No-Bake Almond Breakfast Cookies

Gluten-Free No-Bake Almond Breakfast Cookies at Gluten-Free HomemakerThe following is a guest post from Arman of The Big Man’s World

I first came across Linda’s blog when a friend suggested I link up to her Wednesday link party, Gluten Free Wednesdays. I never started off with sharing exclusively gluten free recipes but through her blog, resources and recipes, I took it upon myself to ensure all my recipes moving forward were gluten free. From feedback from readers, having a gluten free option for my recipes was often requested and as of August 2014, all my recipes are 100% gluten free or provide a tested Gluten Free option.

One of the first recipes I shared through the Gluten Free Wednesday parties were these No-Bake Triple Almond Breakfast Cookies. I am a huge fan of no-bake recipes and have a plethora on my site with more to come! These cookies are so easy to whip up and they use almonds in three ways: almond butter, almond flour and whole almonds. We could technically even say 4 if you use almond milk too!

Thank you so much Linda for letting me guest post on here. Linda’s been such a huge wealth of knowledge and inspiration but most importantly, she has the ability to make me crave meatloaf.

No one has ever had those capabilities….

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