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Their reputation as a money-saving grocery store had preceded them before ALDI came to my area. After my first trip, I was hooked, and I soon realized that when I shopped anywhere else, I spent more money. It so happens that there is an ALDI very close by and in the same shopping center as Mom’s Organic Market.

There are some foods that I choose to buy organic and others that I don’t. Of course, organic is more expensive, and that’s why I love that I can save money on what I buy at ALDI to help pay for the items I feel strongly about buying organic. And I even found a great deal on organic grass fed beef at ALDI one week!

Since I love ALDI, I’m happy to share a few upcoming Special Buy items that you can find there in November. I had a chance to try these and want to tell you about them.

I have used cast iron cookware for a few years. I love my skillets, but they require seasoning, and the rest of my family doesn’t always use them properly.  So I was happy to try out some new coated cast iron cookware.

Kitchen Living Skillet

The Kitchen Living cast iron frying pan and grill have a red enamel coating on the outside and a black satin porcelain enamel coating on the inside that does not require seasoning. There is also a cast iron Dutch oven which has a smooth enamel finish on the inside and outside.

I’ve used all three of these pieces and really liked them. The skillet is large and sturdy, but not as heavy as my old skillet. With the pour spouts on the sides of the skillet and a manageable weight, it’s easier for me to drain the fat when I brown meat in the skillet. The grill is great for meats like bacon, sausage, or burgers. Both the skillet and grill heated evenly and cooked the food well with little sticking.

Kitchen Living Grill

I used the Dutch oven to cook a whole chicken with vegetables as well as a corn-bread topped Mexican casserole. Both turned out great! I actually didn’t have a Dutch oven before this, and I’m looking forward to using it more.

All three products were easy to clean. I know some people don’t like the fact that you are not supposed to use soap on cast iron. I personally don’t have a problem with that. I always feel that my skillets are thoroughly cleaned with hot water and a good scrubbing. But with these ALDI skillets, you can use soap because of the enamel coating!

They do need to be washed by hand and dried well after washing. You also need to be careful not to use cleaners or utensils that will scratch the surface. The instructions say that over time a brownish film will develop that enhances cooking performance and reduces sticking. I haven’t had mine long enough for that to happen.

Kitchen Living Dutch Oven

If you’re interested in trying these and other products, you can find them at ALDI at a great price for a limited time. The following Special Buys will be available beginning on the dates listed and while supplies last.

  • Kitchen Living Two Speed Hand Blender, $19.99 – Beginning November 13
  • Kitchen Living 6 Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $29.99 – Beginning November 20
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Grill, $14.99 – Beginning November 20
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Frying Pan, $14.99 – Beginning November 20
  • Kitchen Living Heat Resistant Glove or Oven Mitt, $4.99 – Beginning November 20
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Trivet, $4.99 – Beginning November 20 (hand blender photo)

I want to quickly mention the other items listed here. The hand blender contains a rather small blade, so it is adequate for small jobs but had a tougher time with the large quantity of mashed cauliflower and butternut squash soup that I tried it on. It comes with a mixing cup that would hold a more reasonable quantity. It’s not a bad price for what you get considering that there is a mini chopper with it also.

Kitchen Living Trivet Glove Mitt

The heat resistant glove and mitt are very heat resistant. I like the coverage they give and the fact that they can be used on either hand (especially since I am left handed). What I didn’t like is how big they are. Extra-large mitts and long fingers can make it difficult to grab a hold of things. The mitt would be great for grilling and would make a great gift for a guy who likes to cook. The glove is handy, I just wish it was not so large (and my hands are not small).

I find that I can always use more trivets, and I loved the red lattice pie-top design of the Kitchen Living trivet. It’s a nice size and height.

You can connect with ALDI and learn more about them here:

Leave them a comment and tell them I sent you!

Disclosure:  I was provided with free products to try out and was compensated for writing this post, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Randy Martin says

    I always enjoy shopping at Aldi’s. Good products and great pricing. Always like hearing about the specials.

  2. Terri says

    Is anyone concerned about the porcelain enamel on the inside? I am not as concerned as with teflon non-stick, but not sure I feel it is safe. Does anyone know more on this than I do? If safe, sounds like a good deal at Aldi, but I still have cast iron skillets from 20-30 yrs of buying at antique stores and the skillets are over 50 yrs old and will be good for 50+ more years. I used vegetable based dish soap on my cast-iron and all is well.

  3. Ama` says

    I wish you’d do a gluten free writing on the food at Aldi’s. I love to shop there but I find most of their things are not gf…but maybe I’m missing something?

    • says

      They do label some of their foods with a gluten-free label. I tend to buy fresh fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, cheese and such there. Also canned tomatoes. My store is pretty small, but I know some are larger. It might depend on your particular store.

    • says

      Yes, Ama, You are missing something, don’t know what you are looking at. Aldi’s has a lot of G- F food & I feel it is clearly marked

  4. Dale Baird says

    Hi, I see you are using the cast iron on your flat top stove. I have a glass top stove also and have read that you are not supposed to use cast iron on it. I have been to much of a chicken to try it anyway. Have you noticed any problems with your stove top using cast iron? I miss using it, thanks

    • Pam Healey says

      There is not a problem using cast iron on a glass top stove as long as you pick it up to move it, as the bottoms can scratch the glass. Otherwise I have never had a problem. I use mine all the time. Also in a group that most use glass top stoves with their cast iron without any problems.

  5. says

    I have several pieces of cast iron cookware. Most of mine is from the 1970s or earlier. I wash mine with detergent and only rarely have to oil it. The newer (past the 80s) cast iron ware seems to require seasoning. A set from the early 90s is just fine being washed, but I need to oil it more frequently.

    I remember the early years of Aldi in Nebraska and didn’t much like them. About a year ago, Aldi moved into my lillte ‘burb’ and I have shopped there off and on.
    It was nice that we were one of the areas to get the new gluten free line. I shop there sometimes, but not weekly. One think I do like is their produce.

  6. Ramona Slawikowski says

    I love my kitchen living dutch oven. I love to purchase the skillet and the and the grill and more dutch ovens for family members.I look everutime i go to sldis never see them anymore. Where can i get them this is a fablous set o cookware. I have had mine 4 yrs. It still looks new. Please help i eant more. I am in northwest In.

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