI! They are a treasure to our budget conscious family. I love that they are carrying more GF products now. I brought home almost $100 worth a few weeks ago and my 10 yr old GF child almost cried…”mom, I’ve never had this much food just for me!” She was thrilled to have chicken nuggets (which rocked, BTW), hot pockets, mixes, pizzas, etc. My pantry is stocked! They also have the best regular snacks and fresh fruits!

  102. Luna Carruthers says:

    I usually go to Aldi before any other store and get as much of my list there as possible. I’m thrilled with the new GF items! The chocolate soft baked cookies are very date flavored (it’s what makes them chewy) and that doesn’t work well with me. But the baking mix rocks!

  103. Kathleen Jones says:

    Would love that gift card to get started on gluten free

  104. My family has been shopping at Aldi since one was built in our town about 2 years ago. So far we like about 90% of their products that we’ve tried. As soon as I heard they were having a GF line, I made sure to be there that morning. I like their gf mac and cheese much more then I do Anne’s. Their brownie mix is prtty good. I like their pizza crust mix alot, it’s thick enough you can roll it out instead of spreading it out with wet hands. I don’t like that they mostly use rice flour, but since I don’t eat these items often, i guess that’s ok.

  105. Never have shopped at ALDI’s but definitely will start now that I know they have a Gluten free section. When my father was alive, I know he loved it.

  106. Lisa DeLugo blond says:

    Believe it or not I love the produce! Especially the strawberries.

  107. Lynda Maciejewski says:

    I love Aldis, they have many items clearly marked if they are gluten free, and they price everything more fairly, and the GF products are just as good if not better than their competitors! My only complaint, is that they are usually special purchases and they do t carry them all of the time! There is such a need for these items, I wish they would stock them regularly! Thank you Aldis!!

  108. Jessica says:

    I love shopping at Aldi and love buying their affordable Gluten Free products!

  109. Erin W says:

    I shop at Aldi’s and love it that I can get and out in 20 minutes for a weeks worth of tasty groceries for the biggest bang for my buck. I especially love the new gf items….tasty and reasonably priced!

  110. Shelly Collins says:

    I love ALDI, just got one close and can’t believe the selection and prices.

  111. Jeanne Stanton says:

    I love Aldis. What a great selection of cheeses, and guten free items.

  112. Nikki hooker says:


  113. Cintia Wagner Federle says:

    Gostaria de saber sr t produtos mo Brasil.

  114. Beth Martin says:

    Love the gluten free choices ALDI has available!!

  115. Mary Dever says:

    I have been shopping Aldi’s faithfully for the past few years. When I was first diagnosed Celiac, they did not have much GF products. On occasion they would have a gf product and I would thank them and encourage them to keep getting it if it was good. Meanwhile, I would speak to the manager about products I would love to see. They said they would look into their suppliers. Lately, I have applauded them and thanked them for their efforts to help our gf population. Way to go Aldi’s!!!!!

  116. Alicia J. says:

    I love Aldi’s and have one very near my house. Love their affordable produce and also their new gluten free options. Also their dairy is usually lower priced than grocery stores. Thanks Aldi’s for helping me keep my budget every month!

  117. Bekah Drescher says:

    I buy as much as I can from Aldi! I love that they clearly label gf items, and I love the produce sales!

  118. Heather D says:

    We love Aldi’s. We go about every week. We love the new Live G Free products. The prices on their products can’t be beat.

  119. I love that Aldi has such a wide selection of organic products, including pantry staples and fresh produce and alternative milks, all at reasonable prices. My family has some dietary restrictions and it’s easy to find most of what we need there, which means we save time and money. I just wish we had an Aldi a little closer to our house!

  120. Heather says:

    I get my GF items like condiments and frozen dinners at Aldi. The Wednesday special buys are great, too!

  121. Jany Esveld says:

    I’m glad that ALDI has noticed that there are many people with gluten- and lactosealergy! Good job, better than other supermarkets. Love to do my shopping in a store of ALDI!

  122. Katherine says:

    I like the fresh vegatable and hummus.

  123. Nancy Laning says:

    I like buying aldi verges.

  124. Ingrid says:

    Most of Aldi chips are gluten free, not only their new products of gluten free. Their deli is mostly gluten free. Read each back of packaging and you will see. For a single mom, and raising an autistic child with food allergies. Aldis is economical and good products.

  125. I shop Aldi’s all the time here in Muncie, Indiana and was so wonderfully excited when I found all there Gluten Free Products. However, they are only a special buy and won’t be back. So sad! I have Celiac and depend on Gluten Free products. I love buying there milk. The most inexpensive in town.

  126. Debbi Cutrone says:

    LOVE Aldi! I have also tried these new gf products! My kids love the Mac N Cheese! Had to buy a case before they ran out because it was for a limited time only, and the cc cookie mix was great too! Glad I had a few boxes of this on hand due to having to make a GF b-day cookie pizza for a party I was told about last min. Hope they keep GF products in stock!

  127. Candace Wright says:

    I love getting veggies and milk at Aldi. I usually make Aldi my first stop for shopping and then go to the “other” stores!

  128. Christine Armington says:

    Love LiveGfree products! I need Aldi’s to keep selling them!

  129. maggie tucholski says:

    They even had my Glutino pretzels last week! Plus, they cut down on waste and i can get through the store really fat with good choices.

  130. Tina Leonard says:

    I love Aldi. I can save about 1/2 on my grocery bill by shopping there. I was so excited when they started carrying the gf items. They also have a great selection of fresh veggies and fruits. I can’t wait to pick up the grill pan for my veggies. I would love the win this gift certificate.

  131. Paula McCready says:

    I love Aldi. I save so much by buying most of my groceries there, and the produce is great! I am so pleased that they are carrying gluten free items, as I switched my diet to almost gluten free, and was able to cut my medications in half, and have been doing great. I would love to get the grill pan, we are trying to eat more healthy in my household. A gift certificate would be much appreciated!

  132. Leah McNeal says:

    I have shopped at Aldi sporadically, but plan to shop there more now that they have started carrying more organic & gluten free options.

  133. Kristina Hanson says:

    I LOVE shopping at ALDI. I appreciate there clear labels on most things. I also frequently purchase my almond milk and fresh fruit and vegetables there as well. glutenfreehomemaker is a staple in my daily living as I was medically diagnosed with a gluten sensitive in Oct. 2013. I lost 70 lbs. due to the ill effects of gluten. Becoming Gluten and Lactose Free has been a huge change for this busy mom of three young children.

  134. Ann Carlisle says:

    Love the affordability

  135. Ann Borgquist says:

    I love the canned goods, and the little surprises that pop up with the dried fruits. Cereals are also a big hit! Would love to win a gift certificate to help with my hubby going on unemployment soon.

  136. Ashley says:

    I like shopping at Aldi’s. It’s a good 1/2 hour drive from me but I love to buy their produce when I get there. My son loves putting the quarter in the cart to unhook it and then returning it after shopping to get a quarter out!

  137. Didn’t know Aldi’s carried so many GF products. We are getting a new Aldi’s in our town in about five months. Can’t wait, now we drive about 35 min to get to Aldi’s. So excited to see what GF items they have, love buying eggs and milk and produce now

  138. Jeanie says:

    I have a aldi here and sure could use this for sure! The price of food is bad here where I live and being on disability makes it hard to afford good stuff

  139. Joan Cooley says:

    I get the flyer for Aldi as its in my town. I haven’t been there yet, but love their prices!! I intend to go soon.

  140. I can’t remember my life before ALDI..

  141. Suzy Atkinson says:

    I love Aldi. I especially love that they clearly label their items if they are gluten free. We tried several of the gluten free items they just offered. I stocked up. The pizza crust is awesome, and thankfully Friday night pizza is back at our house. I am going to see if I can get one of those grill pans. A gift certificate would help tremendously.

  142. cindy rivette says:

    I love shopping at aldi’s. My daughter got me to shop there. The food is great and priced reasonably. Thank you Aldi for keeping your prices & quality of items within my budget.

  143. So happy to get a chance to try out the new LiveGFree items! Loved everything I tried. Can’t wait for my local Aldis to restock!!

  144. I am a celiac with low income. This blog has been a blessing to me in understanding how to eat for my condition. Regardless of your giveaway, I want to just tell you that ,You are Appreciated!

  145. Dena Plant says:

    I have a 7 year old who adores the Aldi’s GF “hot pockets” but they are out in our local Aldi. We sure could use a $50 gift card, but who couldn’t these days!

  146. Dena Plant says:

    Almost everything! Our 7 year old adores the Live G FREE “hot pockets”.

  147. Fannie Wright says:

    I have Celiac disease and try to eat clean. That is why I Love Aldi’s . Their fruit and vegetables are always fresh and you aren’t limited to how much you buy. It is our family market.

  148. Love shopping at Aldis!
    So excited to find gluten free
    A lot of customers must really like it also because my stores supply didn’t last long! When I went to three other Aldis they were almost out also !

  149. Louise doherty says:

    I like ALDI’s produce and chocolate!

  150. I LOVE shopping at Aldi’s! I have Celiacs and allergic to lactose amongst lots of other things. Buying gluten free items can be very expensive. Being a single mom on a tight budget, I tend to go without so my son doesn’t have to. Aldi’s makes it possible for me to be able to afford things I can eat and not feel like I am taking away from my son. I really love their house garlic dressing!

  151. Felice says:

    I have been dying to shop at aldis!S

  152. Nicole says:

    I shop at Aldi every week. I actually gave a speech to my Toastmasters club on Tuesday about how much I love Aldi. I always buy chicken, frozen veggies, butter, chicken broth, fresh fruit, salsa, organic pasta sauce, cheese, and whatever produce is on sale. I very much enjoyed the GF mac and cheese with peas.

  153. Tami Dickerson says:

    I shop at Aldi’s weekly.
    I like to buy the fresh fruit best.
    I also like to buy the New Gluten Free foods, when my local store has them?!

  154. Julie Wright says:

    I like their baked goods and frozen foods.

  155. Cathy Wiser says:

    Absolutely LOVE the spiral ham at the holidays! Great gluten free eating for sure. I’m enjoying all the new GF products. Hope they make them permanent additions!

  156. Suzy Robbins says:

    My son LOVES the pepperoni pizza pockets. And I like the price! I am a little disappointed that our Aldi store isn’t restocking them however so we have to go to another town to get them.

  157. Traci Stahr says:

    Love Aldi…it is the best place to get snacks for kids. Also best price on Almond milk..

  158. Lori Ann Parkinson says:

    Our Aldi’s just re-opened today after remodeling. How exciting!

  159. Alyssa says:

    I love shopping at ALDI because of their low prices- best prices around! It is amazing that they now sell gluten free products because my husband has celiac disease and buying gluten free at other stores really puts a damper on our budget. However, our local ALDI has stopped carrying the gluten free line (they either need to re-stock or were just temporarily selling it). I sure hope that they bring it back ASAP! :)

  160. Joann powell says:

    Just shopped Aldi tonigh, great deal on gluten free products! and these products are really great. love them!!!!

  161. Joyce McDowell says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s. They are so advanced with the gluten-free and dairy-free labeled on all their products even before it was the thing to do so ahead of other grocery stores. Their produce is fabulous and I just love the products they sell. The chips are great and 1/3 of what they cost at another store. It would be awesome to win one of the prizes!

  162. Kelly D says:

    Yes I shop at Aldi’s. I like buying their produce, cereal and seasonal items.

  163. Manuela says:

    I love Aldi! I shop there all the time and I was so excited to see their gluten free line! I’ve tried a lot of it already and my favorite was the frozen pancakes. Unfortunately they don’t have them anymore…

  164. Amanda Clesi says:

    Your blog has been very helpful. Love the fast and easy recipes. I tried some of new products from Aldi this week and really liked them.

  165. Mary Stuckey says:

    Love Aldi!

  166. I’ve recently discovered Aldi! I love their jarred pesto, fresh mozzarella and gluten-free boxed Mac and cheese.

  167. I love shopping at Aldi’s! They have many glutean free products that are delicious!

  168. Katie bikowicz says:

    I love aldi, always have! So excited about and LOVE their GF: chick nuggets, mac &cheese, ravioli, baking mix, pizza dough…. The list goes on!!! Ty aldi for these great products at at great price!!!

  169. I love ALDI!

  170. Stephanie says:

    Just moved from Southern California (no ALDI) to Georgia. Want to try ALDI for their Gluten Free selections. I’ve heard wonderful reviews.

  171. Christine Schrum says:

    Nice selection of gluten free products at good prices

  172. Sarah K. Bennington says:

    Yes, I shop at ALDI’s. I mainly go there for milk, eggs, and cheese. I also love to go down each aisle and see what they have new at great prices. We just found out that our daughter has Celiac Disease. Now that you have so graciously told us that they have gluten free items, they will be my favorite store! Thank you and thank you ALDI’s!

  173. TJ DeBaltzo says:

    Love the live g free line. The crackers and baking mix are fabulous and priced to sell like all of Aldis items !

  174. Frankie says:

    Love the GF items and the produce. I was just there tonight!

  175. Donna W says:

    I have shopped at Aldis in Greencastle or Terre Haute IN for years! We buy lots of our groceries as we are currently a family of 6! Most recently so excited about living get free products as my son was diagnosed in December with celiac disease.

  176. Jennifer C says:

    I love shopping at Aldi for their new gluten-free products.

  177. BJMarley says:

    Yes, I shop at Aldi’s. I buy their gluten-free foods. I like lots of their products.

  178. jennifer Lowe says:

    I love aldi’s gluten free products!

  179. Colleen says:

    I shop every week at Aldis and drive a half hour just to get there. I now buy gluten free options but have always made the trip due to pricing and fresh produce.

  180. Colleen says:

    I have always made a half hour trip to Aldis for fresh produce and the pricing. But now go for the gluten free options each week as well!

  181. callie says:

    I love Aldi!! I do most of my grocery shopping there. I especially love the organic produce, such a great deal!!

  182. Marlana Boyer says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping at Aldi they are amazing! !!! I buy all their Gluten free products that I can at every trip. Their gluten free products are very tasty which is more then what we can say for some of the $$ ones!! I usually end up spending over $100per visit too! Lol!! I love all their new organic products also and soo inexpensive which is a HUGE bonus!!!!

  183. Steph Pruess says:

    I love the great prices at Aldi, gluten free products, organic foods, almond milk and cheap avocados. Love!

  184. Jessie C. says:

    I buy produce and baking supply at Aldi’s.

  185. Karen Engle says:

    I enjoy going to Aldi’s, although I can’t always find everything I’m looking for they are much cheaper.I haven’t been to Aldi’s since they announced their Gluten Free Foods. Am looking forward to shop for them when I have the time to go to 2 different stores. A gift card would help a lot!!!!

  186. Michelle says:

    I buy fruit, veggies, cheese……glad Aldis is stocking more GF choices, as demand for such products is growing!

  187. I hadn’t been to one in a long time, but when I heard about their new gluten free line, I went and checked it out! I bought some things, but would love to be able to try more of it!

  188. Kathy Virgillo says:

    Aldi’s gluten free Mac and cheese is really great I am so glad a good friend bought it for me. Now I am hooked!! Thanks

  189. Michele says:

    we love Aldi, we buy lots of produce there, and several items that are gluten free…our favorite is the dark Chocolate bars in the big red package.

  190. Laura Palinca says:

    I love Aldis, spring greens, milk, yogurt,

  191. Mary Kotsopoulos says:

    I love shopping at Aldi for most of my grocery needs,especially gluten free as I have coeliac disease.

  192. Carrie Hill says:

    I have shopped Ali for years. I have recently started to cut glue from my diet and as single mom this would be great. Thank you so much for your great Facebook page.

  193. Suzanne Austenfeld says:

    I’ll be shopping for their fresh produce – we’re lucky to have 3 Aldi in our area.

  194. Julie Boyes says:

    I love Aldi!! The GF chocolate chip cookie mix is the BEST! Hoping they continue to sell the GF items!!

  195. Mallory Carhart says:

    I absolutely love Aldi for about 1000 different reasons. I love their low prices, of course. Being recently gluten free I was thrilled to see their new GF options and they are delicious. We have even purchased toys for our children and outdoor items from Aldi. I love that my husband and I can fill a cart full and spend half as much as we would elsewhere.

  196. I found out that my son has Celiac last year at the age of 1. Finding age appropriate food that is also affordable was nearly impossible. Now that he is 2 I have started expanding his diet (within the GF range) and can afford to do so shopping at Aldi. I am thrilled that you sale GF items! We love the GF items for him and the other products for the rest of the family.

  197. I have always liked Aldis. Now that they carry such great and reasonably priced GF products, they are my go to store. Thank you Aldis

  198. Leigh Kraus says:

    Thank you for your website and this giveaway chance!

  199. We shop at Aldi’s at least once a week and buy at least 80% of our groceries there. We love the Gfree line, the produce, snacks and dairy. A gift card would help our family a lot!

  200. Karen Albers says:

    I go to the Marshalltown, Iowa Aldi and being gluten free enjoy your selection. I just traveled to Batavia, New York, and they didn’t have the same options. I was disappointed! Thanks for the selection at a reasonable price!

  201. We love Aldi and it has helped us decrease our grocery budget!! Our favorites are the Almond milk, bags of nuts, and bags of frozen fruits. I also scored one of those grill pans and a grill cover!!

  202. Melissa M says:

    I love Aldi! Their poptarts are so good!

  203. I do shop at Aldi. I like to buy their tortilla chips, butter, cheese, cream cheese, fish, and I usually end up buying some other things too. I’d go oftener if it were closer.

  204. Karen Cannon says:

    I do the bulk of my shopping at ALDI. There produce is always fresh and of good quality. I like their meat, cottage cheese, almond milk – pretty much everything!

  205. I just recently picked up one of every gluten free product (that was in stock) I could find to try it all out. Originally I went there because I had heard of how great the GF tortillas are, but of course, they were all out. What I have eaten so far of the GF items were pretty good! Since they were “special buys” I am concerned that they won’t be carrying them for very long. I hope the response is overwhelming so they continue to carry them as regular items. It’s difficult to find good-tasting GF items that don’t cost an arm and a leg! 😉

  206. Jessica says:

    I was raised on aldi’s food and still shop there. Now that they carry gluten free products its even better! Much easier to shop for the whole family now.

  207. Jessica Alexander says:


  208. I love their wings and I’m excited to try all the gluten free things!

  209. Susan Gaither says:

    Love that ALDI is now carrying gluten free foods. Have always loved their quality and prices and the “surprises” I always find there. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their facial products!

  210. Amber Cable says:

    Have been an Aldi shopper and advocate for neatly a decade. Love their cheeses. Making specialty cheeses affordable for all! And baby wipes. Love their baby wipes.

  211. There is a new Aldi’s going up a few minutes from home. Looking forward to shopping there.

  212. Tarah Thomas says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! The closest one used to be 45 min. away, so I would only get to shop there once a month, but now I have one here in my home town. Great food – cheap, thank you Aldi! :)

  213. patty strong says:

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi ever since I was stationed in Germany back in 1988. I still shop there here in the US. Great food, Great prices. I love to get my German chocolate each week when shopping.

  214. I LOVE Aldi’s !!!! We have 3 here in the Peoria ,IL. area and I’m in them so much I know all the employees and mgrs. by name :) Prices are a huge help, but I love the quality of the products even more…..have been shopping them for 4 years now and have TRULY NEVER been disappointed in ANY of their products….wonderful selection of fresh fruits and veggies, meats, cheeses, frozen items, dairy, spices…..on and on….it just ASTOUNDS me the incredible variety of products that they cram into those little buildings, and I love the seasonal goodies and surprises and have purchased many gifts there for family and friends….and then there’s that lovely chocolate :)
    Really hope they decide that the rollout was better than expected and re-supply all the G/F products…..a totally first class clean operation with lovely employees!!!

  215. Rachelle V. says:

    Shopped once! Guacamole was fantastic! Would love to go again!

  216. OMG!!! Love the Aldi’s gluten free line. I just wish the Aldi’s here on Merritt Island didn’t stop carrying it. The Pepperoni pizza pockets and cornbread mix are the best!!!

  217. I love shopping at Aldi!! I always get my vegetables there– the prices cannot be beat. I also love their yogurt and just started trying their GF items. I love the yellow cake mix and the snicker doodles were to die for!

  218. I shop at Aldi weekly.

  219. Leeann osterhoudt says:

    I shop at Aldi, I love there prices and the quality of there products . They make it affordable to help feed your family a nutritious and balanced diet.

  220. Ann Barry says:

    I shop at Aldi frequently. I really am impressed that they are going to be carrying the LiveGFree foods on a regular basis starting in October at our store. Right now, my kids and I are in LOVE with the salsa and Clancy’s tortilla chips. YUMMY!

  221. Aldi’s dark chocolate is a must buy as well as wine and produce. Little by little I am branching out and trying new things. Fantastic to read here about their GF products. Cheers…

  222. I grew up shopping at Aldi, but now I love it more than ever. Who would have thought GF could be so affordable. Since being diagnosed my grocery bill nearly tripled but since being able to get most of my stuff at Aldi my grocery bill is more like it used to be! My budget and I are so grateful Aldi now carries these products!

