9 Places to Buy Gluten-Free Food

There are plenty of gluten-free products available these days, but when you’re new to gluten free, shopping can be overwhelming.  Today I’m sharing 10 places to buy gluten-free food.

If you’ve been gluten free for a while, help out the newbies and let us know in the comments your favorite places to buy gluten-free food.

9 Places to Buy Gluten-Free Food

Health Food Stores

I list health food stores first, because when I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2000, that was where I started.  Health food stores generally have a large selection of gluten-free products.  There is usually a gluten-free section for both shelf-stable and frozen foods.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find gluten-free products in other parts of the store, though.  In fact, I’m sure you will.

Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores that I visit now have a health food section of the store where gluten-free items can be found.  Sometimes there is a small freezer case in this area that is separate from the rest of the frozen foods.  Take your time browsing the aisles of your favorite grocery store, and I bet you’ll find at least a few gluten-free products.

Warehouse Stores

Membership warehouse stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s often carry gluten-free products.   In my experience (it probably varies from store to store), the gluten-free products are mixed right in with everything else.  Take your time browsing what they offer, and you might find something you didn’t expect.

Asian Stores

You won’t necessarily find foods that are labeled gluten free, but you will find gluten-free food at Asian stores.  Many people buy things like tapioca starch and rice flour from Asian stores.

Farmer’s Markets

Besides fresh produce, which is of course gluten free, farmer’s markets often include people who are selling homemade goods, including gluten-free baked goods and mixes.  Be sure to question them about their ingredients, equipment, and the environment in which the foods are prepared.


Moving on to online options, Amazon (affiliate link) is a great place to start.  You often have to buy things in quantity, so it’s not the best choice if you don’t know whether you like something.  However, you will often get the best price at Amazon and you can save even more with the subscribe and save feature if available.

Individual Company Websites

If you know what brand of product you like, check out the company’s web site and see if they sell products directly.  Remember to look for coupons while you’re there!

Vitamin and Supplement Sites

Web sites that primarily sell vitamins and supplements such as Vitacost, Puritan’s Pride and Swanson Vitamins often sell some gluten-free products too.  If you’re already placing an order and can add on a gluten-free food item, it might save you in shipping.

The Gluten-Free Mall

There used to be more sites that catered to selling gluten-free products.  With those products becoming more widely available in local stores, some of those sites have shut down.  However, The Gluten-Free Mall still operates as part of celiac.com.  I have not shopped there myself, but it’s worth looking into.

Where do you buy gluten-free food?

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  1. Sheri says

    There is an awesome gluten free Bakery online at newgrains.com. Her things are amazing! If you have kids that are GF and they feel left out sometimes, she makes those big sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles!! You can’t even tell they are gf and the other kids will be jealous! Ha! :o) I took them to a Summer youth camp and all the non gf girls were begging for them! Check it out! Her products are in many retail locations around the US. too. It shows them on her website.

  2. James F Tarzia says

    Here on the Wes Coast we have Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Now, it seems like Ralphs Supermarket has an aisle just of Gluten Free Foods. being new to this it was hard at first cause I didn’t know much about what I was doing. But, now I fell like I can finally get a head start back to be healthy.

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