What can I eat that’s gluten free? 12-16-09

Welcome to this week’s edition of a weekly blog carnival that is all about getting ideas for eating on a gluten-free diet.  If you have a blog, please add a link to an individual post (not your home page).  Your post can include any gluten-free eating idea.  It doesn’t have to be a recipe.

This week I thought I would highlight two of last week’s entries which used spinach. I tried Amy’s delicious recipe because I just happened to have leftover chicken and butternut squash.  I haven’t tried Cinde’s recipe, but it looks wonderful. Be sure to check them out if you didn’t see them last week.

Amy at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free
Chicken & Butternut Squash Spinach Salad
Cinde at Gluten Free Taste of Home
Fresh Creamed Spinach

My submission for this week is a large (feeds multiple people) hot sandwich using my focaccia bread recipe.

Focaccia Bread Sandwich
focaccia bread sandwich

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  1. Jessie at Gluten Free 4 Goofs says

    Linda, the focaccia is delicious! I may have to try impressing my relatives when they are in town. :)

    For some reason I thought it was cookie week. Good grief where is my brain? Maybe I'll get it back in a few years when the little one's are grown.

  2. Yadi says


    I was going to post a link to a spinach, tomato and cheese lasagna and then I saw you had a couple of spinach dishes last week, so I posted the corn flake crusted french toast recipe.

    Great post on the GF cook gifts by the way. I have gotten a few of those kitchen items already as Christmas/anniversary presents! Yay!

  3. Iris says

    Hi Linda. Sadly no recipes this week. 1 final down, 2 to go, and then I can get back to cooking! But I linked up to my post of gluten free "hits and misses", products that I've tried and liked (or not liked).

    Your bread looks amazing! So light and fluffy looking!

  4. Heather @CeliacFamily says

    The Focaccia sandwich looks amazing. I really have to find some time to make this. I know my husband and I would love this. The kids will eat the bread, but I might have to use different fillings for them.

  5. gfe--gluten free easily says

    You know I don't usually miss bread, but I've made biscuits twice this week and now I'm craving this focaccia bread, Linda. The sandwich looks awesome. I'd say it IS particularly special. :-)

    Maybe I should link up my biscuit recipe, too. Can we do more than one?


  6. Chelsey says

    Oh super fabulous foccacia! I think your specialty is bread making. You really make wonderful GF breads.

  7. Amy @ SS&GF says

    Linda – you should write a book on gluten-free bread making. You seem to have a knack for it!

  8. gfe--gluten free easily says

    Thanks, Linda. I've added the link. Readers have been making these biscuits and loving them … as did my support group members last night. They are supposed to be like Red Lobster biscuits if anyone is familiar with those. I never had them, so I don't know … I just know I love them. LOL


  9. Cinde says

    Thanks for the link to my Fresh Creamed Spinach recipe Linda… what a fun surprise!

    Merry Christmas!
    Cinde :)

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