  223. Theresa Jolliff says:

    We got an Aldi about a year ago and as a single Mom, I love it! I save so much money getting most of my groceries there…especially love the organic produce! Trying to provide a cleaner diet for my daughter and myself. Thanks Aldi!!!

  224. melinda says:

    I came across aldi’s while living in MA. When I moved to VT, there were no nearby stores. Now that I live in FL, I’m in heaven because they’re building one ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME! I can comfortably shop within my budget and still have quality food :)

  225. Libby Russell says:

    I love Aldi!

  226. Libby Russell says:

    I love Aldi’s low prices, great selection of quality produce, and the layout of the store! 😉

  227. Kelly mcgruder says:

    I love ALDIS, I shop there evry month. My favorite things are the frozen fish. I buy all my baking things there az well. I couldn’t wait for them to open in my neighborhood. #GOALDIS.

  228. DeeDee says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. I always get my milk and produce there as they are so much cheaper than everywhere else. I have stocked up on the Gluten Free products since they are a special buy and won’t last long, they are delicious & affordable which is a hard combo to find in gluten free.

  229. Tammy Taylor says:

    I have tried almost all of the GF items that Aldi offers and have not found a bad one yet! Thanks ALDI for bringing such tasty treats at a reasonable price for those of us with gluten sensitivity! Please keep them on the shelves!

  230. Stephane Wahl says:

    I buy everything at Aldi! I love their meat and produce. And now that they have GF foods, even my Celisac can’t keep me from one stop shopping.

  231. Marjory says:

    I haven’t shopped at Aldi yet, but there is one here and folks tell me they have lots of gluten-free products. It’s on my to-do-soon list!

  232. Joni Martin says:

    I love Aldis fruits and veggies….they are always fresh and reasonably priced. I bought loads of gluten free products during the promotion… hope they keep them! GF bread and coconut milk would be great too!

  233. Carla S says:

    I shop at aldi’s once in awhile.Their prices are really good.

  234. I’ve never shopped there but need to give it a try.

  235. Jessie says:

    I’ve only by bought Aldi’s gluten-free energy bars so far, but they were good!! I need to get back in there and try more things!

  236. Aldi near me is carrying a lot of gf products. My granddaughter has joined my son and me on a gf diet due to gluten allergies and my daughter finds reasonably priced stuff there.

  237. mary Harkins says:

    I like shopping at aldi mostly in the summer because the fruit is cheaper

  238. Pamela Thieret says:

    I buy my produce at ALDI’S

  239. Melinda nix says:

    Anytime I’m in Pearland I stop in a Aldis to see what’s in stock

  240. Brenda Hanson says:

    Every trip is an adventure down the center aisle where the weekly specials are. Love their products and prices!!! The gluten free is good too .

  241. I just started shopping st Aldi and I buy whatever looks good for a good price!

  242. Kim White says:

    I buy fresh and frozen fruits and veggies from Aldi. The prices are much better than the neighborhood grocery store.

  243. lorraine says:

    I like shopping at Aldi’s, and am glad they are offering more organic choices Gandma always shopped there until she was 93 every time she went she said she was going to the Aldi’s to do her “trading”. You can’t beat the prices especially when your baking, and entertaining. The large selection of fresh products, and meats allow me to have balanced meals at affordable prices. I Love it when I find the specialty items that you can’t always find at the grocery chains like the turkey broth you always need during the holidays. Aldi’s is meeting customer demands by providing affordable prices.

  244. We love Aldi’s! And so happy they have gluten free options too!

  245. Dana Melton says:

    I love to shop at Aldi! We recently purchased some of the gluten free items and they are delish!

  246. Excited about all the GF things!

  247. Sandi Tollari says:

    Love aldis!! 2 on my area and we shop both!!!! Buy all are weekly food there and love the steaks!

  248. Tammy McCarthy says:

    I’m excited to learn that Aldi is carrying more gluten free products, as I am trying to eat a more gluten free and people diet. I’ve recently moved a little farther away, but I don’t mine the little extra drive.

  249. Tammy McCarthy says:

    I’m excited to see that Aldi is carrying more gluten free products. I am learning to eat a more gluten free and paleo type diet, so with the convenience of having an Aldi near by, it will make it so much easier.

  250. I love buying fresh fruit and vegetables there. The new gluten free line is amazing! I love everything I’ve tried from it.

  251. Jen Daramola says:

    I like that Aldi has the same quality items as a higher end grocery with cheaper, more affordable prices.

    I don’t shop there regularly, but with this line of gluten free products, it would make my grocery shopping much, much, cheaper.

  252. April Tobias says:

    I shop at Aldi weekly. I like their gluten free cranola the best. Next comes their fruit (very nice strawberries, peaches etc.) I also get the whipped yogurt as my naughty treat to myself. I am always amazed how I can actually fill a grocery cart for under $100 there. Very satisfied with the store.

  253. We just moved to another state and look forward to finding the GF items in this area’s Aldi.

  254. ALDI is a great store and the fact that they now carry gluten-free items makes them even better!!

  255. The only place I shop anymore…:)

  256. Gluten free. Prices.

  257. Debbie F says:

    We love aldi’s produce. Was extremely happy with the GF products we tried from Aldi’s So far our store has not restocked the GF products they had but they say it should be coming back. Here’s hoping

  258. Heather says:

    I shop at Aldi’s regularly. I enjoy the special cheeses they frequently offer!

  259. Wendi S says:

    I have heard a lot about Aldi, but I haven’t shopped there yet. We do have one about 20 minutes away that I really need to check out. I’d love to see their GF selections.

  260. Joy Carlton says:

    Absolutely! I love Aldi’s! I just wish it was a little closer. My nearest one is about 10 miles away, which isn’t too far but it could never be too close. My husband goes there at least once a week.

  261. Laura Barna says:

    We LOVE Aldi! Trail mix for my kids on the go, lots of produce, and occ some convenience gf items are out favorites ???? I know they aren’t organic/grass fed and such but their Cornish hens are gf and delish too!

  262. Heather says:

    I shop at Aldi very frequently. They have great deals on fruit and veggies.

  263. I haven’t been there in years, but my mother-in-law says they have really decent priced fruit and vegetables! I have also heard wonders about the gluten free food.

  264. We recently got an Aldi’s store in our area and I love the prices! It will be even better now that they have GF foods!!

  265. Joanna Willoughby says:

    I love Aldi and I was really impressed with their gluten free frozen ravioli! The sauce was fantastic! I hope they continue to carry gluten free products all the time!

  266. With the price of groceries these days, lower prices are always appreciated!! So glad we recently got an Aldi’s store in our area!!

  267. Vicky L. Cooling says:

    I love to shop at Aldi’s for cereal, milk and other basics. In the past year or so, I have found a huge improvement in their produce. One thing I have had great success with is their version of the GF Bisquick; it exactly the same in any recipe as the very expensive version

  268. I love the new gluten free food Aldi’s has brought in. I’m hoping that it will be a regular thing. The wraps are so good. I prefer them over the store bought breads that are so expensive and often full of holes.


  270. Michele says:

    ALDI’S is and will always be my choice of grocery stores for as long as they’ve been in my living area, they have always had the best quality food, products and merchandise as well as the best deals, you can’t go wrong with shopping at your local ALDI’S stores.

  271. I shop Aldi’s when my family and I visit my in-laws. Great selection and even better prices. Thanks including the store locator link. I found one not too far from me that I’m going to check out.

  272. I love that Aldis’ is carrying gluten products at reasonable prices.

  273. Daniel Harris says:

    Sence my mom has to eat this way I am feeling 100% better

  274. Rhonda Stone says:

    I love that Aldi has Gluten Free items! Please enter mme in the $50 gift card drawing.

  275. I shop at Aldi. There are several new ones in my area. There produce is great, and I love the prices, So excited they are having GF products. Now I will go there more. Also thanks so much for sharing the info.

  276. I shop weekly at Aldi’s for several different items. I love the cost of their vegetables and fruits throughout the year. I also hit the cheese section and lately the meats and have found the quality/cost great. Now that they have added a gluten free section. I will be buying more there since I am changing to a gluten free/paleo diet. The checkout is another area that I like because the cashier gets through the process so quickly and efficiently. The quarter for a cart and return keeps the carts out of the parking lot which I like.

  277. I absolutely LOVE ALDI! It’s so exciting that they’ve begun incorporating GF and also organic items! My favorite items to purchase at ALDI are produce, thick sliced smoked bacon, baby back ribs, and butter!

  278. Sandy Bixby says:

    We have tried all their new gluten free items and love them!!! My boys especially love the pizza hot pockets!! I hope Aldi’s continue to sell these items!

  279. Sandi Gorski says:

    I love Aldi’s- the prices are great and they are carrying more brand name items.
    I love the new Gluten- free line, the brownies and pasta are fantastic. I have been eating their gluten-free cereal for awhile.

  280. Kristie Morrill says:

    Love, love, love that Aldi’s has started carrying a gluten free section of convenience foods. We travel a lot with my daughter playing travel sports and it’s nice to have these foods available to keep in the car. I’m also very appreciative that Aldi takes the time to notate “Gluten Free” on the labels of the foods they carry, it makes shopping so much easier for me.

  281. Cheryl Brown says:

    I love shopping for most things at aldi. Great prices on fresh produce.

  282. I was already a HUGE fan of Aldi, but when I walked in one day and saw the nice selection of gluten free products…well, I just had to try everything I saw! I really like the cookies and cookie mixes. Some of my other favorite items at Aldi is milk, fresh veggies, fish, and shrimp! It’s definitely my favorite place to shop :)

  283. I shop at Aldi’s all the time! I love their organic and GF items that they have.

  284. Shellie says:

    Aldi is my first stop for shopping! The prices are great, and my favorite items to fill my cart are gluten free and produce items.

  285. patricia says:

    I love getting fresh produce at Aldi’s and the GF items they are carrying now is just an added bonus.

  286. D Whalen says:

    Love the random finds at aldi!

  287. We like getting cereal and produce at Aldi’s thanks for the giveaway

  288. Mary Hall says:

    I shop at Aldi’s all the time. Their produce tends to be less expensive, and just a good, as our local grocery store.

  289. Do you know if Aldi’s is keeping the gluten-free product line? If so, I would definitely buy the baking mix and the snickerdoodle cookies again. I also like their frozen berries and almond milk for smoothies. Thanks!

  290. Solducky says:

    We shop there! We buy the organic frozen blueberries, organic honey, some of the GF items. They have wonderful nitrate and nitrite free bacon for under $4 too.

  291. Wendy B says:

    I like to buy the special things that they have for sale there as well as stocking up on canned goods because they always have the best prices on those. It always takes me twice as long there though because I have to check everything out because it changes all the time!

  292. I love Aldi! I like saving on produce, meats, and staples like tortillas, beans, tuna, etc. I especially like getting mark down deals on meat and produce, I’ve NEVER had an issue with the food being bad. I’ll pinch pennies whenever/wherever I can! A gift certificate would ROCK!

  293. I love Aldi. Aldi is the best place to shop, since they have good food and good prices. I love that they are carrying some organic and healthier items now, too. I get most of my groceries there, and I was so excited to see their new gluten-free line of products. Their pizza crust mix is a favorite at our house!

  294. I love Aldi. Being a military wife with 3 children, gluten fee is. Way of life for us .

  295. Samantha says:

    I just recently shopped there for the perfect Father’s Day Meal to go with my husband’s new grill! We grilled 2 yummy Ribeyes, corn on the cob and baked potatoes and they were the best we had eaten in a while! We finished it all off with some fresh strawberries all from Aldi’s! I love their deals????

  296. Samantha says:

    I just recently shopped there for the perfect Father’s Day Meal to go with my husband’s new grill! We grilled 2 yummy Ribeyes, corn on the cob and baked potatoes and they were the best we had eaten in a while! We finished it all off with some fresh strawberries all from Aldi’s! I love their deals????

  297. Carole Resnick says:

    There is an Aldi’s about 2 miles away from my house. I can always find something (especially berries in the summer) to make a WOW dessert

  298. Tracy Walker says:

    I love Aldi! I shop there for many so things! I’m hoping they bring the gf items back to our store, we had them for a little while but they went fast. The brown rice spaghetti noodles were my favorite item. But there are so many other good things as well!

  299. Patti Smith says:

    I have 3 Aldi’s near me and I use all 3. Love their fruits and veggies and their new line of GF foods is great especially the rice spaghetti. Have been making a lot of pasta salads with it and so reasonably priced. I also love all the xtra non food items different every week. Their GF baking mix makes the best biscuits for breakfast

  300. There is an Aldi’s about 4 miles from my house. I like to get dairy products and eggs and they always have a good selection of seasonal items.

  301. Brenda Frazier says:

    I bought 12 of their Live G-Free Mac n Cheese to have on hand for my son. I actually liked the frozen Live G-Free Pizza Pockets! We also stocked up on the Live G-Free Pizza Crust, Baking Mix and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mixes. We shop at Aldis every week for their chips, dairy and fresh produce. I used to spend hours every week couponing but Aldis is cheaper.

  302. Janice Elder says:

    Love their fruit and fresh produce. Cereal is also much less expensive there. Staples are always great – and occasionally there’s a random special that is amazing.

  303. I have to admit I wasn’t sure I would buy into doing my full time shopping at ALDI. However, I LOVE it. I save so much money that I’ve completely let go of any other option, especially for my weekly produce. I am pretty picky about my GF packaged products and have yet to try of the Gfree brands, but I am super excited about the pasta options. Thanks!

  304. Beth Oswitch says:

    We shop at Aldis in Stow and Hartville Ohio. We were so happy to find the gluten free options!

  305. Mollie Hayes says:

    I buy most of my groceries at Aldi! LOve it!!

  306. Maybe Aldi is different where you folks are than here in St Paul, MN, as when I go in there to buy garden gloves or that kind of sale item from their flyer, I do not see anything in there I would eat even if free. I eat organic and gluten-free. I see many off brands, GMO food, high fructose corn syrup, etc. – nothing anyone into healthy eating should be buying. Like I said, maybe it is different in your cities. . ..

    And – curious about that grill pan – the concept is great, but the non-stick finish on it cause make me to not anything cooked on it. They sell stainless grill baskets and things that work like that w/o the toxins.

  307. Jeannette Wilary says:

    I ShopAldi every We’d. We buy all their products from fresh fruits and veg to their meats Andries bushes. The best and cheapestarket around!!!’ Thank you Aldi!!!!

  308. Jeannette Wilary says:

    I shop Aldi every Wed.the cheapest and has everything from meats to Rose Bushes. Thank you Aldi for making my shopping easier and much more reasonable. I Love Aldi. I loved your grass fed beef too.

  309. I have several Aldis in my area, and I buy the bulk of my groceries there each week. Their produce is always fresh and well priced, and we buy their bread because it is high-fructose free and under $1!

  310. Thank you for your informative Blog and yes I do shop at Aldi’s occasionally, but will shop there more now that they carry more GF products!

  311. Sarah DJ says:

    I shop at aldi occasionally, and it’s usually for fresh items – cheap avocados and mangoes, bananas, onions, etc!

  312. Christy Cole says:

    I have heard great things about these pans. Would love to try one! I have not been to an Aldi store before.

  313. Beverly P says:

    I loved all the new gluten free items that Aldi’s got in and hope they keep them coming. Thanks for posting about Aldi’s items.

  314. I LOVE shopping at Aldi’s, especially for produce. Many people don’t realize that much of there produce is local and some of it organic. The prices are so much better than other stores as well.
    I also like getting dairy products from them and they even carry Almond Milk now as well as Greek yogurt.
    I have tried the Gluten free products you mentioned and they are very good and reasonably priced as well.

  315. Kerrie Ann says:

    Aldi is awesome. We do the majority of our grocery shopping there, since we are on a super strict budget. It’s nice to be able to feed my family on Aldi prices! :)

  316. Jessica R says:

    I love Aldi’s and was so excited about the gluten free items! Celiac disease is sometimes hard to deal with, but I was SO happy to be able to eat a PIZZA!!! I hope they continue to have these! Loving this grill pan too. Will have to check that out!

  317. I love Aldi’s!!!! I buy all of my fresh fruits and veggies there and was so excited to find the gluten free products. I have tried the Snickerdoodle cookies and Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars and both were great. I was only disappointed to learn that these products are just a temporary thing in my Aldi’s but maybe if the response is good they will make them regular items. Thanks so much for your blog I love getting new recipes to try.

  318. I love aldis. I love their gf line. It tasted good. I also like their fresh fruits and veggies. I shop their weekly. :)

  319. As a gluten and lactose intolerant teacher on a tight budget, I was very excited to see Aldi’s start carrying gluten-free products! I typically don’t purchase any packaged gluten-free items other than bread because they are so expensive. Aldi’s has become my primary grocery store now!

  320. Mary Odom says:

    I have shopped happily at Aldi’s for years because their prices on staples can’t be beat. Recently I’ve enjoyed the frozen fruit selection & great produce. I have not seen the GF items yet in my local store. I’ll mention it to the staff to see.

  321. I love Aldi and have just been spreading the news of their delicious gluten free mixes. My family and I have tried and are still trying each of them and getting thumbs up all the way. They are even better than what we expected; moist sweet cornbread, delicious cake like brownies, great snack items, some frozen items too, and they cost 50% or less than the usual gluten free purchases from other companies. Thanks for making GF shopping more affordable!

  322. Monica says:

    I Love Aldi. I buy my almond milk and ground turkey cause they are cheaper. I do most of my shopping there except for the items that don’t come gluten or milk free.

  323. Vickie Mason says:

    There isn’t an Aldis near me but there is one near my daughter in NC. We shop there when I visit her. We usually purchase fruits and veggies.

  324. We love Aldi. I just shopped there yesterday. We buy fruits, vegetables, chips, dips, milk, cheese, etc. Everything I’ve tried, I’ve been happy with. The gluten free ravioli was wonderful, Unfortunately, my store and the other nearby stores were sold out.

  325. I LOVE Aldi. I love that a lot of items are clearly labeled as gluten free (not just the new GF line). And my family loves the chocolate chip cookies better than the name brand.

  326. Jodi W. says:

    I always shop at Aldi’s and I love the new gluten-free line. I sure hope they keep it!

  327. We love Aldi’s! I buy produce there, they even have some organic items. My son loves the greek yogurt and cheese selection.

  328. Krysti says:

    I had no clue Aldi’s had so many gluten-free foods! I’ve never shopped there before and now I have to check it out.

  329. I LOVE shopping at ALDI and do so weekly. I always by their produce (fruits & veggies) and dairy (cheese, butter, cottage cheese). I wish they would continue their GF product line — I’ve been told that it’s temporary. :o( I have enjoyed the GF pizza crust and GF macaroni and cheese! I’d LOVE the ALDI gift card and would put it to good use — our family of 6 (with 2 teenage boys) consumes A LOT weekly! Thanks for your informative blogs!

  330. I love Aldi. I use it to keep stocked up on meats and fresh veggies. We also love the chips, dried fruit and nuts. I get spices there as well. And the occasional garden or child item that comes through on special.

    While the GF stuff was available, I stocked up for my son and he loved everything we tried.

    Aldi has generally proven to be a useful, and affordable, store for us.

  331. Aldis is so economical and I love the addition of Gluten free foods! Thank you!

  332. We love to shop at Aldi. We have tried quite a few of the gluten-free items and they are all good. Really like the brownie mix and pasta.


  334. Melissa Engstrom says:

    I love Aldi’s we shop there every week.Besides the prices I especially love the variety of gluten free items they carry. It’s hard to find good gluten free items that are affordable and taste good. But Aldi’s found a way to do it!

  335. Karen Porter says:

    I love everything about Aldi! I travel 45 minues to get there, but I love them. All of the Gluten Free items are wonderful. Also love that there regular products are labeled if they are GF. Meats and produce are great. summer special are great for BBQ’s.

    Definitely worth the ride to get there!

  336. Love Aldis, especially there new gluten free.We epsecially loved the pizza mix.

  337. Donna S. says:

    I have an Aldi’s and shop for produce, but now I will have to check out the gluten-free items. THanks!

  338. Connie Sellers says:

    We love Aldi!! The gluten free pasta is delicious!!!

  339. Crystal says:

    We do the majority of our grocery shopping at Aldi’s. Aldi has a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, wide selection of canned goods, cheeses, etc., organic fresh and frozen foods, gluten free items, and wonderful surprise items that we never thought we would find in our area! The one thing that has made us dedicated customers is the fact that Aldi is the only store where we can buy safe/allergy friendly candy and treats for our grandchildren.

  340. Mary Costello says:

    Can’t wait to try Aldi’s gluten free!

  341. Elizabeth Ahlborn says:

    I love Aldi! I get milk, eggs, ground turkey, cheese, and various fruits and veggies there on a regular basis.

  342. Betty Hayman says:

    Why I like aldi 1. They have the fresh fruit. 2.the vegetables are excellence and cheaper then enough where else.3. They honor gluten ftee month of may in there stores 4. They are always up to date on having stuff in there stores for summer,fall, ects 5. I hope they always have gluten free foods year round this would make it the top store around

  343. I love shopping at Aldi, they have great prices, and are getting more and more gluten free products in all the time. I love the Live G free products and wish the would keep them. The pizza crust was great, my boyfriend and I had it the other night, I had to go back and buy the last 8 boxes my Aldi had. The pasta was excellent and the price could not be beat. Thanks Aldi for offering these Live G Free products, now bring them BACK, please.

  344. I love buying there eggs, milk, and avocados!.also there products from Germany.

  345. I love Aldi’s. I purchesed lots of the gluten free products. The quality was very good and cheaper then other places. I hope that they continue to carry the gluten free items. I also like there fresh produce and dairy. I love there seasonal items also. I just bought some new outdoor chairs and a glider for our patio this year. I so could use the 50 gift certificate.

  346. I loved Aldi before I was diagnosed with Celiac and now I love it even more because everything is labeled if it is gluten free. The prices, selection, and quality products really help a budgeting family wanting to eat clean. Love ALDI

  347. Linda Allan says:

    I love love love aldis. Can’t beat their prices. Especially for produce

  348. I love shopping at Aldi! I stop there twice a week usually for fresh fruit and vegetables and organic frozen fruit. Their selection of fun cheese is awesome too!

  349. I only get to shop at Aldi’s a few times a year since my closest location is about 50 miles away. Love browsing the store for great deals when I’m there, though!

  350. Havent shopped there, but now I am willing to. Have celiacs =/

  351. Aldi’s is a very cool, different type of grocery store. I really like them. I don’t shop there often because they’re not that close to me. But I try to go every once in a while and see what new products they have. The prices are great and the variety is good. I like getting pantry staples there, such as pasta sauce, maple syrup, rice, juices, tea, etc…I want to go back soon and see what new gf items they have. I heard they’ve got quite a few more than the last time I was there.

  352. Lavonne Engelman says:

    A new Aldi just opened near me and I plan on checking them out ASAP to look for GF products!

  353. Diana T. says:

    So pleased that ALDI is now carrying Gluten Free items. I am fairly new to the gf lifestyle and eager to find new items to enjoy. Yay!

  354. Appreciated the g-f line while it lasted … the wraps and the granola were a hit around here! Hope they bring the items back, it was a great help to the budget.

  355. I do have an Aldi store near me. I just love the produce. Very good produce. Very nice variety. Enough choices for a week. I can get a whole weeks worth for around $20. I have told many family members about Aldi, now they all go there too. Even my 85 year old mother goes.

  356. Amanda Perry says:

    I loveAldi’s! It is the closest store where I can shop for gluten free items with lots of choices

  357. Love using Aldi for items on the cheap. Always find something unexpected and hoping they keep selling some of the seasonal items all the time.

  358. Jean Fisher says:

    I shop Aldi’s all the time. I love the Gluten Free new products they have recently brought in. I especially love the wraps and cookies. I usually buy all of my produce items there. Their prices are so much better then my local grocers. I do have to travel 15 miles to an Aldi store, but usually go every 2 weeks.Hope they keep up all the Gluten free items.I also love that they have organic produce now.

  359. Summer N. says:

    I love buying chocolates, frozen veggies and household items at Aldi’s! They have a growing gluten free selection! I always want to support stores that offer allergy friendly foods! Gluten free items are very important to my family!

  360. Kelly Pizzarella says:

    I just found out about Aldi. I love the smallness of it and so easy to find things. Plus they have gluten free items we have tried the brownies so delicious.

  361. helga j says:

    love aldi’s – great german chocolate!

  362. my wife just found out she is gluten intolerant, and a friend suggested going to Aldi’s to see what the have. we were pleasantly surprised by all the GF items they have, and the reasonable prices. we will be going back to do more shopping when we can, as we are both on disability, and have to budget for the entire month

  363. Kelly S. says:

    I have not shopped at Aldi’s, but I have heard great things about it!

  364. Patty Mortimer says:

    We shop at ALDI especially during the summer when my kids are eating so much more than usual. We can’t keep veggies and fruit stocked long enough. You can’t beat a pineapple for $1.49!

  365. Have never shopped at Aldi’s but continue to read about their gf section. We have one in the city near us, and definitely like to shop there. Being gf is new to me so i still am looking for places to buy groceries.

  366. I shop there from time to time. My son loves the new GF bars.

  367. I’ve shopped at Aldi’s for years! My husband and I have 4 children and one of our daughters who is 15 has Tourette’s syndrome, she has been GF for 3yrs now. I was so excited to find out that Aldi is carrying GF products. It’s great to be able to by these special foods for my daughter with out breaking the bank!

  368. Olivia Heath says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! Their gluten free chicken nuggets are an indulgence to my childhood dreams. I also love the Aldi brand salsa and all the fresh fruit they have!

  369. I remember the early years of Aldi in Nebraska and didn’t much like them.

    About a year ago, Aldi moved into my little ‘burb’ and I have shopped there off and on. We are surrounded by many grocery and specialty stores, but I still find something at Aldi’s.

    It was nice that we were one of the areas to get the new gluten free line. I shop there sometimes, but not weekly.
    Not being a big meat eater, one thing I do like is their produce.

  370. I love to buy all of my fruits and vegetables at Aldi. They have such a great variety and they are so fresh. I also love to shop in the utensils/ household needs part of the store because they have the most unique items for sale. They are almost always a great value and they are great quality and very helpful around the kitchen.

  371. Brooke says:

    I shop at aldi weekly, or more. Love the gluten free products. Love how regular products are labeled gluten free. Love the produce. The milk is the cheapest in town. My problem eater will try almost anything from Aldi.

  372. Sheila Widerski says:

    I LOVE Aldi!!! The gluten free brownies are amazing! I love how friendly the staff are and the fact that I can save money and continue to eat healthy. Favorite store!!!

  373. Susan Christy says:

    I love Aldi and buy milk, fruit, canned goods and chocolate.

  374. DaphneWeaver says:

    Have not shopped a Aldi’s for years. The nearest one is 40 miles away. But since my gluten free options are limited in my hometown, may be worth the trip to stock up on food. So tired of being hungry and no time to cook.

  375. I just recently started shopping at my local Aldi’s because of the organic produce. They don’t have a huge selection, but there’s some, and good prices on it.

  376. I recently found aldi and I love it! I specifically go for fruit and veggies

  377. I shop at Aldi in Meriden CT, sometimes Bristol. I usually get produce, snacks, some frozen stuff. I can’t wait to see if our store is carrying the gluten free stuff!

  378. I depend on Aldi to provide the best prices on so many staples like canned goods, meats,for our gluten free family. And now since Aldi has a gluten free selection, this momma of 5 kids (all diagnosed celiacs) is estatic! Thanks Aldi for taking the GF plunge! We couldn’t be happier!

  379. My whole family and I love shopping at Aldi!!! Specially for the gluten free products!!!

  380. I shop at Aldi for staples for my family: produce, frozen veggies and fruits, canned goods and meats. As a momma to 5 diagnosed celiac kids, I am super excited that Aldi has taken me the gluten free plunge! Thanks Aldi for making these dietary restrictions easier!

  381. I recently started shopping at Aldi and I like their new gluten free products. I’m also pleased that they’ve started carrying organic products including soy and almond milks, apple juice, baby kale (literally 1/2 the price of other stores!), and apples.

  382. Dandi D says:

    I really like Aldi’s, but the closest one is 2 hours away. I like to shop there whenever we are passing through, which is about once a month.

  383. I have been shopping at Aldi for more years than I am willing to admit to so let’s just say way before it was cool. I love the produce section while my Mom attacks the dairy cooler. I love tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, and etc for about half of what Walmart charges – and Aldi’s is better condition! I love them!

  384. Colleen M. says:

    I don’t actually live near an Aldi, but I have a very dear friend that shops there weekly and this would be a great surprise for her!!!

  385. Juleigh Miller says:

    ALDI is my first choice of places to shop but unfortunately it is further away than a lot of stores. I LOVED the gluten free products but they are already gone from the stores near me. Over the years their products have gotten better and better and I love that they mark items as gluten or dairy free!

  386. I love the selection they have at such great prices, especially when it comes to produce!

  387. Aldi’s had been my favorite store for years! When my husband was diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis I was so disappointed that Aldi’s couldn’t be my number one store! But now, happy to say, it is a weekly shopping place again now that they are carrying so many gluten free items!!! But I would expect nothing less because them always top the shelf with great products for everyone!

  388. Chanda Vochatzer says:

    What I love about aldis is there how much I can get there for a little amount of money it is amazing to me. Everytime I go I seem to find more and more at a better price! I loved the gluten free stuff, wishing it would come back so this time I can buy alit more to stock up!

  389. Chanda Vochatzer says:

    What I love about aldis is there how much I can get there for a little amount of money it is amazing to me. Everytime I go I seem to find more and more at a better price! I loved the gluten free stuff, wishing it would come back so this time I can buy alot more to stock up!

  390. Binie Rivkin says:

    I never shopped at ALDI and am so excited to see they are in my neighborhood! Looking forward to shopping for great gluten free goodies soon!

  391. Brandi Lock says:

    We love shopping at Aldi!! I LOVE the LiveGfree caramel apple bars and the mac in cheese is better than a brand that begins with a “K” (from the days when we ate wheat)!! So glad to have a quick comfort food back. Thx Aldi.

  392. kim ledford says:

    I would love to get the gift certificate and introduce myself to
    Aldi’s gluten free section!

  393. I absolutely love shopping at Aldi’s. It is my go to store for produce. I have tried the Gluten Free products and they have all been good. I also love the fact that they are carrying a few staples in organic products. My 3 kids love the fact I can shop and get out in about 30 minutes!

  394. Catherine says:

    I don’t always shop at Aldi, but when I do, I love their affordable produce!! I recently tried the GF baking mix – great for when I don’t have time to make pancakes from scratch. I also really like their fruit strips (no artificial colors!!).

  395. Aileen says:

    I love that Aldi’s has so much organic and gluten free and fit and active choices! My favorite store!

  396. Lisa Francis says:

    Don’t know what I would do without Aldi for packing school lunches. Great produce, snacks, and gluten free lunchmeat .

  397. Barbara Montag says:

    Yes I’m a regular Aldi shopper & love it!
    Buy all of our produce and dairy products there.
    thank you

  398. I haven’t really shopped at Aldi’s alot but now that I know they carry some gluten free items I will have to check them out. Thanks

  399. I love shopping at Aldi! I recently found the LiveGFree products after my food sensitivity diagnoses. So grateful we have one close and hope they keep these products stocked!

  400. I LOVE Aldi! I don’t think I have been dissapointed with anything I buy there. I am so thrilled they carry Gluten Free food now and hope they don’t stop. My grandson has Celiac and I have found that Gluten Free foods are so pricey. Also makes it easier to make ends meet. I have an Aldi just five minutes away from where I live. We also love their pre cooked ribs.

  401. I don’t shop at Aldi b/c I’ve found their selection too limited and when I go grocery shopping I like to get everything I need so I only need to go infrequently. However I was excited to learn that Aldi will be offering GF items. Might have to check it out again.

  402. Amber Tee says:

    Used to shop at Aldi before I started gluten-free. When they advertised their GF collection, I stocked up. The cornbread mix is great! Sadly, this was a limited promotion. I recently had to visit 4 Aldi’s in order to get more of the cornbread mixes. Hope they will continue to stock GF items on a regular basis.

  403. debbie says:

    I shop at Aldi all the time! I love everything there but especially the fruits and veggies. So much cheaper than anywhere else!

  404. Our first Aldi is currently under construction. It is set to open this fall. We have their sister store Trader Joes, but I hear Aldi is much cheaper.

  405. I have started shopping at Aldi more frequently now that Kroger does not double coupons. You can really save a lot of money there without the hassle of coupons!

  406. iamalighthouse says:

    I don’t usually but I have in the past. I go for their organic goodies!

  407. Katrina scalf says:

    Great prices on produce

  408. Laecen Seese says:

    I shop at Aldi in Lima and Wapak, OH. We get everything we can on our list then finish up at Walmart.

  409. Whitney says:

    I would LOVE this gift card. I’m always looking for new (and cheaper) gf foods!

  410. I love the fruits and vegetables, since I have celiac I can’t eat much else.

  411. Kimberly Peterson says:

    I have strayed from Aldi in recent years but a friend has shown me some of their organic type stuff so I am going this weekend!

  412. amanda stubbins-helms says:

    I buy almost ALL of my family’s groceries at Aldi, and SO excited they are now carrying gluten free!!!

  413. Valerie says:

    Love the fresh fruit and veggies at ALDI! Thanks for the opportunity to win a $50 gift card!

  414. I love the dry roasted no salt almonds… and the new gluten free items esp the cookies! :)
    Thank you Aldis!

  415. I get lot of different goodies at Aldi! Love it!!

  416. lisa brenner says:

    Do not currently shop aldi… had bad experience in parking lot first trip. didn’t go in and never been back maybe I should change my mind. I am gluteb free and always looking for good deals on gluten free goodies.

  417. I shop there for some things, particularly the gluten free stuff and also organic produce

  418. Lindsayann Anderson says:

    I love their low prices on snack items! I take them to school for my students, since we eat lunch at 10:45, they’re hungry a gun by 1:30. ALDI saves this budgeting teacher big time!!

  419. Love all the gluten free choices now!!!!

  420. Kimberly Peterson says:

    I have recently strayed from Aldi but am excited to check it out again!

  421. I love ALDI and have purchased many of the gluten free items they had. I just wish that it was not a limited time line and that they would carry it all the time!

  422. jennifer says:

    I love aldis. Shop there all the time. Please make me wind gift card

  423. Sean Marie hendley says:

    Would love to win

  424. Brittany Ice says:

    Love love shopping Aldi, for my family of 7!! And now that they carry GF options for my celiac daughter, I love them even more!!

  425. Sue Carey says:

    I buy all my veggies from Aldis

  426. Luanne Young says:

    I love Aldi ‘ s produce! Not only is it ultimately the freshest in town, but the selection & price is unbeatable!

  427. I love shopping at Aldi! I like their organic items as well as their GF items. I also buy a lot of their produce. I save so much money by shopping there.

  428. Michelle Masters-Belton says:

    I love to shop at Aldi because I can afford to feed my 7 yr old and 16 month old healthy fruit and veggies! I can get my shopping done much quicker as well bc it doesn’t have a million aisles to roam around.

  429. Annsley says:

    My family loves everything we have purchased from Aldi… However the GFREE items have especially great for my daughter… And she says they all taste NORMAL!!! Thanks I hope u continue to carry them

  430. GABY SANCHEZ says:

    I am an usual ALDI shopper and I love it! The closest one to me is about 30 minutes from home but I am so excited they will be opening one really close to me (about 5 minutes from home) yay!

  431. I love that their prices are so much lower than other stores. I love the fresh fruit and veggies that they have. Picked up some gluten free foods there the other day. Very tasty!! I appreciate the fact that they carry so many foods that are gluten free/naturally gluten free!!

  432. Cindy Athey says:

    Love buying cheese blocks, milk and frozen chicken. Good deals..

  433. Nicole Nordhus says:

    So happy that Aldi is carrying Gluten free!

  434. Laura Martin says:

    I’ve never shopped there, but have heard about their new organic and Gluten-free items. I’m interested in the Aldi experience everyone talks about. Gluten-free makes it even better!!! :)

  435. Del Klueber says:

    Since a lot of gluten free foods are expensive I’m glad Aldi’s have started to carry gluten free. Helps the budget.

  436. I love Aldi’s organic produce, and the GF products make life with Celiac
    disease much easier!!

  437. Sherri DeYoung says:

    My sister introduced me to Aldi’s and just love what they have to offer. It was a wonderful surprise when I found gluten free items there at reasonable prices.
    Thank You! Aldi’s and Thank you for the chance to enter.

  438. Connie Cleary says:

    I love Aldi, buy all my vejies there. I am glutin free but I can still buy plenty of food from Aldi’s and save lots of money!

  439. Debbie oudemans says:

    Aldi is so affordable offering high quality groceries and it’s very exciting that they carry gluten free products that taste great and don’t cost a fortune. I hope the gluten-free line continues to grow. Aldi also has the best prices on produce.

  440. jennifer Lowe says:

    We have loved all of these items!

  441. Melissa says:

    Love their meats and frozen products

  442. New to gluten free due to gluten sensitivity diagnosis…so great to hear that Aldi has so many great products to support me! Will definitely be hitting them up! Thanks for the insight!

  443. Hello! We have lots of Aldi’s here in WI and have really enjoyed their cereals :) I am recently GF with non celiac gluten sensitivity and IBS with other issues. I feel well on a GF diet!

  444. Julienne Perri says:

    Would love to try the GF items at Aldi’s….love shopping there for fresh fruit! Any ‘mainstream’ outlet that carries GF is a big plus! Love it!

  445. Connie Cleary says:

    I love Aldi, buy all my vejies there. I am gluten free but I can still buy plenty of food from Aldi’s and save lots of money!

  446. I just recently started shopping at Aldi when I found out they were offering gluten free products.

  447. Evan Martin says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s. Being a single mom it helps my grocery budget go further. Now that I found out I have celiacs it’s been extremely hard and Aldi makes it easier to make my dollar go farther. I absolutely love getting fresh fruits and vegetables here. The prices beat anywhere else.

  448. Amanda S says:

    I love Aldi, the peanut butter and almond milk are always on my shopping list. The Gluten free cheese pizza and corn bread are wonderful.

  449. MANDI WILSON says:

    I love to shop at Aldi’s, I have tried a few of the items, Love them!!

  450. Catherine Dean says:

    We’re so happy you’re providing gluten-free items for our family!

  451. Tonya Pinchotti says:

    I shop at Aldi at least once a week and was thrilled to see their new Live G-Free line of products. I have tried the baking mix, granola, cake mix, brownie mix and frozen pizzas. So far all of it is very good and much cheaper than what I would pay at a whole foods store.

  452. Carolyn Rutherford says:

    I was recently turned on to ALDI and LOVE it!!! I love the fresh produce, cheeses, and the Live G-free items. The Cocoa Loco bars are my personal favorite, but all of the items we’ve tried are great.

  453. Lindsey rouse says:

    I love their produce section! Their friendly farms brand is better for you than most and I can walk out without breaking the bank! My husband is GF and still misses his breaded items. I stocked up on the GFree items last time because you never know when they will be gone!

  454. Crystal B says:

    We just had an Aldi’s open near me; while I haven’t been there yet, I can’t wait to go! It’s one of the few things I’ve missed since I left the MidWest.

  455. Aldi is great! there Gluten free products are VERY tasty. I love the pasta!

  456. Kendra Glass says:

    My daughter, almost 10, has been gluten free her whole life. When I first began shopping for her, I cried! No one had anything gluten free that I could find! Now, thankfully, it’s everywhere. Aldis makes it affordable! Her favorite thing is their brownies, of course.

  457. I love shopping at Aldi! Most of the time I get my meats there, but I have been LOVING their gluten free items!!! So thankful that they finally got on board! :)

  458. We have loved Aldi’s cereals! Lots of Aldi’s here in WI :)

  459. Aldi is great! their Gluten free products are VERY tasty. I love the pasta!

  460. Barbara janasz says:

    We love ALDI!! They have all the things we need at prices that can’t be beat!!

  461. We buy almost all of our needs at Aldi! Love all of their new products they’ve gotten.

  462. I love to shop at Aldi’s. The produce prices are the best!!! I love to by the frozen treats for my kids in the summertime!!! At my most recent trip to Aldi’s we bought the GF chocolate chip cookie mix….YUMMY!!!!! Even my son ate them and he is picky and does not have to eat GF!!!

  463. Shelly Fowler says:

    I LOVE their new gluten free line! The pasta is soooo good and cheap! I buy most of my gf groceries there.

  464. I shop Aldi. I love the prices and quality. I am working hard at goink gluten-free.

  465. Jodi whitsitt says:

    I LOVE ALDI!!!

  466. I LOVE aldi for so many things! I do 90% of my grocery shopping there! I especially love their fresh produce section!

  467. Jane Auge says:

    Love ALDI and would love a gif certificate…they have great cheese prices, chocolate, and items you do not see anywhere else…

  468. Addie kolmfamily says:

    We love Aldi’s!
    We have a house hold of twelve and Aldi’s is a huge saver for us. Three of us are Gluten free so it can be a challenge!

  469. Angela Grimsley says:

    Thankful stores like ALDI have made a commitment to cater to the GF lifestyle. I have a store just down the road from me. Enjoy the great prices, especially on fruit and vegetables. Thank you ALDI!

  470. Kara DeMott says:

    The last time I went in ALDI’s I wasn’t gluten free! So excited to now know they carry gluten free products! The closest store is about 30-35 mins away from me!

  471. Jennifer Morse says:

    I have been an Aldi shopper for about 5 years now and I wonder what the heck took me so long to start shopping there?!?!
    I love everything I buy there! The Live G Free line is amazing, and I hope they bring it back!!!

  472. Amanda S says:

    I love the peanut butter and almond milk. The GF cheese pizza and corn bread are wonderful.

  473. Love Aldi’s. waiting for the new one in our town to open!

  474. Love Aldi’s. waiting for the new one in our town to open!

  475. I love Aldi!!! I can’t wait to check out their gluten free line. So exciting!

  476. I love the GF stuff Aldi now provides!! Ty!!

  477. Katherine says:

    I love their fresh produce and their fit and active line of foods! My daughter loves the fruit squeezes and the yogurt!

  478. Natalie McCarthy says:

    I love Aldi, and have done most of my shopping there the past 25 years, and have watched the quality of their food get better and better over the years. I buy a lot of organic and now gluten free products there too!

  479. Jaime Anton says:

    I shop Aldi…love their organic selection and gluten free pasta!

  480. Janelle says:

    I haven’t shopped at Aldi’s for a long time. I used to buy a lot of cereal since it was so much cheaper there. I’m excited to check out the gluten-free items.

  481. Rhonda Heddinger says:

    I hope our aldi keeps there gluten free line it’s awesome

  482. Stephanie Guthrie says:

    I love buying produce and gf baked chips at aldis

  483. Tiffany says:

    I love shopping at Aldi and even more now that they offer gluten free products at a great price! :)

  484. Jennifer Carney says:

    Have an Aldi within minutes of my house, was absolutely excited to hear they were now carrying gluten free foods. Stocked up just recently and will visit more often than I did now that they have more options for me.

  485. Maggie Gustafson says:

    Ever since my niece got diagnosed as a Celiac she has change the way our entire family views food and how important it is for everyone to (not just Celiacs) to eat clean and healthy. I have my own allergies to food (soy mostly) and feel blessed to live near Aldi’s where I purchase fresh fruits, veggies, and meat mostly :)

  486. Love the fruit and all great deals

  487. Heather Rost says:

    Aldi’s gluten free options were great and inexpensive. My husband has Celiacs and my daughter has cows milk allergy so we love their almond milk also!

  488. Jill Elliott says:

    I shop at Aldi as much as possible. It saves so much money on the basics! I love buying the items from the new G-Free line. Everything we have tried so far has been great!

  489. Mary Callicoat says:

    I love Aldi’s! Having organic and gf options available at a low price is wonderful!

  490. Jennifer says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s and saving money on most of their products. Unfortunately there are no more gluten free products in our local Aldi’s. We loved the gluten free products and hope they bring them back soon!!

  491. I love to shop at Aldi! My local store just re-opened this week after a month of remodeling. We love their organic salsa!

  492. betty. andrews says:

    Love Aldi’s Market. I’m hoping they bring back their gluten free mixes to my area. The prices and specials are awesome.

  493. Shirley Schultz says:

    We are regular Aldi’s customers and are thrilled that you now have the Gluten Free products. We shop at the stores in both Wisconsin and Florida. Keep up the good work in providing quality food, great prices and now Gluten Free items

  494. I love Aldi! I’ve been shopping there for years! I am so happy that you can sometimes find a gluten free goodie!

  495. Will Goss says:

    We’ve shopping at Aldi! They’re my main stop for canned goods, soy milk, etc. absolutely LOVE their gf Mac n cheese!!!

  496. Love Aldi! Especially the new GF stuff, but we also love the almond milk, cheese products, and their organic fruit!

  497. I’ve never been to an Aldi, but I just moved near one — I’m excited to see what they have to offer!

  498. Audra McElyea says:

    Yes I shop at Aldi because they now have gluten free snacks and meals. They are priced low which is fantastic, because we all know being gluten free sure can cost you a pretty penny!

  499. Alesha Hughes says:

    I buy almost all of my groceries there but mostly produce!

  500. robin gamache says:

    Love going to aldis for their produce. When available the gluten free chicken nuggets are good.

  501. Hi,
    Thanks first of all for doing this contest. Aldi looks like it is delicious. I have yet to try it. My daughter has been gluten free for about a year. Her anniversary just passed and was pretty exciting. She spent a lot of last year in the hospital. Discovering Gluten Free foods that she likes is quite a challenge since she knows what gluten tastes like. I would love to win this since gluten free is costly and I have spent a ton of money. Also, it would give her the opportunity to try out new gluten free items. Thanks!!

  502. Heather Gonyo says:

    Just found out I’m gluten intolerant so this would help

  503. Elizabeth Partridge says:

    I used to shop at Aldi often, but had stopped for awhile after I moved. Now that I know they carry GF items, they are definitely back on my list of places to shop!

  504. Heather Gonyo says:

    Just found out I’m gluten intolerant so this would help

  505. Heather Gonyo says:

    Just found out I’m gluten intolerant so this would help

  506. Kelli Kramer says:

    I struggle with finding reasonably priced gluten free items and felt like I hit a goldmine when I walked into Aldi’s. The gluten free items are priced much below most items that I can find and they also taste much better than the higher priced items I can find at other stores! Go Aldi’s!

  507. Stacy Berkin says:

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and Aldi has been a godsend. My daughter is only 1 and a picky toddler to boot. Thanks to Aldi my wallet has not been suffering as much as it would with other stores if she dislikes something. We have so many doctor bills right now because at first they thought she had cancer because she was “too young for celiac at only 13 months”. She was vomiting 4x a day and had lost 4 lbs and barely had energy to move. After being put through the ribger with tests, we finally had the endoscopy and ta da! Celiac disease. We are feeling very blessed that it is celiac disease and not cancer and now we are just in the midst of adjusting and getting our life back in order. The aldi gift card would be such a help for us!

  508. Kelli Kramer says:

    I struggle with finding reasonably priced gluten free items and felt like I hit a goldmine when I walked into Aldi’s. The gluten free items are priced much below most items that I can find and they also taste much better than the higher priced items I can find at other stores! Go Aldi’s!

  509. I do most of my shopping at Aldi! The prices are unbeatable!

  510. Jesica Ronning says:

    We buy the organic grass fed beef, wine and organic produce. We had a chance to try the gluten free products too and they are really good!

  511. Laura DeRubis says:

    Always a pleasure to shop at my local Aldis in Milford Ct Mentioned carrying gluten free products and they were there a few weeks later Thank you for your curtsy and speedy response I buy all my eggs produce almond milk baking good spices and so on love it very organized and clean employees are very help full

  512. Daisy Miranda says:

    Aldi’s great! I buy produce there and I’m so happy to see gluten free items. As a new mommy, I had to change my diet to provide the best for my baby.

  513. Rebecca Chapman says:

    My parents shopped at Aldi when I was a kid. In high school, I liked getting snacks there for low cost. I moved awayand didn’t see Aldi again and assumed it was a local store where my parents lived. When my husband and I moved to our current home, I drove past an Aldi one day coming home. I was thrilled to see it was actually a chain store and that there was one here. Now, with three kids, I enjoy shopping at Aldi because I can get healthy foods, like fruits and veggies, for a price that meets my budget. Recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I am thrilled to see Aldi has added a gluten free line and anything naturally gluten free is labeled as such. The food at Aldi is always up to my standards and the employees are always helpful and polite. It’s a great place to shop!

  514. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease 3 years ago and struggled with the concept for 2 years. I was told to try different diets but I always gave up on them. After ending up back in the hospital, I decided I had to try something drastic. I went Gluten Free and felt remarkably better after sticking with it for a month. When Aldi’s introduced the reasonably priced, delicious GF line of products, I immediately bought the store out of GF products. I can’t thank Aldi’s enough for providing me with time saving, good tasting, economically priced food. What a sense of relief Aldis has provided me when it comes to something as simple as eating.

  515. Sarah S says:

    I used to love Aldi in my pre-gluten free days! As a poor college student, I bought baking supplies there and cooked for myself in the dorm kitchen.

  516. Candice rigby says:

    I do almost all my shopping at Aldi stores. I love a lot of their food, and especially appreciate the organic and gluten-free foods they keep introducing. :)

  517. Cyndi Garnes says:

    We have an ALDI here in my small town, but I had no idea that they had gluten-free products. I do know they have great produce, though, and my little girl loves finding their toy section. I’ll have to go back and check out their organic and GF sections!

  518. Denise johnston says:

    I love shopn at aldis. I purchase all can fruit and veggies, sugars, condiments, meat and bread there. Also the pizza!! My gkids love love love the pizza!!

  519. juliamulvaine says:

    We shop at Aldi all the time! Love that I can find things my daughter can and will eat. She is Gluten Free and Type 1 Diabetic, so this proves to be a tough challe

  520. Deb Reinhardt says:

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi for the pass 2 years because of there cheap prices for food that taste as good or better than what is sold at other grocery stores. My 5 year old daughter just got diagnosed with celiac disease in a May and now that they sell the livGfree products I am now even more excited to shop at Aldi.

  521. Denise carr says:

    I love Aldi! I usually pick up my fruit and veggies, milk and eggs, and all my gluten free products. I love that I don’t have to drive an hour way to get them and they are all affordable.

  522. Jane Torrance says:

    Would love these!!!

  523. I live 1 mile from ALDI and I love buying everyday things like tortilla chips there. I just bought some GF chocolate chip cookies there last week!

  524. Brandi Collis says:

    The gluten free breakfast bars

  525. Bridget mooney says:

    I’m GF. I loved the frozen pizza pockets.

  526. I love Aldi, great fruit and veggies…. The gluten free foods!!!!!!!!
    The prices are wonderful also……

  527. I love shopping at Aldi’s its so quick and easy. My family loves their Pizza’s and the “yogurt milk” but I love their produce section.

  528. Until reading this post I didn’t even know there was an Aldi store near me, this gift certificate would be a good way for me to try their food.

  529. I love that Aldi has gluten free products! :-)

  530. Carole Jordan says:

    I’m so excited that Aldi is selling gf food… It is such a relief knowing I can get some great snacks at a lower price.. Thanks Aldi

  531. Lacy Stucky says:

    I love Aldi!

  532. Stephanie says:

    I love buying the BBQ chips, they are gluten free and there all the time. I just love aldi, even the smell lol. I also love the gluten free meals, I have celiac so it’s hard to find good tasting gluten free foods, but I love all the gluten free products! <3

  533. I shop at Aldi every Friday. I love that their packaging is clearly labeled for different allergins.
    The GF macaroni and cheese is awesome!!

  534. I would love to shop at Aldi ‘ s. I’ve heard so many great things about prices and fruit. What better way to get me in there as a gift card 😉

  535. I shop at Aldi for kefir, lactose free milk, salsa, organic tomatoes, organic spaghetti sauce, organic broth and recently gluten free spaghetti noodles!!!

  536. Cindy Fisher says:

    I recently just started shopping Aldi’s a few months ago when I heard about their Gluten Free section. With my family being on a tight budget I really love their prices and have started shopping there more often.

  537. Stephanie Gwinn says:

    I am a collage student and recently married and I have celiacs disease so shopping for gluten free foods gets rather expensive on our tight budget. I love that they carry a variety of gluten free foods it helps me save a lot of money. I love Aldi!!

  538. Karen Dorynek says:

    I love Aldi! I but every and anything there that my family needs from food to toys to beauty products. I also love their guarantee on their products.

  539. Sarah James says:

    I love to shop Aldi’s for the produce and staples. My husband likes to buy their ice cream.

  540. Tiffany says:

    I love Aldis! Prices are great. I love getting my oj and syrup there. They also have a great selection of gluten free foods!

  541. Having recently moved from NY to KY, I was looking for some things I knew. Aldi’s being one of them. At my first trip to my “new store” I found your gf items! I bought each item and hurriedly brought them home to sample with my family. We LOVED them!! Kudos Aldi’s!! The baking & brownie mixes are amazing! My family has enjoyed the granola cereal, the frozen pizzas, breakfast bars and I especially loved the ravioli’s!!! Thank you also for the organic grass fed beef,tomatoes and bananas!! I would appreciate even more organic items. Apples again?! You’ve nailed gf!!!! Thank you!!!

  542. Cynthia Grimes says:

    I really like all the Gluten Free Food DEALS at Aldi Stores. It helps us on budgets to get the needed Gluten Free Foods at reasonable prices. Thank You!

  543. Cynthia Grimes says:

    I really like all the Gluten Free Food DEALS at Aldi Stores. It helps us on budgets to get the needed Gluten Free Foods at reasonable prices. Thank You!

  544. Tara Nilges says:

    Love some aldi’s!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  545. Bernadette Greenwalt says:

    Love, love, love the gluten-free options and their prices!!!

  546. I love all of Aldi’s gluten free products! :-)

  547. Tina Skog says:

    We have been shopping at Aldi’s more because of a lot more gluten free food. The new line was great tasting and at a good price. We hope Aldi’s keeps it in there stores as a regular products.

  548. Veggies veggies and more veggies

  549. Megan A says:

    I LOVE Aldi’s new gluten free section !! The chocolate chip cookie mix is my favorite !

  550. Tina graver says:

    Aldi just opened near me. Can’t wait to try it especially if they have gluten free

  551. My daughter tried these products and loved them and the great price.

  552. Videollama says:

    I have several Aldi’s around me. Friends have seen the new Gluten Free Items in their stores and purchased some for me. However, the GF products seem fairly inconsistent with their availability at all stores. The Frozen Pizza Pockets were really fantastic.

  553. Anna DeFranco says:

    I love the prices and gluten free pasta!

  554. Tabatha F. says:

    I like to get cheese and a few other pantry staples, like spices, etc at Aldi’s!

  555. Veggies

  556. Mary Satorius says:

    I can find everything I need at Aldi’s. Great prices and I love the fresh produce. Thanks for adding the gluten free products.

  557. Love Aldis, we shop there weekly! As a paleo family we enjoy their organic products and low prices

  558. We have a brand new Aldi’s store that I’ve been meaning to go to since someone told me recently they’ve added GF items!! LOVE to hear so many more places I can shop…makes being GF slightly easier!!

  559. Brenda MacInnes says:

    So excited finally live near an Aldi’s. I had never been in one before. Love their prices.

  560. charlesta savage says:

    I love Aldi and shop there all the time!

  561. On the day the flyer came out showing that Aldi’s was carrying a new line of GF products, I raced to the nearest one to stock up. My 2 1/2 year old son was so excited to helo mommy buy her special food at Aldi’s. I had a GF pizza pocket for lunch and felt “normal” again. Please do not discontinue this line. Everyone is living n a budget lately and this certainly helps me manage my food budget.

  562. Aldi has amazing deals ! I love the GF line of foods :) way better than other gluten free i have tasted :)

  563. I shop at Aldi’s EVERY-SINGLE-WEEK for my fresh organic produce!! Love them!!

  564. Good product s

  565. Shelley says:

    I do not shop at Aldi’s….yet. One is bring built close to my home and I’m excited to try the GF line once the store opens.

  566. Jennifer says:

    I love shopping at ALDI for their fresh produce & their amazing selection of gluten-free products for my husband with a wheat intolerance. Also, whenever I stop in I stock up on their premium quality southern grove whole almonds & dried cranberries. So many reasons to love ALDI!!

  567. Kara Vonderkall says:

    My family loves the Aldi Gluten Free brownie mix and mac and cheese! They are a staple in my pantry and requested all the time by my kids!

  568. I just tried the GF cheese pizza last week from Aldi – I would buy it again! Looking foward to trying more GF items from there.

  569. Liz Jowett says:

    Ml our favorite to buy from Aldi is the brownies! They are so good!

  570. Kristin says:

    An Aldis just opened here and I’m looking forward to visiting and trying their Gluten-free products!

  571. Jessica Dolan says:

    I used to shop at ALDIS mainly for fresh produce and organic frozen berries. A week and a half ago I discovered their gluten free products…I am in heaven! I normally have to drive over an hour to find anything g-free now it’s only 25 min!!

  572. Aldi gluten free products are good. Like the cake mix.

  573. Denise carr says:

    We love Aldi! It’s about 10 mins from our house. I have 4 kids and one of them is gf. I loved Aldi before they carried gf products, now they made my life easier…prime example pizza night, we’ve been out all day so I go to aldi and get a take and bake pizza for my husband and my self, get the package of the 4 make in a box pizzas for the older 3, and get a gf pizza for my little one(I break it in 4th when it’s frozen,she’s 3 and doesn’t eat the whole thing and freeze the rest for next time) it’s not always but it’s a great to have the option! Love aldi!

  574. Caranne says:

    The gluten free pizza Aldi sells opened a whole new world to my life. Yummy! Finally a good grease free pizza!

  575. Liz Jowett says:

    We love the gf brownies! They are so good!

  576. I shop there all the time and love that they now have gluten free options. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago shopping gluten free is expensive!

  577. Tina hadley says:

    I would buy the gluten free mixes. I recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance, so I an trying to find things that I like. It is different life style that I am adjusting to. This would help me find somethings that I like because it isn’t cheap. :)

  578. Chanda Vochatzer says:

    Loved aldis new gluten free stuff it was a cost effective and good for my kid who had celiac!

  579. I recently discovered organic and GF products at my local Aldi and I was SO HAPPY!!!

  580. Love Aldi’s!!! Buy all kinds of stuff there. My dad has celiac and has been GF since the early 90s. So glad they have started carrying GF. Dad esp. likes the pancakes!

  581. Danielle Foss says:

    I really like to shop at Aldi because I need to be buying gluten free and they have a good price and good variety. I also like to find other products from other countries there. The price is amazing and the people that work there also amazing ! I super recommend it ! Thanks !!! dani.

  582. I have just started shopping at aldi and have been missing out in the past! Some great stuff.

  583. I absolutely love shopping at Aldi. I was talking to the manager at obe if the local stores shortly after being diagnosed with celiac’s about how wide their gfree selection was. He had no idea they even carried gfree food before they got into the gfree products! I’ve been shopping there for about 10 years now and it’s a great place to get quality products and save a bunch!

  584. Michele ramsel says:

    I love getting their live g free products, Greek yogurt, and produce! I love their international products and even wine!!

  585. Nichole Morales says:

    I enjoy all the food at Aldi’s . My favorite is the gluten free items . Very well priced

  586. rachk222 says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s!! I can get Gluten Free things for a lot lower price compared to other places. It keeps me healthy and helps me save money!! :)

  587. I buy everything at ALDI! Three out of the five of us have Celiac Sprue which can get really expensive. Aldi’s new Gluten Free items are delicious and a lifesaver for our families pocketbook!! Thank you ALDI!

  588. Denise Harrell says:

    Since finding out I can’t have gluten. I am so happy my Aldi’s carries what I can have. When I first walk in there is a whole shelf of gluten free products. I am so thank ful. Have a blessed day.

  589. Nichole Morales says:

    My favorite is the gluten free items . Very well priced

  590. Cara Ciufo says:

    Aldis has the best gfree brownies available! I’m making the gfree corn bread for my birthday celebration on Friday! I love that I can get olives for $.99 and a whole wild caught salmon filet for $6.99!!! Aldi makes it affordable to eat well!

  591. kim michaels says:

    I go to Aldis for most of my groceries. But I was most excited when Aldis brought in the Gluten Free line. I hope they will continue carrying it. The Gluten Free Raviolli is my favorite. Its nice to be able to find more variety that I can now eat too. Thank you Aldis.

  592. Kelsey Souligne says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s because they have the best to prices around for the same foods you would get in the grocery store. I also love that they have been selling gluten free food. My husband is very allergic to wheat, and it’s been awesome being able to get him reasonably priced gluten free items.

  593. Lisa Hughes says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s for all of my fresh produce and frozen products. I love that I can also buy my gluten free and lactose free products there too. Their prices are so much better than grocery and specialty stores and the quality is great.

  594. Jen Coleman says:

    I love buying gluten free pizzas and pretzels at Aldis!!!

  595. Annie Eckert says:

    I love shopping at ALDI! My husband and I buy our eggs and milk from there but our favorite things to buy there are their fruits and veggies! They have amazing sales and are way better than our other local stores!

  596. Sasha Farnsworth says:

    I LOVE Aldi! Their fruit and vegetables are my favorite. They will have pineapples for $1!!

  597. Victoria Enos says:

    I shop at Aldi at least once a week, sometimes more. 90% of my groceries come from there. The prices are lower than the other stores in town and I can get in and out pretty quick. :-)

  598. Thank you for the opportunity to WIN! I love Aldi and do the bulk of my weekly grocery shopping there. My favorite items are the produce and the cheeses! And the new GF line is YUMMY! :)

  599. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Aldi is my go-to store for buying so many gluten free products. I have never been dissatisfied with any product that I’ve purchased from Aldi. The gluten free prices are extremely reasonable and I always buy as many products as I can. I ship some of them to my granddaughter in CA and plan on loading up my suitcase with as many as I can fit in for a trip out in August.
    I love Aldi’s high quality and lower prices and I let my other Gluten Free friends know whenever a new GF product arrives.
    Thanks Aldi!

