Gluten-Free Menu Plan (August 1)

This week’s gluten-free menu plan includes grilled burgers, stove top meals, and a slow cooker dish. I also have some delicious side dishes and desserts lined up. Speaking of desserts, don’t miss the peach upside down cake. It happens to be grain free and is delicious.

Gluten-Free Menu Plan including main dish and vegetable ideas as well as suggestions for breakfast and dessert. Found at Gluten-Free Homemaker

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Is It Gluten Free?

Eating is essential to life, and when you’re told that you can’t eat something that is in so many foods, it becomes discouraging and confusing. You just want to know what you can eat, right? Below is a table listing a few food items that people commonly ask about and whether or not they are gluten free.


Chia Almond Pudding Parfaits

I love the combination of fruit, chocolate, and almond in these pudding parfaits. And not only do the ingredients sound delicious, but they’re pretty too!


Gluten-Free Menu Plan (July 25)

This week’s gluten-free menu plan has some great recipes lined up that are perfect for getting dinner on the table even when the weather is super hot.


Nutri Ninja | Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ Review

Not long ago I wrote a post about high speed blenders and whether or not you need one. In that post I told you that I own a Blendtec blender and am very happy with it. Soon after I was contacted by Ninja and asked to review one of their blenders – specifically the Nutri Ninja | Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ.