What can I eat that’s gluten free?

I really enjoyed the party food ideas last week, and I know I’ll be using some of them this month.  Iris and Katrina had similar ideas which I can’t wait to try.  I picked up some dates today and plan on trying them this week.  You can find their posts here:

Fruit and Nut Truffles at The Daily Diet Tribe


Mint Chocolate Fudgie Babies at Gluten Free Gidget

The Theme for January 6th is cookies. Since this is a busy month, I thought I would choose something that most of us will be making anyway.

My contribution this week is a calzone recipe.  These are great so take a look if you haven’t seen it already.

Gluten-Free Calzone

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  1. gfe--gluten free easily says

    There's so much good stuff here lately, Linda. I love it! That is one beautiful calzone. I used to love calzone with ham and cheese in it. 😉 Plus, truffles, fudgie babies, fettucine alfredo, and clam chowder (so far!)–what a feast!

    I'm linking up my latest favorite ice cream flavor: Honey Cinnamon Grand Marnier, but folks can skip the Grand Marnier if they choose to. I made this using coconut milk and honey. Soooo easy.


  2. Amy @ Simply Sugar and Gluten Free says

    I think many of you have seen my salad but if you haven't it's worth a glance. It's yummy, simple to make, and good for you too.

    I saw both of the featured posts and they are fabulous!

  3. Jessie at Blog Schmog says

    Well, it's nothing incredible but I thought I'd stop by and add my 2cents. Actually it's 100 "sense" and they really amount to nothing. But I missed you guys!

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