  600. Lisa Spangenberg says:

    I like shopping ay Aldi for many things. I like their meats, dairy products, special purchases, frozen foods, and many other great things. Would like to try their gluten-free products. Love their prices!

  601. Love shopping at ALDI. I like that it is small and easy to get in and out quickly if needed. Trying so hard to save money and with three little ones I don’t have time to cut coupons. ALDI is what works.

  602. Kelsey Souligne says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s for their amazing deals! It’s been a breath of fresh air having them sell gluten free foods this summer.

  603. I love buying the Gluten-free products specially the brownies.

  604. I love Aldi’s. I have shopped at Aldi’s for over 25 yrs, started back when my husband was in the Army. Now, they have the best produce and they make it easy to eat healthy on a budget.

  605. Christina T says:

    We normally go to Aldi for the produce. Love their prices! :-)

  606. Becky Hirt says:

    I shop Aldi and I love to find gluten free items there! Two in my family are gf.

  607. Melissa says:

    I love ALDI! Low prices and easy to know if a product is gluten free or lactose free by looking on the back. I love that it’s noted “gluten free” lactose free”.

  608. bethany pavon says:

    Baking supplies, eggs, seasonal items (I bought some tulip sets there that came up beautifully)

  609. Julie Ellis says:

    I LOVE Aldi! My favorite is their produce. Always fresh and the prices are awesome!

  610. I shop at my local Aldi often. I buy a lot of fresh produce there and the savings is phenomenal! Love my Aldi!

  611. Jennifer Reilly says:

    Just moved near al Aldi and love it!

  612. Jessica Baylor says:

    I love buying my fresh produce at aldis!

  613. Annie Eckert says:

    My husband and I love shopping at ALDI. We buy our milk and eggs there as well as fruits and veggies! Their new gluten free line is amazing!

    • Annie Eckert says:

      ^ I posted once already but thought the first one didn’t go through!

  614. Roxanne Hoover says:

    I love Aldi’s and happy they now carry gluten free products

  615. Haleigh Steere says:

    Yay!! I have celiac and I would love to win and buy all the lovely new gluten free items in the store!!

  616. Carol McGirr says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  617. Shauna Price says:

    I Like To Buy Fruit And the NeW Gluten Free Food.

  618. Lauren Moon says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. My husband and I have 3 children and a tight food budget. I shop at aldi to get quality food for a low price so we stay on budget. My children also eat gluten free and as many people who are on a g-free diet may know.. It’s expensive! Having a lower cost option at Aldi is amazing and again it’s still great quality. My boys love the pizza, the wraps and the hot pocket style sandwiches!

  619. My family would benefit greatly from this gift card!!

  620. Joyce Wolfe says:

    Aldi is my primary store for groceries. It helps keep our family of five in budget. The allergy labels help cut down our time in the store. They have had special gluten free products we purchase come and go. We are thrilled with the new Live G Free products. We’ve tried several of them and they taste great. Several of our non gluten free friends were surprised they were gluten free. Hopefully they will continue having these products. Aldi would be the only place we would have to go for food, including gluten free.

  621. Aldi is what’s up! I’ve been shopping there since childhood. Perfect place to go to stock up on canned goods. Their produce just keeps getting better and better. Now that they have this gluten free line, it is a rare occasion I find I have to go anywhere else for much of anything. It is such a relief having one in my town. Good quality for low prices! Plus the people who work there are at the top of their game. It doesn’t matter if I go to the one in my town or one someplace I’m visiting, everyone who works there is pleasant, helpful, and efficient. If you haven’t been to an Aldi, and you have the option, you are truly missing out!

  622. I love the GFree pizza and stuffed sandwiches as well as their water with the sports caps. I also like their produce selection and prices.

  623. Patricia Rotello says:

    Finally something I can afford and it tastes great. I work and drive my teenage son around for school and work. I dont always have time to cook. My dad and sister also are gluten free. My dad discover these items first (LOL!) and he bought $60 worth the first time out. He also works full time( at 74. ) and he needs convenient foods like the bars. Thanks again for certified gf foods.

  624. Cynthia Grimes says:

    We LIKE all the reasonable priced GLUTEN FREE FOOD DEALS at Aldi of Columbia, TN.

  625. Lee Ann Cameron says:

    I love Aldi I just found out there is one close to where I live and now that I know that they carry GF items going to make a trip to check it out. I hadnt shop there since me and my family went GF.

  626. Kristine Dreher says:

    I enjoy the fresh vegetables at Aldi. We just found out my son has siliacs so it is good to know Aldi’s has options for him. I’m excited because they just re-opened the one in our town after remodeling and they have put in a gluten free area. Heading there tomorrow.

  627. I enjoy shopping at Aldi! My local store just re-opened this week after a month of remodeling. My family loves their organic salsa!

  628. Heather VanderBeek says:

    Tried these products at an expo and they are awesome!!

  629. Jane Deskis says:

    I purchases the LiveGfree items and would continue purchasing if our local store would continue carrying them – they are delicious .

  630. We are gluten free and would like to try those products. Right now we like the fresh fruits and vegies

  631. Kristine Dreher says:

    I enjoy the fresh vegetables at Aldi. We just found out my son has celiacs so it is good to know Aldi’s has options for him. I’m excited because they just re-opened the one in our town after remodeling and they have put in a gluten free area. Heading there tomorrow.

  632. Joanne Dumm says:

    I really enjoy the new line of gluten free foods.

  633. Nichole says:

    I love Aldi! The best place to get produce. I haven’t seen the gluten free items at my local Aldi yet, but I look forward them.

  634. Linda Urbano says:

    Thanks for carrying affordable gluten free products, it has helped me restock my shelves, after finding I need to be gluten free. And it can be expensive.. I shop Aldi’s often and your prices make it all possible.. Thank You!!!

  635. Racheal says:

    Love shopping at Aldi’s, as a college student having to eat gluten free, it is very money binding. I am so grateful they have a gluten free line now!

  636. Cynthia Grimes says:


    311 S James Campbell Blvd
    Columbia, TN 38401-4327

    Store Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm
    Saturday 9am – 8pm
    Sunday 10am – 7pm

  637. Cynthia Grimes says:


    311 S James Campbell Blvd
    Columbia, TN 38401-4327

    Store Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm
    Saturday 9am – 8pm
    Sunday 10am – 7pm

  638. Dina Youtz says:

    I have shopped at Aldi in the US and Germany. Love them sooo much. Great prices, plus now the gf itens! I am in heaven.

  639. Christy Eshleman says:

    When I shop at Aldi’s my favorite to buy is your gluten free products. I have a child with celiac .

  640. Christina F says:

    I love everything there, especially the low prices!

  641. I love love love Aldi. With 4 kids shopping there isn’t an option, lol. I really like their chocolate chips :)

  642. Alice Herrick says:

    We have an Aldi’s near us. Glad to see they have Gluten Free stuff. I shop there for the produce. Ours just keeps getting better with more and more types of things for sale.

  643. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never been to aldi but one just opened up in my area

  644. Lori Parr says:

    thanks for the chance to win

  645. The Huntington Wv. Store had this products for a short time wish they would carrying all the time I have celiac disease I did choose this diet if I want to live I most be on this diet

  646. Thanks for giving Gluten Free options!!

  647. Lori Ann Parkinson says:

    That would be great if Aldi’s start carrying GF foods!

  648. I have been giving the GF at Aldi’s a try, the rice cakes taste fairly good, like caramel popcorn. Beware the pasta, its a big soft gooey mess. I am hoping they keep the line, its inexpensive and tasty.

  649. Denise roman says:

    I shop at aldi stores once in awhile. I usually buy meat,milk and produce there.

  650. My daughter has celiac disease and has to have gluten free products. When they had the gluten free products there at Aldi’s, my daughter liked them and they were cheaper to buy than other places. I really wish they would get the gluten free products again because I do most of my shopping there and I could also buy my daughter’s food a lot cheaper too and she loved the gluten free hot pockets a lot. Thanks!!!

  651. Shelly Olson says:

    We love the organic

  652. Brenda Kuchynski says:

    As a mother of a newly diagnosed celiac daughter, we have tried some good and bad tasting GF products. My daughter loves the products from Aldi! I hope they plan to keep them stocked regularly.

  653. Tina Reed says:

    I love ALDI. They have a lot of gluten free and they have it marked on the labels of most of the products that they sell.

  654. Melinda Robeson says:

    I recently purchased one of each of there Live G Free products and I am so excited to say they are all delicious!!
    The brownies are awesome!!!
    My family was very pleased with there quality and taste!
    Going back today to stock up for the summer!!

  655. Melissa Brandon says:

    I buy fresh fruits and veggies and these gluten free products at Aldis. I have celiac disease and find these gluten free selections to be just as good if not better than the major retailers.

  656. Marty Smith says:

    I shop here all the time n love it.

  657. I love the produce. Great price and great quality.

  658. Tara Stewart says:

    Love the live G free products and Aldis!!!

  659. Julie Rakowski says:

    We have shopped at Aldi for years now. We buy most if our groceries from them. We have 4 kids, 3 have autism, which can bring food sensory or allergy issues. Causing me to have to buy different foods for almost every member of the family. Also recently my husband has had to go Gluten Free. So I couldn’t afford to shop at any other store. Aldi makes it possible to provide all the foods my family needs without sacrificing quality or our budget.

  660. I have recently discovered that Aldi carries GF products. I was pleasantly surprised! Saves me a few dollars anyway. Now I am buying a lot more products from Aldi. Not just GF foods but meat, milk, etc.

  661. Kristen elcock says:

    My 4 year old was just diagnosed with celiac disease, gas bloat syndrome, gastroparesis and slow motility. It would be great to win this so she can try something new! Trying to find food that a 4 year old likes is tough.

  662. Love buy gluten free food!

  663. Rebecca B says:

    Love Aldis and shop weekly there. The kids love the store brand breakfast bars and I love the overall store brand.

  664. Love that ALDI has Gluten Free products!! Also for a lower price!! Wish they would keep all gluten free products all the time not just during special buy!

  665. Stephanie Rodakowski says:

    I’ve never shopped at ALDI but am always looking for new places to shop gluten free!

  666. Kelly ebbert says:

    Love aldi

  667. Rebecca Wohlfert says:

    I shop at Aldi on occasion (it’s a little out of the way for me, so I tend to forget about it!). When I do shop there, I always buy canned foods and items with a long shelf life. Since my husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I have been just about everywhere I can think of trying to find gluten free products for him.

    Good luck, everyone!

  668. I love buying fresh produce there also I like that there instant mashed potatoes are gluten-free makes it very convenient

  669. I love buying fresh produce there also I like that there instant mashed potatoes are gluten-free makes it very convenient

  670. My daughter has celiac disease and when I bought the gluten free products that the had there. my daughter loved them and they were cheaper than other places. I do most of my grocery shopping there because the prices are better and would be able to shop for my daughter too if they got the gluten free products in again. Thanks!!!

  671. I love their organic produce. I love not having to use coupons but still saving money!

  672. Stephanie C says:

    Yes, my family shops at Aldies. We like trying out their specialty cheeses.

  673. I have been shopping at Aldi’s for years. I buy 90 % of my groceries there. I usually go in at least 2x a week to see what’s new. The girls there know me by my name. My daughter tells me that I should work there as much as I go there. Lol. Honestly I save a ton of money shopping there and my hubby who is the only provider, loves it as well.

  674. Sandy Ennis says:

    I love Aldi because my son is newly diagnosed with Celiac disease and we were really struggling with losing some of his “go-to” foods! He loves their gf chicken nuggets which are perfect for when this busy mom ran out of her homemade ones! Aldi saved the day!

  675. Sarah Hafner says:

    I was thrilled when Aldi started carrying GF items. As a family that lives paycheck to paycheck, being able to still buy my son the GF items he needs without spending the whole grocery budget means everything to us!

  676. Leslie Maxwell says:

    I would use the gift card for gluten free products for our toddler who has a severe gluten allergy!

  677. Erin Aburajouh says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. Cashiers and all workers are friendly and helpful. I can get in and get out fast and the prices are great.


  678. Amanda C. says:

    I love aldi’s! I shop there every week and love all the money i save!

  679. I love shopping at Aldi. My favorite things to get there are produce, dried cranberries, nuts, guacamole, salsa and my boyfriend is gluten free so we’ve been trying out their gluten free products. We really like the pizza crust. Yum!! :-)

  680. I shop at ALDI all the time. I love buying their fruits and veggies. Along with their new gluten free line. We’ve tried a lot of it and it’s AMAZING!

  681. I love the new gluten free items and produce!

  682. Dena Ostrander says:

    I have shopped at Aldi for years, and I am so excited they now carry GF products since it allows me to do even more of my shopping there. I really love the gluten free brownie mix – yum!

  683. Denise Sage says:

    Aldis is a great place to shop for kids’ lunches!

  684. Milk, eggs & produce.

  685. Id love that grill pan and some other summer items

  686. Thank you for the Gluten free line I now do less running from store to store.

  687. Terese Hudson says:

    I’ve always loved shopping at Aldi’s. When they came out with more gluten free products I was more than ecstatic.I’m hoping they continue their release of gluten free products.

  688. Sue Gonzalez says:

    My eleven year old grand daughter has celiac disease and it is a god scent to her to have more option’s to choose from.

  689. Cassandra says:

    Aldi’s is a new store addition to our repertoire. We love the LiveGFree brand of pasta, granolas, cornbread mix, those fudge cookies are amazing! The Lil Salad Bar hummus’ are the best I’ve tasted. We love the pasta sauces too (especially the vodka). New discoveries all the time of why to shop.

  690. danielle feeney says:

    I shop at aldi weekly, best produce and unique items you can’t find anywhere else. Especially addicted to the strawberry yogurt smoothie and chipotle hummus!

  691. Always shop at Aldi’s!!! Love the store, fresh produce and meats are wonderful. Love finding that the gluten free items marked.

  692. April Graves says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! Since they brought out their gluten free line, they are my first store on my grocery shopping trips. My local Aldi has really stepped it up and they even carry organic coconut oil and cashew butter!

  693. Jennifer Bussey says:

    I like Aldi, ours just opened in March and I hope Aldi will keep the Live GFree line, but I have been told that it is a limited time offering that was only shipped in May. Our store is already out of stock. The folks at Aldi have told me to stay tuned as they work to make this line a permanent offering.

  694. Cheryl Shaulis says:

    We’ve recently moved near an Aldi’s and it has changed my grocery shopping forever! I love getting produce and Gluten Free items there–affordable and healthy. It’s hard to beat! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  695. MCuevas says:

    We love to shop at Aldi for pantry staples and frozen goods. Shopping there has really helped us keep our food budget in check!

  696. Shelley says:

    Would love it; my daughter is heading off to college and can use it to shop for herself!! After all these years she’ll be on her own… HELP!!!

  697. Kayla miller says:

    Looks like good stuff, yummy!

  698. Angela Simmons says:

    I love shopping Aldi’s in our area. I haven’t seen much gluten free products but will go look for them this week while shopping!

  699. Kirsten Dillard says:

    Love to shop at Aldi – I’m always surprised to find so many gluten free products and the Live G free products are great!

  700. Yes! Aldi is my number one go to store for everyday essentials and for their gluten free (just diagnosed with a gluten intolerance ????) and organic selections! Their prices are so reasonable compared to other stores in my area.

  701. sarah Taylor says:

    I love shopping at Aldi.I especially love their Aged Cheddar cheese and their dish washer tablets are the best I’ve ever used.

  702. Tara Noble says:

    I LOVE Aldi!! Quality food, especially produce and meats, at an amazing price!! Everyone should shop there!!

  703. Michael lux says:

    I love their GF items… I have to be GF due to a bad allergy. They have the best crackers in town and cheap.. ????

  704. Pinapple, avocados, almond milk and the gluten free rice noodles.

  705. Yes in south Tulsa OK. On memorial Dr. We love purchasing fruit and vegetables.

  706. Judy Wathen says:

    I have never been to Aldi. They recently built one nearby, but someone told me they didn’t have much in whole and organic foods. Reading some of these comments, it seems I have been misinformed. Now that I see they have a good variety of gluten free options for my children… I am wanting to check it out. Thanks for peaking my interest.

  707. Rachel Craddock says:

    I have not been to Aldi & didn’t know they sold GF products! Now I’m going to have to check it out!

  708. Jodi Deppe says:

    I love Aldis! It’s one of my favorite places to shop in our area.

  709. Penny McLoud says:

    My daughter found these items for me at our local Aldi’s. They’re wonderful!

  710. Rachel Jones says:

    I love love love all the GF products that are offered at Aldi. The Aldi store near me put a line of GF products on the shelf and all of it was gone within 3 days. I hope they decide to continue offering it because everything I tried was delicious and priced very reasonably. I definitely recommend the corn bread….outstanding!!!!

  711. Lisa Kennedy says:

    Aldi just opened here last summer, and I have been very pleased with their products and prices. I buy most of my produce, canned goods and snacks at Aldi.

  712. Carrie Schumacher says:

    We’ve been shopping at Aldi’s for years and they are a life saver. The savings let me fill my fridge without breaking the bank. My favorite product right now are the Veggie Straws (yes I know, not that healthy lol) and the gluten free all purpose baking mix. Having easy and much more reasonably priced access to that kind of a mix has been HUGE for my son and I (he is also mandatory GF)

  713. loretta sovel says:

    Great prices and good tasting products

  714. Dawn Riebold says:

    I buy too many things to mention them all.

  715. I have shopped at Aldi since I was young. I still continue to shop for great values and now gluten free too. Thank you Aldi for the great prices and great selection.

  716. Laurie Gibson says:

    I love shopping at aldi for the new gluten free items, they are so good. I have celiac and also a lectin intolerance and none of your items have given me any issues, which is really awesome.

  717. Joyce Long says:

    Hi, I am excited because we are getting an ALDI by me finally. It should open soon. I walked through one in Waldorf, MD. and liked it. I would purchase Gluten Free items.

  718. I love aldi and do as much shopping as possible there. I’m excited that they are offering more gluten free items!

  719. Victoria Sanders says:

    My mom is German and loves Aldi’s german products. I can’t wait to try their g free line. I’m excited they are building a store closer to my house :)

  720. Caroline Gort says:

    I appreciate being able to purchase fresh meat at Aldi for very reasonable prices. As always, stocking up on non perishable pantry staples is a great help. Haven’t tried their gf items yet I’ve been gf for 20 years due to Celiac disease. Thanks for the giveaway chance to win

  721. Dana Foucault says:

    Love Aldi’s and their gluten free brand is amazing. My son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last November and he loves all the options there. So sad that they don’t offer it permanently.

  722. christina schwartz says:

    Springfield,Mo & we like a lot of stuff from there

  723. I have shopped at Aldi since I was a child with my mom and I have continued to shops there for great values. I am even more content now with the GF options at a great price. Thank you Aldi.

  724. Nikki hooker says:

    Haven’t been able to check out Aldis gf stuff yet and winning this would make me go finally!

  725. I really like these new products

  726. Theresa A. says:

    Thanks to a close friend of mine, I am glad to say that I am a weekly shopper at Aldi. Their gluten-free selection is fabulous and more reasonably-priced than most stores!

  727. I love Aldi’s for their fresh vegetables at awesome prices and their gluten free selection!

  728. Lissa Everett says:

    I buy most my groceries there when I’m low on money!! I love their prices!

  729. I love our Aldi store. Looking forward to more gluten free choices in the future. It’s a blessing to open the egg carton everyday and see the friendly reminder of God’s Word.

  730. I shop there all the time. I love the GF products along with sandwich meats and produce. Great store to shop at.

  731. Kathy Fornelli says:

    I am hooked on Aldi’s and their GFree brand of gluten free food! With the prices of GF food so high, it’s nice to see reasonable prices and food that tastes great! I stock up whenever I see stuff!

  732. Amanda Scott says:

    We LOVE Aldi!!! We recently started shopping there every week – they have a great selection of organic goodies and you can’t beat their prices. I was *just* recently diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and we are pretty sure our 4 year old has it as well – we need easy, grab n’ go GF things for lunches, play dates and pre-school snacks (along with our fruit and veggies!). Thank you for this opportunity!

  733. I just was reintroduced to Aldi recently being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Having to go gluten Free is expense and hard. But ALDI has the best Gluten Free food options. I just recently tried their gluten free brownies.. They were soo yummy and delicious. I will continue to recommend going to aldi!

  734. I love Aldi! I’ve gotten my roommates addicted to it! We buy EVERYTHING there! and I love that they have great Gluten Free stuff, since I have Crohn’s 😉

  735. I have never actually heard of Aldi, but reading about it sounds really great. We started the GF journey at the beginning of this year, and I’m always looking for more options for snacks!

  736. Tara Ivins says:

    My Son (College Student) loves shopping at Aldi’s…It is very close to campus & his apartment…and he loves the great prices!! Winning this would be great and very helpful for him!!

  737. Love the gluten free selections better than the big name stores.

  738. Enomwoyi Franklin says:

    My husband and I have 5 kids and we’re on 1 income. ALDI is my number 1 spot for spices, oatmeal and especially organic soy milk and almond milk. A lot of us have breathing and allergy issues in my household so we don’t do dairy. ALDI makes it easy and affordable to buy the non-dairy milk products

  739. We got an Aldi not too long ago near us – well still 30 min drive – but I love their food and selection of European items. Did not know that they offer GF products but will go next week and check it out. Can’t wait!

  740. Kristin kittle says:

    We love the liveGfree brand and Aldi! It’s great for our gluten intolerances! Thank you!

  741. Izzy Jackson says:

    SO very excited that I can finally get gluten free mixes that are good for my pocket book AND taste great!!! Being GO is always a struggle, and many times I go without “the good things” like breads and cookies simply because I can’t afford it. THANK YOU ALDI!

  742. Keri English says:

    Aldi makes it easy to stay on budget! The more I shop there the more I love it! We have really been enjoying their gluten free selection!

  743. Beth Zeman says:

    I have been to Aldi in Germany many times when I was growing up. We have on about 18 miles away. I don’t go there often, but will be willing to go to find some more gluten free options for my family.

  744. Darlene Draze says:

    I use gluten free because my system doesn’t tolerate a lot of products and they end up making me sick to my stomach.

  745. danelle boyles says:

    We love the new GF items at Aldi! My whole family eats gluten free and natural so this helps our budget out being able to find things GF at a place we already love to shop at!

  746. Jeannette Soler says:

    Glad they’re carrying gluten free products.

  747. Kimberly Fosnaugh says:

    I would get health food. Like Apple’s, onions, carrots, blue berries& ect. Some meats, almond milk, & hopefully some gluten free food too for our family of 7. We all are on gluten free food but it’s hard to find in a small town and with money being stretched. But they do have some gluten free food at a couple of towns over at Aldies! Thank you for your time. ~Kim

  748. Tiffani Fryman says:

    We love Aldi! There are so many things that we like and prefer to buy there. We moved from Indiana this past year and had an Aldi fairly close. When we moved to Maine we were discouraged, but quickly found an Aldi around my in-laws house in Vermont. I will just name our three favorites….Cheese sticks, natural peanut butter, and you can’t beat the price on eggs! We LOVE ALDI!

  749. Britni Barnason says:

    At ALDI I usually buy their pizza crust because I love making my own pizza, brownie mix because they are my favorite snack/ dessert, and pasta because I have tried a lot if pastas but I have never found one I like as much as I like the one from ALDI. Being on a strict budget I haven’t really tried anything else from ALDI but I want to really bad cause everything looks so delicious!

  750. meredith says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. The food is good and the prices are even better. I love getting meat products here

  751. April Bodine says:

    Love the reasonable prices and location of the Aldis minutes from my home. I have purchased many items from this store, but my favorite products are Milk, tricolor pack of peppers and pork loins. LOVE having GF products available now!! Thank you Aldis!

  752. Angie woods says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s for fresh fruits and vegetables. I have been shopping here since it opened in my area. I have to use a walker due to neuropathy and Aldi is the perfect store to get all of my shopping done.

  753. We shop at aldi all the time and love their products.

  754. Jennifer Engel says:

    I am excited to know that Aldi’s carries Gluten free items. I have always enjoyed shopping there. You will be seeing me soon. I feel so much healthier being gluten free. Thank you for this offer. Blessings.

  755. I am a regular customer at ALDI!! I sure hope the keep selling the gluten free products, I buy almost everything there!

  756. i love the gluten free products at aldi they are really good on them do loads diffrent chioces an prices is good to because some other supermarkets arent that good i have had gluten free sinces i was 13 am 26 now so 14 years so i have shopped in lot of shops but i am always happy with aldi i wud love to win this really wud an its always easy 2 find labeled really well an staff r always happy to help x

  757. I love Aldi; I’ve been shopping there for ages! I used to have one less than a mile from my house. I was happy to find they had Aldi when I moved to Florida. I have to drive 9 miles to get there, but is really worth it. They usually have a good selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other non food household products. They’re clean and you can’t beat the prices. Their line of gluten free products makes it even better now, really hoping they keep them for good.

  758. There is an Aldi nearby but I haven’t shopped there yet. Been wanting to give it a try.

  759. I used to go to Aldi as a kid when I was in Germany. I am so happy to see these stores in the USA. I love the great prices. I buy many foods for my family and love the gluten free products.

  760. Anna Armstrong says:

    I shop aldis I love the store and the gluten free stuff is amazing me and my son have celiac.

  761. Sherry Deel says:

    I had never shopped Aldi till 3 month ago..Boy i didnt know what i was missing!! My husband lost his job of 15 years in march, well we all know how expensive eating gluten free is.. sadly its not an option for me its a necessity for me.. I had a friend tell me to try Aldi and boy am i thankful i did! They have great prices on GF items and they are great.. especially the gluten free cheese raviolis! out of this world! <3

  762. I shop aldi! I am so excited about their organic line and the gluten free products. I especially like the ravioli frozen meal. It’s so nice for a quick meal.

  763. I love shopping at ALDI and buying their uncured, no nitrate bacon!

  764. Debbie Shrewsbury says:

    We don’t have this brand in Arkansas where I live. I am always looking for new food.

  765. Joyce Cochran says:

    I love shopping at aldi for the good deals on everything, especially their fruits an vegetables!!

  766. Christen says:

    We love Aldi! With my being out of work, we had to cut costs and Aldi has helped!!! We were gluten free for a while but it turns out my daughter is dairy sensitive and not gluten sensitive. We still buy gluten free baking mix and pizza crust there because it is just so good! We also buy organic apple juice, organic milk, organic pasta and sauce and pizza sauce as well as various items of organic produce and snacks when available! We are so grateful to have found a store that can help us steer clear of chemicals even on a really tight budget.

  767. I do shop at Aldi. They always have great prices on produce and meat. I am SUPER excited they have a line of GF products now. Everyone knows how expensive they can be, I am sure Aldi will be very successful with them and hopefully will continue to introduce new items to the line.

  768. I am a single mom of 7 and one of my children maddy 11, had autism and is gluten free. We are on a tight budget so this would reAlly help

  769. I love shopping at Aldi because my daughter has to eat gluten free and Aldi’s has labels on almost all of their products that say if they are gluten free! It makes shopping so much less stressful and quicker!

  770. Mabel Morris says:

    Our Aldis just started carrying the Gluten Free products. Was so happy to see them. Aldis has great values. Just one more reason to shop there!

  771. Laura polchlopek says:

    I shop at aldis in chicopee ma. I love their organic fruits and veggies. The gluten free snacks are good brownie is My favorite!

  772. Jessica P says:

    Interested in checking out the gluten free products offered at Aldi!

  773. Geraldine Hildebrand says:

    Would love to try some of these.

  774. Ahhh I was just telling my family the other day how much I love their GF products! I love their brown rice pasta the best and it’s an easy way of getting extra protein into your diet. Tastes just like regular pasta but still keeps its form after the cooking process. My absolute go to with fresh veggies on a hot summer day!

  775. I love the produce at Aldi’s. I also purchase all my dairy and baking supplies at Aldi.

  776. Lee Kendrick says:

    I LOVE Aldi, especially the meats. Glad to know there are gluten free products there now!

  777. Amber Dalton says:

    I shop at Aldi’s 2 times a week! I love buying their gluten free foods that my daughter and I eat!

  778. lindsay says:

    I love Aldi’s prices and produce!

  779. Colleen Wilkins says:

    Love Aldi, for all the GF foods and the prices. Great seasonal outdoor furniture and grilling favorites. Our stores even offer fresh baked bread to offer the non GF guests and family. A hit all around!

  780. My daughter has Celiac disease and it’s so nice that she can have food that Aldi’s now sells. It really helps with the food bill seeing that gluten free food is very expensive. Thank you for expanding your list of foods to offer to your customers! May I suggest gluten free frozen chicken nuggets or bread?

  781. Vici Carpenter says:

    Wow… I didn’t know that Aldi carried gf free. I’ll visit my store soon. I buy the Raisin Bran- type cereal for my husband when I shop there which is not very often. But, if they are carrying gf foods, I’ll shop more often.

  782. I always shop at Aldi , its so fast n they always have what I need cheaper than other stores. I usually get dairy produce and veggies n fruits, I have alot of allergies and have to be gluten free, so I love that they came out with some gluten free products.

  783. Courtney Neal says:

    Excited to have affordable and awesome gf food at Aldis!!

  784. I would by gluten free items and clean food . thanks aldies. Love there new meat line

  785. Becky Pike says:

    I LOVE ALDI’S! I shop every week at the Aldi in Kirksville, Missouri (and my mom always shopped at the Aldi in O’Fallon, Missouri when I was a kid). I absolutely love the new gluten free product line. My husband and son have Celiac disease and have been gluten free since 2003. I remember when I always had to call to find out whether items were gluten free and manufacturers left voice mails to let me know. It is wonderful that so many items are labeled now and that there is a whole new product line! LOVE LOVE LOVE the gluten free granola, but it is sold out in Kirksville right now. Thank you for offering gluten free, wonderful, affordable products.

  786. lucille madden says:

    I love aldis store, cause its the great way to save on a budget. I have learned through my parents, about shopping there and as i was diagnosed 5 years ago with celiac disease, to watch every penny. I am Italian and the meaning of gluten free is hard. So i adjusted in no time. So this would be a great way to let the people know that its a great savings at Aldis. Thanks again.

  787. i really wish to be a winner.. thank you :)

  788. Nora Mollmann says:

    I shop at Aldo’s at least once a week. I buy many household products there. I recently began buying the gluten free items.

  789. I like buying produce at Aldi’s. Thanks!

  790. tamny reich says:

    Would live this

  791. I shop frequently at Aldi to keep my grocery bill down for me(the only gf eater) and my household. My partner loves that they carry White Castle hamburgers. I recently saw they had the live free brand of frozen pizza pockets but was not able to snag one before the store stopped carrying them. I hope you they bring them back soon.

  792. Cathie Behen says:

    I enjoy buying gluten free products are a reasonable cost.

  793. Kathy Holtsberry says:

    I have shopped at Aldi for a long time. Ever since my son was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity I have had to be careful in making my food choices. I am so glad that Aldi has provided tasty and nutritional gluten free choices for our family.

  794. I shop aldi now for all my grocery especially after finding out I have celiac disease the new glutino line has literally saved me!!!

  795. Stacie Pratt says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. I buy fresh produce at reasonable price. Organic cheeses and I just stocked up on a bunch of gluten free stuff. It was all great :)

  796. Crystal says:

    I was so excited to hear Aldi was carrying Gluten Free products. The chocolate chip cookies are better than the ones that aren’t gluten free. Our Aldi’s in Vineland said that they are just seasonal-special buys products but I hope they decide to regularly carry them.

  797. Rebecca Hoey says:

    Absolutely the best GF frozen pizza, and GF chocolate chip cookie mix – can’t wait to try more!!!

  798. Notcha Rainey says:

    I love that aldi is now selling gluten free items. It has been really hard as a single mom of 4 to be able to afford gluten free food. I was so excited t see that i could afford them and they tasted good.

  799. Stephanie Klaus says:

    i like shopping @ Aldi. i can get a lot of organic items for the same price as store brands at other stores.

  800. Brittany says:

    We’ve been shopping at ALDI since I was a little sprout. I always find great deals on meat and produce. I am a nursing mom and have been gluten free for my babies digestive issues. I am so happy to find gf at my favorite grocery store!!!

  801. Love Aldi! I am impressed with the selection of foods we can find there.

  802. Jessica Bezio says:

    I start at Aldis before I go to any other store.. Love their Fit and Active line. And have just started trying the gluten free stuff.. Pretty good I must say.

  803. Sandi Kern says:

    Aldi’s is a life saver for our family! Thank you for offering all the Gluten Free items…the wraps are my favorite!

  804. Sonja Gjoni says:

    I like to buy my produce and well just about everything from Aldi.

  805. Pamela Gage says:

    I just discovered Aldi after a recent move to a new area and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of GF products. The quality is great and I especially like the sandwich wraps. Would love a $50 GC!

  806. Love Aldi’s produce! Need to check out their GF selection!

  807. I love the gluten free products and wish they would continue to carry them …. some of the gf products haven’t been restocked in my store and I hope they will consider doing so the snack crackers and the wraps haven’t been restocked and I love the wraps.any chance of gf breads for the freezer section ??? Love the produce section too

  808. Joyce Petty says:

    I have been shopping at Aldi’s for about 5 years now and Love all the fresh veggies but last time I went there I found Mac&cheese that was GF I have Celiac and love this. I wish they would put a store on this side of our town . Keep up the good work…

  809. I just started shopping at Aldi’s again when they brought in the organic line and am thrilled with their gluten free line as well. Most importantly, my sons that have to be gluten free love the taste. We have one just a few blocks away. I am so thankful to the company for making this expensive diet more affordable.

  810. Carissa Lundmark says:

    Would love to win!!

  811. Michelle Galonski says:

    LOVE ALDI! ONE of my favorite things to buy is the stew meat & fresh veggies to make kabobs on the grill. Mmm so good.

  812. Leslie Bard says:

    I haven’t shopped at Aldi’s in a few years. When I did I mostly purchased outdoor toys and the like.

  813. Sarah Allen says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! I love their gluten free products and hope they bring them back as permanent additions to their store!

  814. Lisa McVaugh says:

    We love the yogurts, milk, produce and so much more!

  815. Carrie O'Sullivan says:

    Love that Aldis is offering GF!

  816. Carissa Lundmark says:

    Oops didn’t write the correct thing! I shop at Aldi’s all the time and purchase many thing there including their Gluten Free products. I love their GF chicken Nuggets.

  817. amy katsilieris says:

    Yes, i love all the new gfcf products. And all the fruit and produce

  818. Tiffany Rains says:

    I shop ALDI! I love it all! Loving that I can now shop at one store since my son is GF! WAHOO!!!

  819. Teresa Benter says:

    Aldi’s!!! How awesome would this be to win?? Would be amazing!!!!

  820. Heidi Benedum says:

    I shop at aldi’s only after I had heard they had good sales on gluten free foods, I now soho there once a week.
    I recently discovered I have a gluten sensitivity, and it has been really hard, I really enjoy the live free brand that I have only seen at Aldi’s

  821. I love aldi’s prices first off, and I love that I can quality healthy food for my family. I was ecstatic about the gluten free line being gluten intolerant and I actually prefer the taste and texture of Live G Free brand above all else. The prices of them are great too at least a dollar less then other stores. Aldis is just a great business with great people and great prices.

  822. Katie havig says:

    I really like the aldis live g free brownies and other cake mixes. I was so excited to learn that they have so much gluten free stuff now. I also really enjoy the little apple and chocolate snack bars too. I think they should come out with a gluten free bread! :)

  823. Cristin Owens says:

    Just found out 2 months ago that I have Celiacs disease. I also think my 2 1/2 year old has it as well. GF is so damn expensive!!!

  824. christina capan says:

    We have been buying the gluten free products in great bulk since aldi has been stocking it and I hope it becomes a regular thing

  825. Kelly Malzewski says:

    I love buying Aldi’s produce. It is so good & fresh! I’m also a big fan of their gluten free line being that I have celiacs disease.

  826. Deb Shaw says:

    Had only shopped at Aldi on rare ocassions until recently. Was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and I was told Aldi carries a lot of gf products. I was totally surprised at the variety and taste of the products! Thank you for providing what other grocery stores don’t! And please, keep selling them!

  827. Do we still have time to enter.

  828. We buy a lot of snack food and boxed meals! And now Gluten free food??! What!? Awesome! Good work!

  829. Amy Hansen says:

    I love that Aldi is carrying GF food now. It is so much easier for me to do a one shop stop instead of 2 or 3 stores.

  830. We LOVE Aldis!! Buy clean foods with minimal ingredients & chemicals. One of my sons favorites is the german style sour kraut????

  831. alicia johnson says:

    Love the deals at Aldi’s! The new gluten free products have been great and more affordable than normal for gluten free. Thanks Aldi’s!

  832. Tricia Clark says:

    I shop at Aldi on a regular basis I love that anything that is gluten free is marked even a can of veggies. Also I love the prices, and they are good.

  833. Christina Ganss says:

    I love Aldi’s because the store is close to my house. Their prices are reasonable. I really like the variety of the products they sell.

  834. Kristine says:

    Love the GF ancient grain crackers I bought a few times but the last few weeks they weren’t in stock. Hope Aldi gets them back soon. I’m there at least once a week for all my shopping needs

  835. We shop at Aldi’s. I love the new gluten free products there especially the pizza crust mix. It doesn’t have the funky taste that some of the others do. I also love that they are labeling their regular products that happen to be gf as gf. ????

  836. Ronna Bonga says:

    My daughter and I are both living GF and I was just laid off from my job so this would be a huge asset to have $50 to shop at a store we enjoy with food we can eat.

  837. Sharon Heeres says:

    Love shopping at Aldi’s!!! Saves money and time. I am so thankful they are carrying GF products! I like how clean the stores are and how much lower their prices are compared to other stores. Stay GF Aldi’s :)

  838. WOuld love to shop at Aldi’s if they carry Gluten Free food

  839. Sally Sheldon says:

    I shop at ALDI’s a lot.

  840. Carrie Anderson says:

    We are a family of 6. My husband and I have 4 teenagers in the home. We shop at Aldi’s because we can stick to a budget. We get more for our money. With the cost of food on the rise it’s a relief to be able to know our kids’ are getting what they need nutritionally. We love shopping the produce, lean cut meats, and the affordable but delicious cereals. Thank you Aldi’s for making it more affordable for people like us raising a large family.

  841. Sharyn Greening says:

    I haven’t shopped at an ALDI store, but it sounds like I need to check out their gluten free selections!

  842. Valarie Rother says:

    We can’t live without ALDI! Love their savings. My favorite purchase is fresh produce. Thank you!

  843. Melanie Mooreside says:

    Aldi’s is my favorite store to shop for groceries. Not only do I save lots of money on gluten free products and natural and organic foods, but the quality of the products are great! There are 2 stores which are each about an hour away from my home. It has become a phrase in my home, “it is time to make an Aldi run”. Even my teenagers and husband want to go shopping at that time and help bag everything up, get it all in the house, and put it all away. They NEVER cared about grocery shopping before!!

  844. Sharon Heeres says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s! Saves time and money. I am thankful for the GF items they carry. My daughter and I are both GF and this makes it easier to find items at a lower price.

  845. i shopped at Aldi frequently in the past and when I had to start cooking gluten-free for my daughter, being on a fixed income it was easier for me to cook that way for the rest of the family so I didn’t have to cook 2 meals. I recently saw that Aldi is carrying gluten-free products I was so excited! Can’t wait to try them and to get some different items that only Aldi has and save some money!

  846. Johanna ZumMallen says:

    I love Aldi’s! I buy pizzas and cereal there for my nongluten free family members. String cheese and other dairy products for them. I need to compare prices on lactose free milk and shrimp ASAP! Their veg chips and Simply Nature fruit strip snacks are perfect for my daughter and I that have to watch for gluten, dairy, and sugars. The joy on her face when I buy those! Produce sales!! :)

  847. Elizabeth says:

    I love buying their pancakes and granola!

  848. Misty England says:

    I love the prices of Aldi fruits and veggies.

  849. claudia says:

    I do my weekly shopping at Aldis. Everything from milk to bottled water. I recently tried the gluten free brownie mix and was amazed how moist and tasty it was.

  850. Cheryl Sadd says:

    Aldi has saved me time and money. My daughter has celiac disease and is lactose intolerant and Aldi has come through for us on so many products. I no longer have to run from store to store shopping for things she can eat. There food is good quality and clearly labeled and they carry great products for my daughter and the whole family. Thanks Aldi for saving us time and money!

  851. RHONDA DENNIS says:

    I just discovered the gluten free items at Aldi. I love the frozen hot pocket type sandwiches. Being able to shop gluten free at a reasonable price is awesome!

  852. Have not shopped there but want to check it out especially for my gf daughter

  853. Lisa Smith says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s… My son has Tourettes Syndrome and has been on a Gluten Free Eating Plan since he was 6 years old, he is now 16 years old.
    We have found your store Aldi’s and are so EXCITED with the Gluten Free products yall sale..
    He is in Heaven eating up all of the wonderful tasting Live GF foods yall offer. He honestly hasnt had Raviollis since he was 6 and when I bought ten boxes of your kind he almost cried.. Thank yall for having these foods at your store, I am a life time shopper there now.

  854. Natasha DaMota says:

    I love shopping at Aldie. They have incredible prices, products and the staff there is always polite and fast.

  855. janie harrold says:

    Love their produce:)

  856. Deb Gowlland says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s! My whole family really enjoys the new gluten free tortillas that they have! :)

  857. Linda Babb says:

    I buy you gluten free foods weekly for my two grandsons, Landon and Chase, who visit often and can’t have a drop of gluten.

  858. Rhona Crouthamel says:

    I love Aldi’s! It has been a huge money saver for me – a mom of 5. I have especially loved how they have added more and more organic foods! They are my first stop for shopping.

  859. Sharon sawyer says:

    Love aldis. ..

  860. Diane Celaya says:

    I would like to enter the sweepstakes. Always lookingfor new things to try, as our household is limited.

  861. Angela Summers says:

    I like purchasing anything at Aldi because there prices are so great. I can’t wait to try their gluten free items.

  862. I am an Aldi convert. These new GF options are great for a quick snack and taste good to boot. Thanks Aldi for offering us another option!

  863. Whitnie says:

    So happy Adli carries gluten free now!

  864. Amber Strawn says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! Their produce is unbeatable and we LOVE the Gluten Free line!

  865. Christie Bartlett says:

    I like to buy my canned goods from Aldi!

  866. Dena Johnson says:

    I have never shopped at ALDI, but I would love to check out their products!

  867. Whitnie says:

    I’m not surenift first attempt posted, but I love shopping at aldi’s for gluten free items. They are so affordable!

  868. Kate O'Brien says:

    I have always loved shopping at Aldi’s since it opened here in SC. The veggies, canned goods and seasonal (surprise) merchandise are what I mostly shop for….actually pretty much everything until 6 weeks ago when I found GLUTEN FREE products — YAYYYYYY — thank you so much for making the new product line!

  869. K Evans says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s. They have produce at a great price that helps my budget! I’m a sale shopper and most times their prices are the best!

  870. Amy Eckman says:

    I shop at Aldi’s every week! I was so excited when they came out with the GF stuff and everything I tried was great. But I am no longer seeing the GF things at Aldi’s :(. With my 2 boys and my husband and I, we go thru cereal like crazy and I buy probably 3 boxes a week. All are good and priced so reasonably. I would say that is my favorite product there.

  871. Jennifer Maddox says:

    My favorite place to buy snacks

  872. Gabby Garman says:

    I have not tried any of these products but would love to, especially the ravioli and tortillas.

  873. Diane Celaya says:

    Im always on the hunt for mew foods my son can have as he is allergic to so many things. I would be interwsted in trying this brand

  874. I just purchased some of Aldi’s gf items. I think they are very good! I was impressed and thrilled with the price!

  875. Megan Flanagan says:

    I am so excited that ALDI will finally be offering a gluten free line. We usually shop there, almost exclusively, but need to find our gluten free staples in other stores. Now it can be one shop and I’m done.

  876. Just found out a month ago I have celiac and trying to find foods I like is so difficult until I started shopping at Aldi they have a wide section and the food is good

  877. samantha dunn says:

    Can hardly wait tibtry the gf meals aldis!!

  878. I have shopped at Aldi for over 20 years and they just keep getting better and better. I love to buy produce there but now I also love the healthy choices they are carrying such the organic items and especially the gluten free items! Stores are finally getting it… we want to be healthy!

  879. Kathy ware says:

    I like being able to get lower price groceries, plus they always have good produce. Definitely a plus now that they are carrying gluten free!

  880. Rebecca Gansle says:

    We are big fans of Aldi and our first visit was on our honeymoon in Waterford, Ireland. Since this time we have been shopping at our local store through out the Atlanta area.

    We have bought many of our groceries there as well as healthy snacks. I have just found out that I have a large number of allergies and look forward to trying out Aldi’s gluten free items.

  881. Theresa Bradley says:

    I shop at Aldi for the fresh fruits and veggies and the chocolate.

  882. Hillary Morris says:

    I just started shopping there. We love the Simply Nature fruit snacks.

  883. Kathy ware says:

    Great getting lower grocery prices. And the produce is always good. Carrying gluten free is a definite plus!

  884. Mandi Jalomo says:

    I love the prices and many gluten free options marked well!

  885. I did not know Aldiss sold gluten free. I shop there occasionally. I will have to check this out.

  886. I love buying produce, eggs, milk and butter at Aldi

  887. Amanda Short says:

    I love buying wraps at Aldi’s. They are perfect for a busy college student who is always on the go. I use them as a bread substitute because they last a lot longer and don’t dry out like most gluten free breads. And just like a sandwhich you can make them many different ways. My favorite is scrambled eggs, lettuce, and hummus occasionally I will throw some carrots on it too.

  888. Doreen Reed says: some of your new products you havE.I just wish I was able to find the products when I need them. but I’m so glad you Finally adding gluten free products.I already love your produce section.keep up the awesome work

  889. I love it when they have the grass fed ground beef! In my area it has only happened twice so far, but I am hoping that they will make it a practice. I just recently found out from my Doctor that they had gluten free products. I will be checking them out for those as well.

  890. Linda Williams says:

    I do shop at Addis and love the GF. Cornbread mix the best. The GF. Ravioli is a close second favorite. Thanks Aldis!!!

  891. We love shopping at Aldi. We have been buying GF stuff there for a while now. They have some great options. I have been able to stick to my $80 per week food budget because of Aldi’s great prices!

  892. I want to start shopping at Aldi because I hear it has great prices. I really want to try their gluten free brand!

  893. Molli Glowacki says:

    I like their produce, and some staples like evoo.

  894. Yes, we love Aldi’s and use them for getting healthy and affordable things whenever possible!

  895. Melissa says:

    We just got an Aldi in my town and I started shopping there because I heard that they got the liveGfree line. Everything I’ve tried so far is really good and so convenient. Love it! :)

  896. Yes, we love Aldi’s and use them for getting healthy and affordable things whenever possible! And I’m excited to try the GF stuff!!

  897. Donna Belcinski says:

    Love Aldi, saving a lot. Their produce is very good.

  898. Michelle Martis says:

    I just started shopping at Aldi and I love their Gluten Free products and their produce! Awesome prices!

  899. Yes, I shop at Aldi! I like getting my Kefir there and their non gmo cereal. I love the great sales they have on produce too!

  900. Stacy miller says:

    Love this line!!

  901. Harmoney Creel says:

    There are none in LA, TX is the nearest location. I’d love to see one in Baton Rouge!

  902. Terri Tuck says:

    I do shop there and I like the produce best

  903. Cindy Stier says:

    Their gluten free wraps and brownies are great and reasonably priced .

  904. iftikhar khalil says:

    Ilove the gluten stuf at Aldi its nice to findit near you you shop for you and the family at same time you don’t have to go different location. hope Iwin because. the gluten stuf expnsive.

  905. Love these products!

  906. Julie osmonson says:

    I do not shop there, it’s too far away. I would if I had $50 though!

  907. diana Luna says:

    Aldi’s is my favorite grocery store, my 2 sons and I are gluten free, The prices especially for gluten free are afordable, We get to eat more of gluten free items, I do all my shopping here, Thank you for for being here!

  908. Sandy schindler says:

    I’ve shopped at Addis for many years. I love the savings I get. Their products are good guality. I shop there first before any other store

  909. Tracy Young says:

    I shop at Aldi all the time. It has saved my family so much money. I love it even better now that they have GF foods!

  910. I was so happy to walk in the doors of our aldi and see gluten free foods were available. Talk about relief from a family that was just diagnosed with celiac disease. This has helped with the cost and convenience of not having to go to other stores to purchase our items. Thank You Aldi. Hope this continues.

  911. Michelle Renner says:

    I haven’t shopped at ALDI much since I was in college. Now I hear they carry gluten free products. So I’m planning to check them out again. I haven’t any because there is road construction near that I have been avoiding.

  912. Sheri Cassista says:

    We love shopping at ADLI! My family love to eat the pizzas and we get a lot of snacks from there as well. Since they have a gluten free section, now I have a good variety to choose from since I have to eat gluten free.

  913. Joyce Baumunk says:

    Not only do I like the prices at Aldi but I am thankful for the new line of GF food

  914. Wendy Castleman says:

    We love Aldi. So happy they are carrying gf foods. We are also happy they now carry unsecured meats and bacon.

  915. I love that aldis clearly marks their veggies to what is gluten free, not to mention that it’s just a great place to get other gf food items

  916. Rachelle Coffey says:

    We have shopped at Aldi for years. I was so excited when I saw they had a gluten free line. AND I think it tastes better than most brands! Of course the prices are amazing!

    • Rachelle, I sent you an email the other day about this giveaway. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t seen it. I need a response soon.

  917. Melissa panzer says:

    I love buying everything in there from produce to cereal to meats :)

  918. Erica D says:

    I love the great deals at Aldi, especially on GF items! My parents and grand mom always shopped at the one in Cherry Hill and I was so excited when a new one opened near me a few years ago!

  919. Alison Haley says:

    My family of 6 could not eat if not for ALDI. My son has Celiac and I would love to see additional types of flours and bulk nuts.

  920. Tracy Quebral says:

    We shop at Aldis all the time because it is great for our food budget, and we like almost every product we have tried. I just found the gluten free products, and so far, like them very much! SO happy they have them now!

  921. Christa Epting says:

    I have recently started shopping at ALDI. My daughter has celiac disease and must eat gluten free food. We LoVe the new line of gf food that they offer! The taste is wonderful and the prices are great!!

  922. I love Aldi’s. I am so glad to see they will be carrying GF products now. Our most favorite is the incredible Chocolate bars. They rival any expensive brand you can find.I also purchase the bacon wrapped filets, Quick and easy and you are always assured a good meal out them.

  923. Sheila D says:

    I love Aldi’s, I go there for most of my groceries now! And I have fallen in love with the new gluten free line for sure!

  924. Jenny Surdel says:

    Yumm!! Gluten free treats!!

  925. Anne Thornton says:

    OMG we love the gluten free line at
    Aldi’s!! It’s super yummy and is just the right price for our budget !! Thanks for being it to stores near me!!

  926. Kristen Churchill says:

    I just moved about a month ago and there is now an Aldi’s a block from my house! Haven’t really shopped there before, but just went there for the first time recently and saw & tried the GF options and was so excited! The pizza crust that I tried was good too! I’ll be going back soon for sure, so could really use the gift card!

  927. Shannon McKeever says:

    I love Aldi and all of their Gluten Free products for my son!

  928. I love shopping at Aldi. I go there every Friday after I weigh in at Weight Watchers. I buy their milk, which is hormone free and produce from my clean 15 list I keep with me in my purse. My husband loves their ham that is free from nitrates and nitrites.

  929. chris kipp says:

    Love Aldi’s and buy most things there. Have purchased gluten free baking mix there. Thanks Aldi’s for caring about gluten sufferers.

  930. Hi! I’ve been a fan of ALDI for a long time, but now that they’re offering a GFREE line it’s even better! I love their deals on produce, yogurt, eggs, cheese and canned beans/tomatoes – all staples in my kitchen and in my cooking.

  931. Aldis is behind my home. I just became celiac and was so grateful to have access to aldis Gluten Free products. I love the pizza crust. I thought I would never enjoy pizza again, but thanks to Aldi’s I can be gluten free and loving it! <3

  932. Christa Miller says:

    We do shop there. There are not many items we dont buy. I love their produce. And when they did the test run…I loved their GF brownies!!

  933. Emily Voigt says:

    I shop at the Sandy springs Aldi in Georgia. I like getting convenience items there because their prices are so much better than others!

  934. Sheila says:

    We love Aldi’s prices on fruits and vegetables!

  935. Ronda McCoy says:

    I shop at Aldi’s and buy this product. I really like the brownies :-). Being gluten free gets very expensive. Buying at Aldi’s helps and winning a gift card would be great.

  936. Laurie Levis-Whitt says:

    ALDI has great prices on their fruits and vegetables which I love and my son likes their selection of cheese and yogart.

  937. Cherie Woldarek says:

    Audi’s is a great store when you have a budget to keep. Everything is always fresh…

  938. I buy the gluten free products from Aldi’s. I love them!!

  939. Laura Lazicki says:

    I shop at Aldi’s all the time. Such great deals and I’m REALLY happy about the Gluten-Free options…the gluten free double chocolate cookies were VERY good.
    I can’t wait to try all the new GF products…

  940. Meagan Norton says:

    My family and I love shopping at Aldi’s! I grew up on Aldi’s food and will continue to purchase it for my family! I was very excited when they started displaying gluten free products! I have been gluten free since being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. It’s good to know that I can get what I need and not have to pay the high prices most grocery stores offer!

  941. Gabriela Bourette says:

    My son Diego and I can’t eat gluten and I always buy muy gluten free products in ALDIS! And I tell my friends about it, because ALDIS is the best store in the world, I love all the products, prices and their compromise to environment and health.
    I will love so much to be the winner of the gift card since I have four kids would be very welcome to our home.

  942. Katey Blueter says:

    Aldi’s is great! You can’t beat the prices and quality, I just wish they were open past 8pm!

  943. Angela burns says:

    I love GF at Aldis!

  944. Lori campbell says:

    Just found out I have celiac disease so this would be a great help.

  945. Kathleen Pepiot says:

    I love the Aldi’s GF granola & pretzels. It’s so exciting that the company has started this line!

  946. Michelle says:

    My boys and I loved the gluten free products and prices!!!

  947. Denene Roberts says:

    I love Aldis. That’s where I start my Gracey shopping. I buy everything I can there.

  948. I usually find a lot of gluten free snacks and pre-made mixes at Aldi’s. I’ve even bought some meat to throw on the grill and been impressed with it.

  949. Sherri Boik says:

    I haven’t shopped at Aldi’s yet, but my mom used to rave about shopping there herself.

  950. Michelle Johnston says:

    I have never shopped at Aldi’s. I had never heard of it until moving to MA in November. Now that I know, from your posts, that they carry g-free items I will definitely check them out!

  951. Tygar Hitt says:

    Love the g free products. Great taste and low prices.

  952. Annamaria Loster says:

    Yes I have several Aldi’s near me that I shop at. My son has sever allergies to egg, wheat and oat and I am so excited that I can now buy items there for him. He is only 18 months so the cookies, cereal bars, pancake and cake mixes I love. I do a lot of our shopping there for all items. We are a family of 4 with one low ended income and I have to watch everything that we spend. Again with his allergies and having to cook/bake differently for him it is every expensive. I also love that they are now caring gluten free chicken nuggets and other freezer items. Aldi’s has been a blessing for us caring more of these items.

  953. Michele Tadych says:

    My love the variety of cheeses. I also like special seasonal items that are offered.

  954. Debbie says:

    I have tried these the are great. Y kids even will eat them best gluten free I have found!!!

  955. Amy Christensen says:

    I always get excited to find gluten free foods that aren’t ridiculously expensive!

  956. Judi Germani Simonds says:

    I was thrilled when Aldi’s started to carry gluten free products! More reasons to go!

  957. Doris Kershaw says:

    Yes I shop there and I like to buy Fruit there.

  958. Julianne says:

    Have to try!

  959. Michelle Spates says:

    I love Aldi! I buy a TON of their chips, the kids love them and they are SO cheap compared to other stores. Their food is just as good as name brand food. Some of their items I like better. Before going Gluten free, I ate their version of special K red berries. I wouldn’t even eat the Special K one anymore because it just wasn’t as good as Aldi’s. Now that I need to eat GF, I am even more in love with Aldi! They label EVERYTHING that is GF in their store. Now they carry a line of GF foods! Incredible. I like the brown rice noodles better than the $5 a box ones I was buying! SO thankful for Aldi!!!!

  960. I shop at Aldi after viewing their ads. I have loved the seasonal items, Keurig-like coffee and the stevia sweeteners. My mom shops there all the time and said she has saved lots of money vs. other supermarkets.

  961. Alexiea says:

    I have never tried this product but I would really like to!

  962. Jessica Cheseldine says:

    We love shopping at Aldi’s. We love their gluten free options. Such a large selection!

  963. I want to win!!

  964. Danielle Schorn says:

    I love shopping at ALDI!! We have three boys and live off of only one income so shopping there saves us a lot of money and I love the new gluten free options since I was diagnosed with celiacs in the beginning of May! I like to make meals for my family’s that I can make a similar gluten free meal for me and I feel like shopping at ALDI let’s me do that without spending a lot of money!! <3

  965. Irene Ferrari says:

    I go to Aldi at least once a week to take advantage of their weekly specials. I shop there mainly for produce but they have great prices on canned vegetables as well. I used to buy milk at Aldi until Costco moved in to Knoxville, TN and beat Aldi with milk prices and I think the taste is better too. I love Aldi for their German products as well, especially chocolate!:)

  966. Sam Rico says:

    I always shop aldi for my canned goods & the cilantro flavored hummus.

  967. Sheyanne says:

    I love shopping at aldi for the produce… Good quality and best prices in town!

  968. Kay Schwartz says:

    Just started going there, love the deals and the food is really good.

  969. Stefanie says:

    My husband and I love Aldi and I am so glad they carry GF options now!

  970. Lenora Jensen says:

    Love love love aldi’s! I don’t have one close to home but friends we visit often do. I stock up on gluten and soy free foods when I’m there!

  971. Laura K. Smith says:

    I just got home from Aldi’s! I love the clearly visible symbol they use for gluten-free products, and I bought quite a few of their special gluten-free products back when they had them. I got a couple more boxes of GF “mac & cheese” today. Today I also got myself a frozen treat maker at Aldi’s so I can use wonderful GF summer fruits and make sorbets. I’m on a fixed income and I appreciate being able to save money and buy GF at Aldi’s! Thanks!!

  972. Melinda Peterson says:

    I love shopping at Aldis now that they offer more organic and gluten free products! :)

  973. missy lenox says:

    We love to buy the caned goods, fresh produce, and more

  974. Ashlee says:

    I love shopping at ALDI, especially now that they have the G-free line! It makes it so much less expensive for me to be able to feed my family what they need to eat.

  975. Anita Rawls says:

    I do shop at Aldi! I buy several things there, but I really love it for produce (ours has some organic now!) and chicken stock.

  976. Suzanne Yorgensen says:

    I have never shopped there as I am recently trying to be gluten free and learning about my options in foods.

  977. Tristen B says:

    Love Aldi and would love to try these products!

  978. lisa martin says:

    I made the gluten free cookies last night and took them to friends that have never shopped at Aldi before and guess what??? They can’t wait to goo try the new gluten free line. The breakfast bars are excellent as well. Thanks for offering gluten free options for those of us with celiac. I love your stores.

  979. dee taylor says:

    Would love to win this. Love most of these products.

  980. Love GF lifestyle! It has changed my and my childrens life!

  981. Allie Futterer says:

    I’ve yet to shop at Aldo but excited to start!

  982. A Nadel says:

    Been there a couple of times – have to give them another try and check out their gluten-free!

  983. Pick me please ? I have Celiac disease and love Aldi

  984. Debbie D. says:

    There isn’t an Aldi’s where I live, but there is where my Mom lives. She’s not on the internet so I thought I’d enter and if I win, I’d mail it to her. :-)

  985. I have been shopping at my local Aldi more often as the prices continue to rise faster at the grocery stores. I am glad that Gluten Free is becoming more accessible.

  986. Carrie Grudzien says:

    I like getting produce from Aldi’s and also stocking up for picnics, parties, and get togethers. I’m excited about the fact that they are now offering all of these gluten free products! These are things that traditionally are so expensive. Thanks Aldi’s!!

  987. Cheryl diverio says:

    Excited to see gf products!!! We love our Middletown ny aldi’s!!!

  988. Cheri Atwood says:

    Should be more of these stores.

  989. Tonya lafayette says:

    I have been thankful over the years for Aldis great prices! And most recently I like buying all the organic products I have found!

  990. Jacque Messerli says:

    I really like their produce section. The prices are great and there is a pretty good selection. I also love their hummus! I haven’t bought their gluten free line yet for us to try, but am due for a trip their tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it out!

  991. Amy Davis says:

    I like Aldi for their produce. I would like to try the gf items, but just haven’t yet so this gift certificate would be great for that.

  992. Love Aldi

  993. Jennifer Mullis says:

    I would love to win anything making my gf life easier :)

  994. Cindy hampton says:

    Aldis been shopping with them since 2007 when they blew into town I purchase milk eggs Bc of the bible verse in the inside lid of the carton I buy all my baking goods there and love their vegetable fruit sales

  995. Katy Paape says:

    What a great giveaway. Thank you. I love Aldi.

  996. I am always looking for Gluten free products, and I am glad that I found your company! Beverly LaSov

  997. Marge Hauri says:

    My Aldi store is about 12 minutes from me. Due to current health issues money is very tight . I love to shop at Aldis – I can fill my cart up and still spend half of what that would cost me at the other 2 stores in town! We love the fresh veggies,bake beans,spaghetti sauces,pizzas,Haddock frozen fish,cereals,skinneys sandwich bread and the eggs /milk ! There are many more items I buy also- The prices are lower and there are many weeks I only have a few dollars to shop with…I have been able to find most of my gluten free foods at Aldis too- a lot of Aldis items are GF ! Thank goodness for Aldis !!

  998. kathy loless says:

    I love aldi and we have started buying the gluten free products for my daughter. She was thrilled to have the gf pizza crust to finally enjoy a pizza. Thanks Aldi for helping make life easier and healthier!

  999. Love to buy can goods there. Also everyone is so friendly.

  1000. Breklyn Bartels says:

    I have to eat gluten free so I decided to try the liveGfree Cheese ravioli and lasagna. I absolutely LOVED them! But I can’t afford to keep buying them.

  1001. I want my Aldis to reopen from being remodeled !! I have to search every store for what i need at Such a higher price let alone the cashiers are just nicer at aldis &it doesnt matter which one i go too…I MISS MY ALDIS!!!!!!! OHH but when mine opens in austintown ohio opens i will be the first(or second) in line

  1002. I have shopped at Aldi before. I found a few GF items there, glad to know they are carrying more now.

  1003. I love to shop at Aldi especially for their gluten free products when they have them. I wish they would get them back. However it hasn’t stopped me from shopping there they also have a really awesome organic line and very affordable laundry detergent. Aldi is the only place that I can shop for my family of 6 for 2 weeks and pay only $120. That’s for 2 weeks worth of groceries not one. They are awesome!

  1004. Cindy Gills says:

    My daughter loves the gluten free line at Aldi’s. I love when she finds something she enjoys since she is so limited in choices.

  1005. Lori Aruanna says:

    I was so excited when Aldi’s came to my neighborhood. Now it is only 8 minutes away instead of 45 minutes. I buy the gallon milks there all the time now, plus gluten free items, cereal, sour cream, and I can go on naming all the other items I purchase there (but it’d be way too long).

  1006. Rosemary Osgood says:

    I love Aldi stores. There is not one where I live right now. But, in two weeks I will be moving to Greenville Ohio area. There us an Aldo there as I have shopped there when visiting.
    It is exciting to see the GF products they now carry as I have a 10 yr old granddaughter that has Celiac disease. Here we come Aldi!

  1007. Linda speith says:

    Love your gf foods

  1008. Karen DeFord says:

    The gluten free items were great!

  1009. Cheri Benfante says:

    Love Adi’s….my daughter is gluten intolerant and stuff is very expensive! Like ur store because I can afford shopping there….thank you!!

  1010. I have been able to shop at Aldis more now since they have been making changes. I really like their EVOO and organic produce. There chocolate has always been AWESOME and at a great price!!

  1011. Cheri Benfante says:

    Love Aldis daughter is gluten intolerant and stuff is very expensive! Like ur store because I can afford shopping there….thank you!!

  1012. Cher Gallaugher says:

    Very happy an Aldi store opened up nearby and happier still they carry GF food products as well now! My favorite aspect of Aldi’s is that they carry German chocolate!

  1013. Beth Moorhead says:

    Please choose me. Thanks

  1014. Kaci Durham says:

    I didn’t know they had Gluten free! I have a wheat allergy!

  1015. sara sumo says:

    Yes! I shop at Aldi! :) I buy everything there except for toiletries and pet supplies.

  1016. Cassandra Allen says:

    First I want to say thank you so much for Live G-Free. It’s been hard trying to find affordable foods that I can eat. Live G-Free products also taste amazing! I’ve always shopped at Aldi but now it’s the only place I do my grocery shopping. Thank you again.

  1017. Sharilyn Garrett says:

    My Family is very appreciative to have gluten free from Aldi. Cookies are the favorite so far, looking forward to many more gluten free foods. Thank you!

  1018. Rebecca Bauer says:

    I shop Aldi’s for the reasonable prices, period. But I am thrilled that they are carrying gluten free products…which are quite tasty! Wonderful!!

  1019. Kristin Grogan says:

    I Love the Aldi near work on Peters Creek in Winston Salem NC and near my house in Thomasville, NC. I buy all my salad stuff, fruits, Veggies, and Chicken, turkey and Now I’m trying the “liveGfree” brand stuff! So far, so good!

  1020. Valerie Dusing says:

    I’ve shopped at Aldi’s since it arrived (4 yrs ago) in our area. I was buying GF products before my diagnoses as I have a severe corn allergy. This would help with the monthly grocer bill!

  1021. Valerie Dusing says:

    I’ve shopped at Aldi’s since it arrived (4 yrs ago) in our area. I was buying GF products before my diagnoses as I have a severe corn allergy. This would help with the monthly grocer bill!

  1022. Francesca says:

    I’ve shopped at Aldi’s once, and was please with their GF products. I’m heading back today to pick more goodies!

  1023. Victoria says:

    Love that they have GF food now!

  1024. Jessica Coker says:

    We shop at Aldi’s and love their produce!

  1025. Melisa Funer says:

    We love the new gf items at Aldi! We take our gf snacks to the pool, park and beach!

  1026. Heather Smith says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s…we always fill our cart and it costs much less than other stores. My favorite Aldi item would be the gluten free chocolate granola. They’re bottles lemonade is ranked Perry high in this house also.

  1027. Gayle Anderson says:

    This is new information for me, and I will be checking Aldi’s out now!

  1028. Dana Jacoby says:

    I am thrilled to hear that Aldi has started carrying GF products. I love that store and they the BEST prices in town.

  1029. Tracie Watkins says:

    Having Celiac Disease myself, and 2 children that are intolerant- eating gf is expensive! I love all the gluten free line Aldi offers. Their prices can’t be beat, and I went back and bought as much as we could when they offered it! We’re hoping this is something they continue to provide!

  1030. Everything at aldi’s…

  1031. Shannon Johns says:

    We have always shopped at Aldis, but do so even more now that they have more organic fruits and vegetables to offer.

  1032. Rebecca says:

    I haven’t tried the gluten free items yet but look forward to!

  1033. Beth Partridge says:

    I used to shop at Aldo, but it’s been a few years. Knowing that the have a gluten free line puts them back on my list, especially since there aren’t a lot of choices for GF shopping in my area

  1034. Rachael Cunningham says:

    Love these products!

  1035. Love Aldi! Always great produce deals.

  1036. I go to Aldi’s for pretty much all my grocery needs. Its hard to choose just one product as a favorite when I love them all!

  1037. I do 95% of my shopping at ALDIES. The prices are right and the fresh fruit and vegetables are always fresh. Milk and eggs are the cheapest around. I live in Knoxville Tenn and we have two not to far from me. The one in Halls I go to mostly because I have a friend that lives 3 blocks away. my children live in Wisc and they have one in Plattteville we go to.

  1038. Jaclyn Trujillo says:

    I was very excited to see Aldi’s carry such a wide variety of Gluten-Free products recently. We have just started our Gluten Fee journey and it is very expensive! I was set at ease knowning Aldi’s was offering quality products for low prices.

  1039. Jennifer McLeod says:

    I have just started the gluten free. I just found out that there is a store in Fredricksburg, VA. We love going to Fredricksburg. I will be checking out this store next time I am there! So looking forward to that!!!!!

  1040. Diana lamb says:

    I honestly never shop at Aldi but I went in May to take advantage of the gluten free items and since have went three more times!!!! Thank you for the new gluten free items I liked several of them.

  1041. Janel Kirby says:

    Snack items for the kids & produce at lower prices than the grocery stores

  1042. Connie Johnson says:

    I love shopping at Aldi now! My daughter is 11 years old and has Celiac disease. She is VERY picky so finding gluten free things for her to eat is pretty difficult. Not to mention eating gluten free food is very expensive. When Aldi started carrying all of this gluten free food at GREAT prices, I was beyond thrilled! My daughter LOVES the gluten free pizza! It is very hard to find pizza that she likes. She also likes the cookies and yellow cake and the brownies. She has not liked any of those before. Now she can take brownies for birthday treats at school and cake for her own birthday so she won’t feel so left out. Please keep all these gluten free foods at Aldi and keep adding more. I have 5 kids and would rather do my shopping at one place. Aldi is now my place to shop all due to having a larger selection of gluten free food. So, thank you!! :)

  1043. We shop at Aldi regularly for produce, milk, eggs, paper goods, baking supplies (we loved the gluten-free brownie mix recently carried and we like the pancake/baking mix), and we will occasionally buy a Special Buy. Our favorite pot is an enameled cast iron dutch oven that came from Aldi several years ago. It’s fantastic.

  1044. Kimberly Schaefer says:

    I love shopping at Aldi. I love their tortilla chips and salsa.. And now I love shopping for gluten free foods there! I absolutely love the Gluten Free Rice and Pasta – Mac and Cheese.. It’s ggrrreeaaaatttt!!

  1045. collene striecher says:

    Since experiencing the live gfree products I’ve changed my thought on how much i hated being diagnosed with a severe allergy. I can now make amazing pizza…cornbread…pasta….I get to have amazing snickerdoddle cookies… And don’t get me started on the cake mix. I can’t explain how gfree has been a life saver in so many ways. I love that I get to feel normal again.this gift card would help me get to experience even more of the choices.

  1046. Jasper jones says:

    Hi! I’m allergic to wheat and really enjoy Aldi snacks! Hope I win so I can get more delicious snacks! Thanks!!

  1047. andrea Jones says:

    I love aldi’s. Their new gluten free foods are wonderful!

  1048. Jessica Bibby says:

    I love Aldis’! Kids love putting the quarter in the kart! lol I always get their frozen organic strawberries and blueberries to make our smoothies! Also get our cheese and most recently the new gluten free food items! LOVE LOVE LOVE the gf pizza crust!!

  1049. Desiree Zupsansky says:

    Aldi is my choice store when I am in need of fresh produce. Love the Gluten free bars and pasta avallable. I always end up buying more than expected in every trip!

  1050. Susan Boyko says:

    We have an ALDI near by but have never tried them. I had no idea they carried gluten free. I will definitely being going there soon.

  1051. Terri Maxwell says:

    I have never been to the store but being that it’s over that might be a possibility. And it would definitely be a possibility if I win the $50 gift card.

  1052. Lisa Berna says:

    We love Aldi’s. Shop there multiple times each week for fresh fruits and veggies. Love that they have such a variety of GF items since my son was diagnosed and it is reasonable to buy items there.

  1053. Maggie Carrick says:

    Love Aldi! Thanks for the opportunity!

  1054. Pat green says:

    I shop at Aldi’s and I really like all there gluten free products. I have used them all. Thank you for adding gluten free to your store. Hope you get more of these. Also soy free products that are gluten free. Thank you again.

  1055. Nicole Strzalkowski says:

    I love shopping at ALDI, i can get so much more there for less than i can at the big groccery stores and with a child with severe food allergies thats a big deal. So glad they’re offering gluten free options.

  1056. Amanda Crick says:

    I love love the gluten free stuff!!!!

  1057. Went to aldi today great stuff. He has loved everything. Thanks aldi.

  1058. Michelle Lynch says:

    We just had an ALDI open in out town. I live the gluten free products from prepackaged mixes to fresh produce and cheeses. I buy my kids the Fit & Active protein bars.

  1059. Jenn O says:

    I would love to find these GF products at Aldi. Thanks for the opportunity!

  1060. Casey Strickland says:

    Great place to shop for gluten free!!! Also, very reasonable prices!! :)

  1061. We shop at Aldi for everything!!! Especially now that they carry gluten free!

  1062. Ema DeMink says:

    LOVE ALDI’S. I have been shopping there for about 3 yrs. Awesome for staple items.

  1063. Leora hoaglund says:

    I have a wheat allergy so I am happy that I will be able to try economical gluten free mixes. I like to go to Aldi’s to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1064. I love GLife from Aldis. I wish they would carry GF bread. I was so happy when the Aldi in Kansas started to sell GF foods.
    My favorite store.

  1065. Kathy Manders says:

    I love Aldi’s, I used to shop there when in lived in Phoenix. I didn’t think about them having gluten free foods until my cousin from NJ called me all excited about finding gluten free foods for me at Aldi’s. I just found a store in North Carolina and cant wait to check out the selection of gluten free foods.

  1066. lori powers says:

    Aldi’s is a great place to get reasonable fresh produce and other staples. Happy they are now carrying GF products as well!

  1067. Tiffany Thrun says:

    Love the prices for fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1068. Cindy Sheppard says:

    I love aldi’s!! I have just discovered Live Gluten Free and love the whole line of products!! We’ve shopped here for about 4 years.

  1069. Megan Lahde says:

    We love Aldi and absolutely adore their gluten free line! I’m really hoping they keep it. I would be thrilled to win this certificate for my family!

  1070. Dena Wagoner says:

    I love buying their organic products and baking goods! Their gluten free line is also nut free in some cases!

  1071. Krisha driscoll says:

    I shop at Aldi ALL the time I love them!! I always get my produce from there. I can walk in for just one thing and always walk out with a cart full. I am so excited about there new gluten free selection!

  1072. Corinne Jones says:

    I always loved shopping at Aldi’s because of their prices, but when my boys were diagnosed with celiac it was difficult to buy many staples there. With their new gluten free line, I am once again Aldi’s biggest fan!! My oldest son is crazy about their pepperoni microwaveable sandwiches – a rare convenience treat for him, and makes him feel like a normal 14 year old!!!

  1073. Allison Pettrey says:

    We shop at Mentor, Ohio Aldis.. Loved the GF products. I hope they come back!

  1074. Sharon Baker says:

    I shop at Aldi’s all the time! I just gave birth to my daughter last month and have started a gluten free diet to help loose the baby weight. Love that Aldi’s is now carrying gluten free products!! I also love Aldi’s selection of reasonably priced fruits and vegetables.

  1075. VICKY HARRIS says:

    The prices are the lowest around and the quality of merchandise is uncomparable. I buy all my families groceries from Aldi.

  1076. Joyce Virts says:

    So far I have tried the pancakes and pizza. Not too bad and price was much better than other gluten free products. I hope my name is picked for the $50 gift certificate.

  1077. Melissa Hinton says:

    Love the gluten free food from Aldi’s! The pizza mix is the best!

  1078. Sharalyn Anderson says:

    Hey, My Mother mostly shops there but I have been to an Aldi’s before and they are truly amazing. My favorite is their gluten free pancake mix. Not only is it cheaper there but it is the best tasting mix ever. I also love how they label everything Gluten Free. I got diagnosed with Celiacs about a little over a year ago and I find it to be a huge challenge, specially being in a gluten filled home with 8 other people who don’t have to worry. I have an Aldi’s coming this year very near my town, I’d so love to win this.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  1079. Can not beat the prices at Aldi’s. I usually pick up a few gluten free boxes of cereal to have on hand. Half the price you would pay elsewhere.

  1080. Kimberly says:

    We have recently started shopping at Aldi and have saved a lot of money! We buy most of our fruit and veggies there, along with some dairy products. They offer several gluten-free items and do a great job of labeling most of their products. I just introduced a friend to them last week and took her shopping, she is hooked already!

  1081. Jennifer Smith says:

    We are thankful that Aldi carries so many gluten free options. I hope my local store restocks ASAP!! We love the lasagna and ravioli. My kids tried the pizza and said it was the best microwave pizza ever! We would make good use of the $50 gift certificate. We would be so grateful if you choose us to win!!

  1082. Looking forward to checking out the range of GF products at ALDI. I didn’t realise how much they had…very exciting to have a new range to add to my must diet!

  1083. Lynne Stinson says:

    Love Aldi! Bring back the gluten free stuff!!

  1084. Fran Kozicki says:

    I am finding more and more things at Aldi that I am excited about! A couple of months ago, our store had grass fed ground beef, and I stocked up! Would love to try their GF foods also.

  1085. jessica says:

    We shop at aldis for most of our veggies, fruits and breads! I always get all my salad dressings, mayo and whatever else I can find that is gluten free as I have celiac. I love that even their gluten free stuff is cheaply priced and delicious!! Living with celiac is not by any means cheap! With a family of 6 and still growing we have to shop smartly and Aldi’s helps a lot!!

  1086. I love shopping at Aldi, I buy not only gluten free, but lots of fruits and veggies and meat.

  1087. P.S. I made the gluten free pizza crust the other night and my husband love it.

  1088. I shop in Sherman Texas. I love fruits veggies dairy gf.line really I have not bought anything we don’t like all is good and saves me alot.

  1089. deborah werner says:

    I am gluten intolerant and love their LIVE G FREE line of food :)

  1090. Anna Ulmer says:

    I love shopping at Aldi’s!

  1091. Marla Curtis says:

    Hard to find a lot of options. Looks like Aldis has a nice variety.

  1092. Vicky Curry says:

    Like Aldi because they offer great food, variety and specialty items, like healthy Gluten Free, Green Goodness healthy drink and Kefir probiotic drink. I am newly allergic to gluten and addicted to ALDI!

  1093. Charissa Tate says:

    I Like Their Produce And Frozen foods

  1094. I love Aldi because of the gluten free items and fresh fruits and veggies.

  1095. Danyelle Peebles says:

    We shop at one of our many Grand Rapids Aldi’s for their new gluten free products, as well as their fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1096. Lella Miller says:

    Aldis is the best !!!!!

  1097. Valerie D. says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! Sometimes they have these amazing pretzel buns, which I love for sandwiches for lunch at work. I also love their garlic aioli!

  1098. Sheryl Stahlnecker says:

    I like getting meat at Aldi’s. I’m excited to look at the gluten free products.

  1099. Michelle Hudson says:

    I will have to admit I haven’t shopped there in a while. But now that there are gluten free products I will be going back to shopping there. Thanks!

  1100. Love it

  1101. Jamie Davison says:

    We practically live at Aldi. We buy a lot of produce from there and anything gluten free. I love how they clearly label everything!

  1102. sarah howe says:

    I have shopped at Aldi’s for years
    .Fruit, fruit and more fruit.Aldi’s always has the best prices

  1103. Heather Tunison says:

    I love the Aldi gluten free line and have purchased quite a few of their products! I hope they keep more gluten free items in stock.

  1104. Patricia Knight says:

    Love all the gluten free products you are carrying now.

  1105. Danniell says:

    I shop at Aldis weekly. Some times daily. I like buying every last one of their gluten and lactose free products. The easy to read labels make every thing easy to shop for.

  1106. kymberly says:

    I do indeed shop at Aldi.. it has a variety of great stuff at a very reasonable price. However with your recent addition to Gluten Free items I am proudly looking and shopping weekly..

  1107. J.Alloway says:

    I just started shopping at Aldi’s last month. It is a small store but it had many GF options and the prices are great. I will continue to be an Aldi’s shopper.

  1108. Margaret Napier says:

    I shop at the Stillwater, OK Aldi and I like to buy their turkey hotdogs that are gluten free and taste great; especially for $1.29 per pkg!

  1109. Laura R. says:

    I like to buying fruits and veggies there. I can’t wait to try the gluten free products.

  1110. Tiffany Harris says:

    I buy produce and gluten free items from Aldi’s. I love there selection the best compared to other grocery stores.

  1111. Teresa Mitchell says:

    I especially love the produce at Aldi!! My son, who is dairy free, loves their frozen fruit pops!! I love that they are all natural!!!

  1112. Jayme Pax says:

    LOVE Aldi’s for everything! I do 95% of my grocery shopping there!

  1113. Kristie G. says:

    I love shopping at Aldi because they have great prices on their fruits and veggies. I also like that they are starting to carry more gluten free products.

  1114. Vicki Gischia says:

    I shop at Aldi’s for fresh fruits, vegetables, everything including the new Gluten Free items! It has what I need!

  1115. There is an Aldi in the next town from me. My son is enjoying all of the gluten free dairy free items.

  1116. Rebecca Kuhn says:

    Recently I like buying the new gluten free food to try. We shop at Aldi’s at least a couple times per month.

  1117. I love buying Aldi’s gluten free rice spaghetti for my spaghetti and meatballs. Another favorite of mine is their fit and active greek yogurt.

  1118. Heidi Park says:

    Living gluten free has been so life changing for me!

  1119. Robin Ronk says:

    I shop aldi for gluten free products.

  1120. Kathy Young – Adam says:

    Love Aldi! Love their gluten-free selection. Wish they would have it all the time.

  1121. Kristin Verkey says:

    I like buying their yogurt & their fresh fruit & veggies. They are better than most bigger chain stores.

  1122. Kristin Verkey says:

    I like buying their yogurt & their fresh fruit & veggies. Can’t wait to try their gluten free items.

  1123. PJ Marszalek says:

    I have not shopped there. There were none in my previous community. I found one in my new community. Winning this prize would give me a great reason to becomr a shooper at Aldi!

  1124. Lisa Moore says:

    Ooh, I love Aldi. I do almost my whole shopping there. My favorite is their Guacamole.

  1125. Amanda walling says:

    I shop aldi every week I buy all my groceries there!

  1126. I didn’t know they had GF foods now! I usually get fruits and vegetables there and nothing else because of the gluten.

  1127. Heather says:

    LOVE All of the natural foods that that ALDI has to offer!

  1128. Sue Schultz says:

    I love Aldi’s sweet potato chips!!! The chicken salad is amazing!’ Cashiers are the best!! Nothing but positive things to say!

  1129. Stephanie Marsaglia says:

    Excited to try the gluten free items

  1130. Christine Locarno says: